A warming tale on a cold winter's day 

Sunday 09  Nov, 2014 

  • Are you prepared for what is to come? Pity the weathermen weren’t!

  • Discover why cold hands might indicate a medical condition

During the week the weathermen seemed to have been surprised by the sudden drop in temperatures.

In some places Bonfire Night was greeted by temperatures of -4 degrees centigrade... compare that to 21 degrees on Halloween and you can see why the good folk of Weather Central in Exeter might have been caught out.

In less than a week the temperatures have plummeted and everyone is hunting out their winter woollies.

As I laid my old khaki shorts back in the drawer for another year today I pulled out my favourite Sherpa gloves.

You may remember I told you about these last year after we had a dump of snow in January and how well they protected my hands as I crafted the best snowman in the street...

...No? Oh well, take it from me these were a perfect way to keep my extremities warm.

Fortunately we took the decision to stock up on these fantastic items again for this year and the first deliveries are in.

If you have been promising yourself a nice new warm pair of gloves before the cold starts, make sure you click the appropriate link below:

For men’s gloves only Click here

For women’s gloves only Click here

Make sure you are one of the smug snug folk when the temperature drops.

The perfect winter warmer

Having cold hands for most of us is an inconvenience and an unpleasant consequence of forgetting to take a nice warm pair of gloves out when it is cold; but for others it is something more significant.

About 1 in 20 people develop a condition called Reynaud’s phenomenon where the blood vessels of the hands (and feet) constrict too much as the temperature lowers and this prevents blood getting to their extremities.

This is extremely painful and causes the fingers to turn white and eventually blue – and it then takes a long time to get the circulation back to normal and for the pain to stop.

Even when you get back into the warm and begin to regain blood flow the pain continues though with the hands often turning bright red and beginning to throb.

Something that is clearly best avoided and one where there is no effective cure or medical remedy.

For those who suffer from Reynaud’s, having a good pair of gloves that they can trust to keep their fingers toasty is really important.

That’s why these Sherpa gloves are such a good investment.

They were designed to withstand brutal Himalayan sub-zero temperatures, and were worn by the team on the 2010 North Pole Expedition – so you can bet they’ve been tested in some of the worlds most brutal conditions and have not been found wanting.

Each glove has a clever system of two layers of different materials.

The one closest to the hand is the specialised Sherpa fleece which locks in the heat even in the most extreme cold.

The outer layer is made of fine wool which adds further thermal protection, but allows your skin to breathe – preventing sweat condensation which can become chilled.

This unique layer combination makes for warm and happy hands despite the harshest of frosty mornings.

The materials are also elastic, which makes them stretchy and ensures a snug fit whether you have dainty hands or ones that resemble a snow shovel.

There are men’s and women’s versions available, each with a sober black and white design – a real his 'n’ hers pairing.

Following on from this discovery I had one of my best ideas last year – and I decided to call it the Perfect Winter Warmer.

It’s a really simple concept.

Togetherness in warmth and health

For any of you that read the stories about dark chocolate being a real boon for health and especially brain function you might be interested to know that you could get yourself a FREE pack of rich drinking chocolate.

You see I decided that what we all needed was a warming on the outside and on the inside too so I persuaded the good folk in the office to put a perfect pack together.

So, let me introduce you to the Perfect Winter Warmer which gives you two pairs of gloves, plus a FREE block of sugar and fat free natural drinking chocolate Click here

Imagine the joy of having your hands kept warm and dry in the Sherpa gloves... and then getting home to a deeply chocolatey experience which will lift your spirits and gladden the heart, plus you know it’s doing you the power of good.

Change your diet to improve your circulation

These fabulous gloves will certainly help keep your hands warm, but you can also improve your circulation by following a few dietary tips.

Including ginger, fennel, cayenne, potassium, niacin, iron, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, lecithin, Ginkgo Biloba, or apple cider vinegar in your daily rations will help.

But one of the best circulation boosters is lemon juice in hot distilled water which will have an amazing effect on cleansing your liver which is the 'heat producer' for your body. 

Also if you’re trying to avoid meat for whatever reason, this could be contributing to the problem of reduced bloodflow! 

Some people just need to eat meat once in a while. Don’t be fanatical.

So even if the weathermen are in disarray don’t get caught out, treat yourself and the one you love to a real warming this winter.

Click here for the best winter offer ever – the perfect package

Yours, as always








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