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8th January  2010

  • If you make one New Year's resolution, make it
    this one...

  • Trying to shift the pounds? This is healthy, safe,
    and it WORKS!

Last week an article caught my eye in The
Independent, and it's something that will hit a nerve
with all of us Good Lifers.

The headline read: 'Dieting may harm teenage girls'

Apparently, young girls are so brainwashed into
thinking 'size zero' is a healthy, attractive size,
they're putting their health at risk by dieting to

And the latest scare is that they may well be
damaging their bones to achieve their pencil-thin
look. Basically, these girls are starving themselves of
ALL fat.

And that's making their bones weak.

Now, I don't for a moment think that you are
starving yourself to achieve a painfully thin shape.

I know I'm not. I'd be happy with painfully tubby.

But this latest story just highlights how many of us
get it totally wrong when it comes to losing weight,
and how so people will go to ANY lengths to lose
weight, even at the risk of their health.

Which is why I want you to meet a man who - at last
- has found a common sense way to lose weight and
stay off the calories SAFELY.

If you make one New Year's resolution, make it
this one...

A few years ago, I was a fat dad.

Hard to believe isn't it? I mean I never eat anything
bad, apart from the chocolates, and the cakes. Oh,
and the biscuits...

All right all right. I'm no eating angel. Luckily I've
got it under control now, but years ago it was a
different story.

Seriously, you could have fitted a family of four in
my trousers and still had room for a caravan. And
what was especially embarrassing about this was that
I was pretty athletic in my youth.

I used to play rugby, I was decent at football, and I
could certainly run for a bus without stopping 20
yards short of the bus stop, hands on knees, hoping
the bus driver would hear me wheezing 'stop!'.

But in my thirties, it all started going wrong. The
wrong shape if I'm being specific.

Bit by bit, without even noticing it, the weight creeps
on, until one day you look in the mirror and think
'Who's that big bloke wearing MY clothes?'

That's certainly what happened to me, and what
happened to the chap I'd like to introduce you to.

That's why his story is so riveting. But best of all, he
found a way to lose weight safely and easily, without
resorting to faddy diets or running on a treadmill like
a gerbil on a wheel.

And certainly without putting his health at risk.

If you've been meaning to lose some weight and
want 2010 to be the year you finally do something
about it, you could do a lot worse than look at this:

Trying to shift the pounds? This is healthy, safe,
and it WORKS!

I've seen what this man has to say, and it makes
perfect sense. In fact, I still use some of his
techniques to keep my own weight in check.

This programme wasn't devised by some stick-thin
'expert' who looks like they've never had an excess
pound of flab on their body in their life.

No, this has been devised by a NORMAL man who's
been fat, who was fed up with the way he looked and
the way he was damaging his health, and who did
something about it!

And it's written in such a down to earth style you
find yourself really wanting to follow his tips and
stick to his plan.

And if you can do that, you're halfway there.

Seriously, if you've tried other things that haven't
worked for you (and that's always the way - some
things suit you, some don't), and if you're at all
interested in shedding a few pounds, then treat
yourself and read this guy's story.

You'll love it, and you'll love what he can do for

Most of all, you'll love the way he does it!

Just check him out.

That's me done for today. I'll be back again next
week with more tips and news to help keep you

PS Really, if you're struggling to lose those pounds,
have a read of this. It could be the breakthrough
you've been looking for:

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