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Sunday 9th Dec 2012

I like to think of myself as a generally happy and contented man. There are, of course, little niggles and grumbles now and again – surely the God given right for a man of a certain age!

Getting grumpy about the doors being left open, the kettle always being empty and never having enough socks is a right of passage.

My dear wife always tells me to keep things in perspective, don't fret about what you can't change but channel your energies into what you can, and focus on the important stuff – but dammit socks are important!

Much as I hate to admit it though, she is right ... at least about the need to concentrate on what you can change. There are many small facets of our lives that would benefit from a little nurturing.

Having concerns about health, finance or your relationship with others does need your input. But doing something usually means changing your approach.

Committing to making such a change often seems like a lot of hard work, but it needn’t be. In fact, it requires just ONE minute. And with the New Year looming, now is the perfect time to start planning those changes.

And if you follow it through it could make a HUGE difference to your life.

Just take a look, and pick an idea

So, you will see that often the really simple solutions can make a huge difference to your life, well-being and peace of mind.

Just at the moment we are surrounded by many forms of doom and bad news.

Financially and politically the world is in the doldrums, and each new day seems to bring more things to worry about, however just spend the next few minutes reading what my good friend Wendy Churchill has to say about her book – How To Change Your Life In Just One Minute.

It might just be the simplest thing you do to make a huge difference to your year ahead.

A message from Wendy

We all need to find our own methods for letting things go - whether it’s niggling thoughts, anxious worrying or deeper influences from our past.

A favourite method I use comes from the Buddhist teaching about seeing the glass as already broken. Nothing in this world lasts forever, nothing is supposed to be perfect and there will constantly be obstacles, upsets, criticisms, spills and accidents to deal with.

If you see every glass as already broken then you won’t be so upset when it breaks. If you accept that you will from time to time have to pay for new washing machines and cars then it’s not so hard to deal with when it happens. And if you realise that nothing any human ever does is ever perfect then it’s a little bit easier to cope when people point out the imperfections in the ways we have done the things we’ve done.

Just let it happen and let it go. Accept it and move on. Don’t carry it with you.

Another useful technique of course, is to have a laugh at how crazy some of our own lines of thinking and emotional thoughts and behaviours can be.

It can be downright crazy sometimes how irrational our thoughts and worries can be - and laughing at this can be hugely liberating.

It is truly laughable for example, for me to expect to be able to get through life without anybody ever saying a cross word against me… finding anything I do anything other than 100% perfect… or for my upbringing of my children never to be littered with stress or dilemmas. But sometimes I act as if I really did believe that was possible!

Sometimes it just helps to remind yourself that ‘this is hardly the end of the world’.

That’s why I wrote ‘How To Change Your Life In Just One Minute’ because I saw the opportunity to help others come to terms with the challenges of everyday life.

Being able to put everything into context really enables you to concentrate on being able to change the things you can change, and not troubling yourself with those things that are beyond your control.

It is also about celebrating the good things that happen.

Click here to find out more about how this book can help you

Give yourself a lifeline

As the end of another year approaches we all get a bit introverted, considering what we did this year and what we should be doing next.

Sometimes the process gets a bit much, or we hide issues away because we are too afraid to confront them and deal with them.

Now is your chance to clear the slate and empty the rubbish from the corners of your minds.

Packed into this book are 47 eureka solutions for life’s issues.

Some of the topics include:

• Financial security, job satisfaction and goal setting.

• Health and longevity, for instance defining 24 ‘super foods’ to add to your diet.

• Life and relationships, friendships and families.

• Stress, happiness and problem solving.

You may think that these are not issues that you face, but are you being TOTALLY honest with yourself?

I know from the mail that I receive that the Good Lifers are a generally positive lot - but we all need help with managing difficult situations; this is the book to have to hand when such challenges arise.

Click to discover more about yourself and help those around you


Yours, as always






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