Suffer from hair loss? Rub this on your head...

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9th April 2010

  • Can you imagine how this felt?
  • How one woman regained the hair of her youth - and can help you do the same
  • Why you should go into the garden to stop hair loss
  • The shocking truth about most shampoos 

I remember when John first walked in the

I hadn't seen him for five or so years, not
since we'd left school at sixteen, and I
hadn't known him that well then.

All I could remember was that he was good
at cricket, and he had an older brother who
was good at fighting... two things that made
him pretty popular.

But when I saw him again five years later, I
couldn't believe my eyes.

Because, at the age of twenty one, he'd lost
nearly all of his hair. Not through a shock or
some extraordinary debilitating disease, but
through good old fashioned male pattern

Now, this is pretty hard to take even when
you hit your thirties, forties or fifties. In fact
there's NEVER a time when you think 'I'm
glad that's finally going - it's SUCH a

Whether we like it or not, hair affects our
appearance massively, and in our younger
years can define who we are.

So to lose your hair at twenty one must be a
terrible blow.

But for Vera Pfeiffer - it was even worse...

Can you imagine how this felt?

At age 14, her hair started to fall out. Not
just a little bit. A lot.

You can just imagine how tough it would
have been at school - teens aren't exactly
known for their compassion.

The doctors and dermatologists didn't have
a clue what was causing it. And the harsh
medical treatments they prescribed only
made the problem worse.

Needless to say, they also left Vera with a
long list of other health problems.

But when it comes to hair loss, people are
DESPERATE to find something that works.
Hair loss may not be life threatening, but it
can affect you every bit as deeply.

If you - or someone close to you - has ever
suffered hair loss - you'll know how
upsetting this can be.

But there is a lot you can do to fight hair
loss, without resorting to dangerous drugs,
placebos or painful and often futile

How one woman regained the hair of her
youth - and can help you do the same

After years of suffering the mental anguish
of hair loss, Vera trained as a Health

And amazingly, through this therapy and her
own extensive research and sheer hard work,
she was able to grow her hair back.

Now, she's dedicated her life to helping
other people do the same. She works in
Harley Street, specialising exclusively in
treating men and women with hair loss.

Now, you don't have to have a severe hair
loss problem to benefit from Vera's advice.

Let's face it, thinning hair is a problem lots
of us face as we get older.

Stress, tension, poor diet, toxic overload, the
Welsh football team... there are so many
reasons why our hair can start to shed.

What's so frustrating is that conventional
wisdom tells us we just have to live with it.
That it's part of life and there's nothing you
can do about it.

Well in my opinion that's rubbish.

There's PLENTY you can do about it. If
Vera can grow her hair back after thirty
years, we can grow and keep the hair we
have too.

Here are some tips from Vera that could
help your hair become even more thick and
lustrous than it already is - or get it back to
its original healthy, shining state.

Why you should go into the garden to
stop hair loss

- Use nettles

Nettle is well known to stimulate hair
growth. So instead of using shampoo,
take a handful of loose nettle tea and
boil in water. Strain the tea and then use
the cooled nettle water to wash your

- Feed your hair

Maybe you already knew that iron is
essential for strong hair. You get iron in
lentils and red meat. But zinc, vitamin C
and B vitamins are also crucial.

Vera recommends taking these as
supplements if you've a serious hair loss
problem. If you haven't and you're
eating plenty of fruit, vegetables, pulses,
nuts and seeds you'll be getting a good
dose of these already.

- Keep your scalp clear - to allow new
growth to come through, you need to
keep your pores and hair follicles free of
dead skin cells. Jojoba oil is a fantastic
cleanser and it's packed with Vitamin C,
B Vitamins, Zinc and other great
nutrients for hair. Try massaging a few
drops of it into your scalp before bed.

- Tap your head. Get yourself a metal
comb or brush and gently tap all over
your head with it for about a minute.
Why? Because tapping with metal will
create tiny electromagnetic currents on
the scalp that stimulate the cells in the
hair follicles.

If you can't face ditching 'proper' shampoo,
then it's essential you pick one that's not
going to harm your hair. And that's a lot
harder than it sounds...

The shocking truth about most shampoos

Look down the shampoo aisle down the
supermarket and you'll find brand after
brand trying to convince you how 'natural'
they are.

Some tell you they've got 'herbal extracts',
'botanical extracts' or 'flower essences'.

Well guess what...?

It's all a scam.

You try reading the back of those bottles,
You need a chemistry degree to understand
the list of ingredients!

There's nothing natural about the chemicals
you find in most shampoos. And some of
them are associated with serious health

Here are the ones you need to avoid and

- Sodium lauryl sulphate, or sodium
laureth sulphate (SLS). Often the first
ingredient listed on the bottle, these are
industrial degreasers and can cause
flaky skin and hair loss.

- Diethanolamine (DEA) or Isopropyl
alcohol. Both these nasties are
associated with cancer.

- Propylene Glycol (PG). This can cause
rashes, dry skin and dermatitis.

- Anything ending in 'parabens'.
They're toxic and can also cause rashes
and allergic reactions.

It used to be almost impossible to find
shampoos without these chemicals. Now, as
people are getting more switched on, even
supermarkets are beginning to stock them. If
yours has yet to see the light, then try your
health food shop instead.

Right, that's it for today - but I'll be back on
Sunday with more tips, ideas and advice to
help you enjoy a healthier life!



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