5 tips for good health in January

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10th January 2010

  • A late Christmas present

  • The curse of eating for 400

  • 3 tips for good health in January

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

But is it just me, or does 2010 sound a little

I mean...2010! We should all be fizzing around on
jetpacks by now, sipping cocktails on Venus with
The Jetsons.

And I should be shouting at my lazy robot for not
clearing out the garage yet.

But oh no... it's still ME that gets it in the neck
from Lara about the garage.

Anyway, enough of my whingeing.

I hope you had a great festive break, and that 2010
brings you good health, wealth and happiness
(perhaps with a little help from The Good Life

In fact, if you really want to improve ALL aspects
of your life this year, then you could do a lot
worse than read these...

A late Christmas present

The Rich Life Letter  is written by my good friend
Lewis Geary, and if you haven't tried it yet, I
really think you should, for two reasons...

First off, just think about how much you shelled
out over Christmas. Worth every penny I know,
but who isn't a little strapped for cash after

Well Lewis can show you the very best ways to
tighten your belt without feeling the pinch.
'Saving money the smart way' I call it, because
his tips show you how to spend less but still live
like a king.

And the second reason...?

Well by all accounts, 2010 is going to be every bit
as troubled as 2009. More jobs lost, higher taxes,
pay cuts, weaker pensions... there's something for
everyone, like a really rotten tin of Quality Street.

So if you know someone who could use some
sage advice on saving money and making a little
extra over the coming months - then Lewis is
your man.

Take a look here and sign up for free. You won't
regret it:

Right. Now that you're all signed up to this
brilliant letter (you are, aren't you?), I have a
question for you...

The curse of eating for 400

Why is it that we always seem to buy enough food
to see us through a nuclear explosion at

It happens year after year. Yet again our turkey
was so huge that pushing it in the trolley (yes, it
had its own trolley) and lifting it into the car boot
could easily have been a task on The World's
Strongest Man competition.

Seriously, it must have caused havoc in Jurassic
Park before being been hunted down with spears.

Yet, unless Lara's keeping something from me, I
didn't notice we had another two dozens kids in
the house to feed.

"What if someone drops in? I don't want to run
out," is Lara's reasoning.

I don't know who she expects, but the 1st Royal
Tank Regiment never showed (unless they came
round while I was dozing in front of Eastenders).

And the cast of Oliver! stayed away as well.

So it was left to me and a handful of poor,
unsuspecting visitors to eat through it all.

Of course we failed, but I really gave it a good go.

Turkey and chips, turkey curry, turkey and, er,

When I look in the mirror now all I see is a great
big turkey drumstick staring back at me,

I feel tired, lacklustre and overweight, an obvious
case of Post Christmas-itis if ever I saw one
(though I can't entirely blame Christmas for my
shape. I put that down to the invention of beer and
Jaffa Cakes).

Anyhow, if you're feeling the same, try following
these tips to help your recovery and get your new
year off to a cracking start.

3 tips for good health in January

In the Winter months you need to fuel your body
to ward off illness and infection, which means
stocking up on foods that help boost immunity. 

- Two 'bad breath' favourites - garlic and
onions - are both excellent winter foods. They
are packed with antibiotic and anti-
inflammatory properties that can see off

- Eat your greens! Leafy green vegetables like
broccoli, cabbage, spinach and kale all contain
essential minerals like magnesium and zinc,
which help boost immunity.

- Keep eating Christmas nuts. Walnuts,
pecans, Brazils and peanuts all contain the
antioxidant vitamin E, which helps mop up
harmful free radicals.

Right, I think that's enough to get our new year
started. I'll be back on Sunday, so until then, try
out the Rich Life Letter, and enjoy the last of your

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