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Sunday 08 December, 2013 

During the 18th Century South Wales was at the heart of the industrial revolution in the UK.

Burly men dug deep into the hills and valleys searching for coal, lead and iron which were shipped to the steel works to be
made into high grade metal that built the foundations of this great nation.

Every Welshman feels this heritage in our blood, coursing through our veins and swelling our hearts with pride.

In the modern era our landscape is pockmarked with the scars of the mines, and our towns and cities monuments to closed and
decaying factories – the country mourning for a more successful and vibrant past.

Now the hills are starting to sing again...

...iron is being drawn from under the great mountains in the North, but this time there isn’t a shovel, pick or Davy Lamp in sight.

This time the iron is medical grade – and is probably the very best supplement you can buy; let me explain why.

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Why you need iron

I’m not talking about the stuff that makes up your bike frame here, this concerns the all important component of your blood.

Iron sits at the centre of a compound called haemoglobin that allows our blood to transport oxygen and waste carbon dioxide around our bodies.

So you can see its pretty fundamental stuff.

In a perfect world we get the iron we need from the food we eat, especially green leafy vegetables, shellfish and meat (especially offal like liver.)

But at times we need to supplement our intake with additional iron, usually in the form of capsules or tablets.

Such occasions may be due to pregnancy, prolonged illness or due to conditions such as anaemia – and it is estimated that around 1 in 10 people are in need of additional iron.

If you are one of those taking iron supplements though you are no doubt aware of one of the most common side effects, and there is no easy way of saying this... can really bung you up!

Constipation is very common amongst users as the bowel can’t cope with the huge localised dose that results from taking the supplement – and it can’t process it fast enough to allow it to be taken up in the blood stream.
Other common problems with standard supplements include; nausea, heartburn and stomach pains.

But that is where the Welsh version makes sense – it avoids all of these common side effects.

You see, this iron supplement derives from the iron and mineral rich water found in the spas and aquifers around Mount Snowdon.

It is collected, filtered and then put into convenient, easy-to-open sachets.

At no stage is anything added to the water or any process used to convert the water’s natural composition, which means there
are no worries about other ingredients causing adverse reactions or complications.

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The real benefit of taking this special supplement

For anyone who is already taking an iron supplement you will be familiar with the daily regime of having to drink lots of water and take the supplement alongside food in an attempt to try to limit the side effects, and improve the way it works.

By using the iron rich water in this sachet mixed with a little fruit juice (to boost the vitamin C content and help the body absorb the iron) in the morning you have the benefit of;

  • Increased absorption. It is not actually how much iron we consume that matters but the amount of iron that our body is able to absorb. The absorption of iron is a very complex process and iron is generally recognised as a mineral that is difficult for our system to absorb.

    This water based supplement actually makes the iron more bio-available, and has been shown to be even more accessible than that in our food.

  • Being easy on the stomach. Because the iron is more available and easier for the body to use the amount consumed can be less, and this makes life much better for our stomachs, preventing overworking and pains as a result.

  • Safer for use in pregnancy. Again lower levels of intake mean that there is less of a ‘spike’ in blood levels of iron which has to be better for mum and baby.

I am sure that you can imagine how proud I was to discover that this fantastic new product is being made from pure Welsh water, and will allow me the chance to tell you all about it.
For many years I have been told by various Scottish friends that the reason they are always so fit and healthy was a childhood being raised on ‘Irn-Bru’ the soft drink which claims to be made from girders...

...well now I can happily tell them that we folk from the land that lies beyond Offa’s Dyke get real iron from the waters of Snowdonia!

Make the change to a better iron supplement today – choose Welsh water!

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Yours, as always

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