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Sunday 10 Aug, 2014 

It’s a surprising fact that our bodies don’t take kindly to too much change in climate.

If we lived constantly in either a permanently hot or permanently cold country chances are our health would be better.

When we get into the cooler months the numbers of coughs, colds, flu and viral respiratory tract infections increase.

In warmer months gut, skin and bacterial urinary tract problems dominate.

On our annual holidays to sunnier shores we often expect a bit of a gippy tummy... The Turkey Trots or a Spanish Two Step can spoil a few days but usually resolve.

Bladder and urinary problems though can persist for weeks and even months afterwards – especially for the female of the species.

Left untreated the impact of bacteria destroying the lining of the bladder can lead to blood infections and a whole series of other problems including an increase in the risk of developing kidney stones.

But, for anyone who avoided a package holiday and took a week in Eastbourne instead don’t be too smug about it.

The effect of out three weeks of hot weather has meant a surge in patients presenting at their GP with ‘water infections’.

Sadly the GP’s response is to dole out powerful antibiotics which upset the gut and perpetuate the growing risk of superbugs becoming resistant to the drugs.

A purely natural and very effective way to control urinary tract infections

Heatwave – when the bugs come out to play

Several recent research papers(1)(2) have concluded that hot weather is a causal factor in increased urinary tract infections, but also leads to the development of kidney stones.

For anyone who wonders what it’s like to have a kidney stone – here’s one comment I found from a sufferer;

“Kidney stones are the absolute worse pain ever... it is excruciating! I thought I was going to die. I had about 5 of them. I passed 2 and 2 were surgically blasted into tiny pieces so that I could pass them and one is currently still embedded in my kidney on the left side. And now here we are today and my back is hurting again!”

Something best avoided then.

But what is the link to bladder infections and why is the risk increased during hot weather?

Well, it’s all about how our bodies function in managing the levels of water in our system.

The amount of fluid in our bodies is significant, with some estimates showing that around 60-70% of our body weight is water. This fluid is vital for all cellular processes and for moving things around.

Maintaining the correct level is key and that is largely the role of the kidney which filters out excess water and uses it to dilute waste product which passes out in urine.

Now if we don’t drink enough to keep the kidney pumping away then waste builds up and forms stones and our urine becomes highly concentrated as is a perfect soup to allow bacteria to grow.

So you would think just drinking enough would be the cure... but it is not that simple.

You see, bacteria get really active as the weather warms and they become even more aggressive that normal and begin to flourish in even low nutrient level systems, and once they are onboard they like to party.

Generating hundreds of millions of offspring in a matter of days they colonise our bladders and prevent the system form working, which causes a backlog in the kidney and leads to renal failure...

...just because the weathers a bit nice!

Here’s how to end the bacterial fun time in your bladder – women and men are both at risk

How to make the best of natural remedies

As I said taking the powerful and non-specific antibiotics isn’t the best answer.

This treatment approach leads to destruction of the good bacteria in your gut, an increase in side effects such as headaches and nausea plus there is increasing evidence that the rise in resistant bacteria is due to the over prescription of wide spectrum antibiotics.

So, we need a safer, natural but more effective option...

Not one to disappoint here’s what I suggest - a natural remedy known as D-mannose.

This naturally occurring sugar is the equivalent of crack cocaine to the bacterial invaders - they simply cannot get enough of it.

D-mannose is processed and eliminated by our bodies very quickly.

It travels through our digestive system and arrives into our bladder via the kidneys.

The aggressive bacteria in the bladder interact with the D-mannose forming an even better bond with it than they do with the bladder wall, and become mobile.

They can then simply be washed away during urination.

D-mannose is a pure and natural form of glucose, similar to a type already produced by our bodies, but which for many of us is not enough.

It is a simple sugar supplement which many people worldwide use everyday to help against these irritating and debilitating infections.

Perhaps the best news is that D-mannose has no known side effects or drug interactions and can be used by adults, children and even family pets as a food supplement.

I know many people swear by cranberry juice which has a similar effect, but modern juices are loaded with sugars that make the symptoms even worse, they literally feed the party animals in your urinary system.

If you can extract your own juice direct from fresh cranberries then you have a chance, but if not the carton form is just not good enough.

So, don’t let a dicky bladder spoil your holiday – or allow unwanted passengers from your trip to be an unpleasant reminder of sun kissed beaches.

Reach for the proven, safe and highly effective natural remedy.

To choose D-Mannose capsules, click here

For  D-Mannose powder, click here

The two forms are at the same great price and make it easy to cure and protect your body from the ravages of infections and help prevent the formation of stones.

That has to be a good thing!

Yours, as always

(2) Kalaitzidis, R. G., Damigos, D., & Siamopoulos, K. C. (2014). Environmental and stressful factors affecting the occurrence of kidney stones and the kidney colic. International urology and nephrology, 1-6




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