This sounds like a Tolkien fantasy but it’s very real

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25th November 2018

  • Why this ancient Moroccan remedy is known as LIQUID GOLD
  • But it’s no myth – as science now shows
  • Find out how to ease stiff joints, stomach problems, boost bone health and improve skin elasticity – [click here]
Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

Here’s an example…

For many centuries, Moroccans have plundered one of their national trees for something called ‘liquid gold’.

Moroccan women put it on their skin as a natural skin cleanser and moisturiser…

They cook with it, too…

And when taken internally, liquid gold can be a remedy for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, rheumatism, sore joints and digestive problems.

I just love this idea…

“Liquid gold, a healing balm from an ancient tree…”

Sounds like something out of a Tolkien fantasy tale, doesn’t it?

But liquid gold is very real… and as you’re about to see, its benefits are no myth – even western science is beginning to agree.

Take a look at this: find out more about ‘liquid gold’

So what is this natural wonder?

 The Argan tree once covered much of North Africa but it is now confined to south western Morocco, protected by UNESCO.

Its nut contains a very special oil which is packed with tocopherols (vitamin E), phenols, phenolic acid, carotenes, squalene and fatty acids (80% unsaturated fatty acids).

 Combined, these ingredients can help:

  • Control hypertension and reduce bad cholesterol – according to studies a spoonful of Argan oil a day can lower cholesterol levels

  • Open up blood vessels for better circulation and heart health

  • Detoxify the synovial fluid and regenerate cells, essential for fighting against osteoarthritis 

  • Ease constipation, bloating, diarrhoea and stomach pains – being rich in linoleic, palmitic and oleic oils as well as a rich source of vitamin E, carotenes and good fatty acids means that it helps with the digestive process

  • Reduce inflammation in your joints

  • Enhance your sex life – Argan can boost the circulation in the genital area, stimulating blood flow

  • Reduce food cravings and help your digestive system operate better

  • Improve brain function – this is thanks to the high levels of fatty acids omega 6 and 9 

  • Fight free radicals, the main cause of cell ageing and various types of cancer

  • Strengthen bones, joints, and the nervous system

  • Improve your skin, hair & nails – Argan helps keep your skin smooth, strengthens brittle nails and add a lustre to hair

To back this up the French Cardiology Society and UNESCO now officially recognise Argan's health-giving powers. 
So it’s another case where western science has finally caught up with what might have been considered an “old wives’ tale”. 

And now that it’s available in the UK, people are using it for a range of problems like these:

"I have taken the course of treatment for 3 weeks and my cholesterol has dropped spectacularly without constantly dieting or starving myself.”


 “[this] treatment has stopped my joint pains-rheumatism, arthritic's fantastic, fast and easy.”


 “People had talked to me about the effects of Argan oil on the libido and I can today confirm it, it is true! Thank you."

-Louise and Terry, LUTON

“After my operation, my hair was dry and brittle, now it grows 2in in a month. It is soft and can be easily styled. My hands were wrinkled, but now my skin is taut again and my nails have grown and no longer break.”

-Louise J. DERBY

To try out ‘liquid gold’ yourself, click here and get a trial to see what happens for 30 days.

Choose which format is best for you

There are four ways you can use it…

•    Argan Oil – take a spoonful of Argan oil every day or add it as an ingredient to dressings, sauce, stews and soups.

•    Argan Capsules – take these to improve your heart, joints, bones, blood and immune system health.

•    Argan Cleanser – this gives you healthy looking skin, hair and nails.

•    Argan Moisturiser – a natural, health cosmetic for your skin.

Obviously you can try all of them if you want the full treatment.

And if you have one more reason to give it a go…

Help protect this wonderful life-giving tree

The profits from Argan oil go to a women’s co-operative in Morocco and are shared among one of the original nomadic tribes.

This income, plus the work generated from harvesting the oil, will help keep them replanting new trees so we can continue to enjoy this resource for many years to come.

It’s a wonderful story. Because here’s a traditional healing product that lines the pockets of the people who actually grow and tend the source, rather than a greedy pharmaceutical company who have patented it or turned it into an expensive drug.

So it’s a win win!

For more information on Argan Oil, check out this website: Argan Oil.

I’ll leave it with you! Enjoy what remains of your weekend and I’ll be back next week.

Yours, as always




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