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8th December  2009

  • How to claim a free copy of 'The 48 Very best
    Solutions for the Worst Health Problems of Today'

  • Revealing the quickest, most natural way to reverse
    heart disease and unclog arteries - and much more.


  • And an unspoken truth about the big pharmaceuticals

In a moment, I'm going to have a rant about the
pharmaceutical industry again, so please prepare your crash

In the meantime, here's something you absolutely must get
your hands on. You don't have to pay for it, there's no catch.
And it's jam-packed with useful info....

It's the very latest report from the team at The Health
Sciences Institute,
called 'The 48 Very Best Solutions for the
Worst Health Problems of Today'.

And it pretty much does what it says on the tin....

The report shows you 48 natural, drug-free ways you could
help lower high blood pressure... repair damaged arteries ...
reverse diabetes... and ease the pain of arthritis...

In the section about heart disease alone it covers:

The biggest threat to your heart - and it's NOT

The natural substance that lowers blood pressure
better than hypertension drugs - but WITHOUT the
side effects
The miracle herbs that fight angina, high blood
pressure, atherosclerosis and heart disease - but you
won't hear about these from your doctor 
Patients with congestive heart failure improve in just
two weeks. How? Find out how 

The sugar cane extract that gets rid of 'bad' cholesterol
To claim your copy, click here

Why you should be concerned about the 21st Century
Drug Factory

Recently I've been writing about this subject for my new
book... and the more I get it down on paper, the more annoyed
I get about how reliant we've become on the medicines of the
21st Century.

The big pharmaceutical corporations have created a global
Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. They make us dream of
everlasting gobstoppers three-course dinner chewing gum. Or
in our case, drugs that control blood pressure, heart disease,
diabetes, arthritis... if fact anything going.

These corporations spend millions trying to fulfil our dream in
their laboratories. They do this because they know they can
make billions in return. And so we're sold a dream of the
glorious man-made wonder pill.

But history shows us that every invention has a side-effect.
And modern medicines are no different. Some are minor
physical effects, such as nausea or blurred vision. Others
affect your mood and emotions.

Look at the many drugs for lowering blood pressure for

Beta-blockers can cause insomnia, cold feet, asthma,
tiredness or depression.... ACE inhibitors can cause a skin
rash, loss of taste, and a chronic cough.... Alpha blockers can
cause fast heart rate, and dizziness... blood vessel dilators can
cause headaches and aching joints.

Solving one problem... can create another problem

Many people who struggle to improve their health are led
towards common medications like pain relievers, stimulants
and tranquilizers - drugs by the medical professionals they
trust. But instead of a quick cure, many people end up in a fog
of confusion, depression and insomnia.

This is why I recommend you take a look at the report from the
'The 48 Very Best Solutions for the Worst Health Problems
of Today'.
It answers the big question: "Why take the risk on
these drugs when there could be safer, just-as-effective
natural treatments available?"

To find out their alternatives, download their report here: 

About the team

To quickly explain who these guys are, if you've not come
across them before....

Health Sciences Institute is a research body of doctors, bio-
chemists and medical researchers. They regularly release
reports like 'The 48 Very Best Solutions for the Worst Health
Problems of Today'. And just for having reading it, they'll also
send you their free weekday newsletter, The Daily Health e-

This email service brings the latest news on breakthrough
treatments for a whole range of health problems. Their
approach takes in both orthodox AND alternative medicines.

As one of their readers, a doctor, says:

" "I do find [your newsletters] are a valuable resource - not just
for the lay public, but maybe even more so for those of us in
the medical profession who like to keep an open mind and
wish to stay updated about cutting edge 'alternative therapies',
but don't have the time to read the mountains of published

So this is one that's well worth adding to your arsenal of health
information. To claim the report and the newsletter, click here:

Let's have dinner next week!

That's it from me. I'll be back on Friday with a dinner recipe
that's been scientifically proven to cheer you up in winter. 
And it has plenty of remarkable side-effects too - healthier
lungs, better immunity, and sharper concentration.

See if the Willy Wonkas at the Big Pharmas can match THAT!

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