Why this man believes you have no right to water

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10th July 2015

  • Food giant Nestle want to own all of the water... this has to be stopped
  • This has to be the scariest thing a CEO ever said
  • Could the words of a mad man really be put into action? You bet!
Back in April I wrote about how people were prepared to pay more for a bottle of water than a bottle of good wine.

Well they’re at it again.

But before I reopen a window to the world of the rich, famous and gloriously stupid I have something much more worrying to tell you about.

I am thankful for several readers alerting me to a story that had simply passed me by until you wrote in to tell me about it.

When I first began reading these stories about how the food giant Nestlé wanted to privatise water I thought I was the victim of some kind of joke.

I mean how could anyone believe they had the right to own the planet's water?

The basis of life is due to this liquid, so to place commercial control over it would be just plain madness...

...well be prepared to see the naked profit-driven world that Nestlé's CEO, Peter Brabeck inhabits.

If you want to hear what he had to say in 2013 you can watch a You Tube video here.

In this piece to camera he earnestly says:

  • Man is now in a position to provide some balance to pitiless nature.
  • That the movement that claims organic products are best is wrong, and that despite GM food being available in the US for 15 years there has been not one case of illness as a result.
  • Water is the most important raw material we have in the world, but the question is whether we should privatise it – he goes on to say that there are two differing opinions on this question, the first he feels is extreme and considers human beings as having a right to water. The second he maintains is that water is a food stuff that should have commercial value.
  • He claims we have never had it so good, and that we have more money than ever before.
If like me this shocks you, I would ask you to remember that he is the head of a massive food producing company, and the main man at the 27th biggest company in the world.

That makes him significant, the sort of person that governments listen and react to...

...And he doesn’t believe that you have a right to water, unless you are prepared to pay him for it.

So, this is more than the ranting of some fundamentalist, it is the cold hard views of the money hungry class that control the world's food supply, and now they are after the water.

How could they do it though?

I set to work to try to understand whether Nestlé have actually done anything to fulfil their mad man's dreams...

...and what I found has rocked me to my boots.

Firstly, in Pakistan they have sunk wells so deep to extract water that all other local wells have run dry.

The millions of gallons of fresh water they rob from the ground is used to make their product they call Pure Life. Anyone else see the irony?

Of course for the locals it is no laughing matter as they end up spending huge amounts of their meagre incomes on buying the water which was theirs by right, and free before this huge commercial operation moved in.

It’s not just the poorer areas of the world that this despicable action is taking place though.

In the very heart of the America Nestlé are making their presence felt.
A small town in Oregon is mobilising against the development of a bottling plant that could send the region into severe drought conditions, risking it becoming little more than a desert.

25,000 people have signed a petition to keep the company out, despite unemployment levels in the area being close to 20%.

The locals realise what will happen if they lose their precious clean drinking water to commercial greed.

Around the world the move to make water private is gathering pace for Nestlé and several other companies such as Danone and Coca-Cola, but the Swiss giant realised that its CEO had made a major mistake in releasing the video.

So what do you think they did next?

Nestlé water part two... this time he’s a nice guy!

I can imagine the huge PR and legal teams at the company's offices going into overdrive once they realised how Brabeck's words were going to harm them.

So, they dusted him off, set him in a garden, got him to deliver his message in English and softened the focus.

The next video from 2013 followed a major TV expose of the Nestlé bottled water story called ‘Bottled Life’ which shone the light on aspects of their operation they would have preferred to have kept hidden.

In the new statement Brabeck says, “There are apparently some misconceptions about my ideas on water.” He goes on to explain that he absolutely believes in the human right to water but that we shouldn’t be using it to “fill a swimming pool or wash a car.”

See he really is a good guy who wants us to recognise the value of clean and safe water and not waste it.

It is a wonder he didn’t snap his neck with such a quick and violent u-turn!

I’m not convinced Peter, you clearly don’t value human life, just obscene profits by any means possible.

I for one will not buy any Nestlé product again as a result.

End on a laugh

I promised to expose the very latest in the daft water stories, and The Times last week brought me one of the best.

Apparently, hard man Bear Grylls is to be the face of new bottled water brand Aquaçai which comes from deep underground in Panama, and is so packed with minerals that it prevents hunger.

Or so they would have you believe.

Costing $6 a bottle in the US where various rap stars, actresses and even Bill Clinton are said to favour it, it is due to hit our shops for around £1.50 a go...

...do yourself a favour, filter your tap water and save yourself the cost.
Let those who are ignorant, gullible and willing to be parted from their cash easily fall for it.

Just don’t let anyone ever tell you that water is not a human right.

Yours, as always




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