Spices for health that could end your joint pain misery

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10th September 2010

  • Shocking news.....BBC breaks major health
  • Spices for health that could fight cancer, relieve joint pain and prevent Alzheimer's

Every so often my faith is restored in our media. Did you
see the report on the BBC about a diabetes drug that
causes heart failure?

The Panorama program was able to expose just how much
risk is being taken with OUR health by the NHS.

The fact that Avandia should have been withdrawn 2
months ago seems to have escaped our GP's. According to
the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory
Agency (MHRA) it has been linked to a raised risk of heart
attacks and heart failure and is under a Europe-wide

Enter the manufacturer - GlaxoSmithKline. Being one of
the big three pharma companies in the world, they tend to
have a big influence.

GSK claim that the drug is safe as long as 'it is properly
monitored'. Well that's OK then isn't it?

Actually, no it's NOT - how can the NHS be risking our
health on the say so of a company with a vested interest
in the face of UK and European regulatory advice?

So, three cheers for Auntie. Let's have more of it.

We need strong, unbiased reporting of issues like this -
it's the only way that the power mongers in the
pharmaceutical industry can be brought to book. 

If you have any doubt about how important keeping their
nose clean is to these large companies, it was worth
seeing that their share price dropped the day after the

Next time you hear a pharma company tell you their drugs
are definitely safe, just think about who is really getting
the benefit.

A natural source of so many remedies

I've never claimed to be a visionary, I leave that kind of
thing to weathermen.

But, just occasionally I get a little pang of self-satisfaction
from knowing I'm ahead of the game.

Let me tell you about last week.

I'd been looking into the secrets of healthy eating, seeking
those golden nuggets of information that I can pass onto
you.  After a day of exhausting research I decided to
reward myself with a draught of local brew at the pub.

With the foam of a fresh pint still on my top lip, a fellow
drinker tapped me on the shoulder and said he had made
a remarkable discovery.

And what's more, he has scientific proof for his theory: a
book entitled "The Molecular Targets and Therapeutic Uses
of Curcumin in Health and Disease".

Yes, his amazing news was that curry spices are GOOD for

I was able to look him in the eye and say ... "I know, I
wrote a book about it".

Remember last January?  I don't think Lara will ever
forget (or forgive me) for spending last Christmas locked
away in my office so I could finish writing The Spice
Healer - How a Curry and 73 Other Foods could Keep You
Off Prescription Drugs.  But it was so important I just had
to do it.

Can't remember January?
Good Life Letter Archives 29 Jan 2010:

In my book I reveal the health secrets behind Curcumin
and other common foods. You really should have a look:

As well as extraordinarily simple ways you can tackle pain,
prevent diseases like cancer and Alzheimer's and keep
yourself off those prescription drugs, you'll discover:

* The seafood that eases joint pain.

* The natural ingredient that works as well as a cox-
inhibitor. This is the way most common anti-
inflammatory drugs work.

* The fruit that relieves asthma.

* The spice that can stop a heart attack.

* The garden weed that cleans your liver.

* The tea that prevents blood clots.

* Plus many more amazing natural health secrets the
pharmaceutical companies would hate you to
know about.

If you value your health, then this new book is a must. At
the very least you should go to the website and spend a
few minutes having a look - because I wrote this 
book with YOU in mind! 
However, I want YOU to decide for yourself what you think
of my opus. So if you're interested in seeing what my
book is all about, you can order it and read it at home for
30 days. 
If you're not 100% pleased, delighted, and chuffed to bits
with it, then no problem, my publisher will give you a full

You can order a copy for a 30 day review here:

Please - at least take a look at this. I'll be amazed if you
don't find at least ONE remedy that helps make your life
that little bit better.

Before I go....

On Sunday I will have more shocking news about how
poor research could put YOUR health at risk - and why I
might never drink Dutch beer ever again.

For now I'm off to get a Prawn Sagwalla and Chana Mater
at my favourite Indian restaurant. I do like putting my
own research into practice.

Read this and create a similar quest for yourself:




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