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The Good Life Letter 
8th October 2010

  • A sea of pain, the world of a back pain
  • Electrical muscle stimulation is this a spark of hope?
  • Don't just mask pain, do something about it  

After weeks and weeks of rain, last weekend the sun
finally made a welcome appearance.  I was leafing though
the morning papers, wondering what to do with this
unexpectedly glorious day, when Lara uttered the dreaded
words....we need to go shopping.

I was crushed.

I'm not the best companion for a trip to the shops as I
tend to be easily distracted. I have told you before about
my obsession with dissecting the contents of other
people's shopping trolleys (if you missed it go here):

But, as Lara reasoned, we were running low on essentials
and there was no way she was acting like a pack animal
on her own.

Fortified by a good breakfast, and clad in sturdy boots we
set off to town.

Within the hour I'm feeling the weight of the bags, and
begin to swap them from hand to hand to ease my
shoulders and arms, as I dodge past the growing crowds
of fellow shoppers.

Trying to get out of the way of a poor women with kids
hanging off of her and a dog leaping around her feet, I
made a fatal mistake and misjudged a kerb stone.

Tripping over the sturdy block of granite I twisted and
jarred myself.

Ouch! A spike of pain shot up my back from my pelvis to
between my shoulder blades.

Being a man, I didn't make a fuss straight away, but
bravely hobbled to a nearby doorway where I could set
down my load, and attempt to stand up.

My world had become a sea of pain as I attempted to
resume a normal posture. But it was no good I was bent
like a pretzel, and not happy.

After a few minutes of deep breathing, and mumbled
blasphemies, the pain eased a little becoming more of a
deep ache rather than a sharp stab - but I knew from
past experience that I was in for a week of trouble.  Yes,
I've done silly things like this before.

But I'm not the only one.   Patient UK claim that 8 in 10
people will suffer from some form of non-specific back
pain at some time in their lives, often with reoccurrences
depending on activity and posture.

The general advice is to keep active, stretch out the
affected area and use pain killers where necessary, with
most problems clearing up within a couple of weeks.

Luckily, I have discovered a really effective way to speed
up recovery and if you suffer from any recurring pain it's
something you should try.

Pain Ease Wrap: http://www.paineasewrap.co.uk/

Electrical muscle stimulation

Pain is a real money spinner for the pharmaceutical
industry, with back pain being second only to headaches
in the volumes and values sold.

There is a huge range of options to try to deal with muscle
pain which tend to fall into one of two types:

- Chemicals which block pain signal pathways in the
nervous system, or

- Electrical devices which confuse the brain by
generating electrical impulses which interrupt
nerve signals meaning you feel less pain. These are
often TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve
Stimulation) machines

The problem is that with both of these approaches the
damaged tissue is still generating pain signals, the body
just doesn't receive them.

I want to use something that helps my body heal itself,
not distract it with chemicals or a barrage of electricity.

That's why I use these amazing wraps. They also utilise
electrical impulses, but in a very different way to a TENS

Let me explain.

The technology is known as MCT (Micro Current Therapy)
and it works in support of your body's natural electrical

Basically, the body has a level of electrical charge, which
is known as a piezoelectric potential. This helps regulate
the flow of blood and lymph around the body, the
movement of fluid in tissues and the way the body heals
and repairs itself.

The bottom line is this: using MCT technology, The Pain
Ease Wrap helps to HEAL the inflammation that causes
your back pain - or your sore knee, or your painful elbow.
It doesn't just mask the symptoms, which is what so
many other therapies focus on.

No drugs, no painful treatments, no side-effects. It's easy
to use, and you won't feel a thing (other than your pain
blissfully ebbing away).

While the technology is complex, the wraps are
surprisingly lightweight and invisible under clothing. In
fact, they're so discreet and comfortable you might even
forget you're wearing one.  I've had mine on for a couple
of hours each day this week - and I'm back at my desk, I
took the boys to rugby practise last night, stood in a
queue at the post office .... I could probably even manage
another shopping trip - but please don't tell Lara!

Pain Ease Wrap: http://www.paineasewrap.co.uk/

Pain Ease Wraps are available in 3 specially designed
shapes.  They are not just for back pain. If you are
suffering from bad knees, shoulders or elbows there is a
wrap for you.  Don't just mask the pain - heal your body.

Try them now with the benefit of a 30 day money back
guarantee - make sure you are fit for your next shopping

(I'm not sure that works as an incentive now I come to
think about it!)







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