Natural pain relief that even the world’s biggest sceptic can’t fault

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Sunday 10th September 2017

A few newsletters ago I was discussing the power of placebo and highlighted how effective treatments using nothing more than sugar pills and flavoured water have been in trials.

Perhaps the most amazing discovery was that the effect of these ‘sham’ treatments has been steadily growing over time.

Well today I am well braced to withstand all the talk of placebo that will no doubt be heading my way as a result of my topic.

Magnetic bracelets...

...still reading? You must be one of those who either know how effective these are or have a suitably enquiring mind that you want to find out more.

It saddens me to know that there will have been quite a few readers who got to those words and then hit the delete key.

This is something that happens every time I mention these rather interesting and very effective products – but the reason I persist is that I know these things work... even if I can’t explain how.

In this respect, I am not alone.

In 2004 a GP called Dr Harlow and a team of researchers from across the medical spectrum carried out a detailed and highly controlled trial(1) of magnetic bracelets for hip and knee pain associated with osteoarthritis.

They concluded that “Pain from osteoarthritis of the hip and knee decreases when wearing magnetic bracelets. It is uncertain whether this response is due to specific or non-specific (placebo) effects.”

Now the more research savvy among you might be thinking that this isn’t a resounding endorsement of the use of these bracelets, however, you will understand why I DO think this is a powerful supporting article for their therapeutic value when I tell you who one of the other lead researchers was...

...Why none other than the professional sceptic and scourge of complimentary and natural medicine himself...Professor Edzard Ernst!

This is the man who publicly and very loudly denounces homeopathy, manual therapy, acupuncture and massage... to name but a few of his pet crusades.

Find out more about the pain relieving product that even an angry man had to support

Are people right about magnets?

Many, many people through history have claimed that magnets can help relieve muscle and joint pains, ease depression and cure insomnia.

It sounds strange I know, but let's think about it rationally for a moment.

The earth is a huge magnet. There are magnetic fields all around us all the time. Many creatures, such as homing pigeons, butterflies, and bees can navigate using this magnetic field.

Even humans can roughly sense magnetic direction (except for my wife when she drives around Bristol).
One theory about how this works is based on a magnetic substance called magnetite which has been discovered in the tissue of many living things, the human brain included.

Researchers have found magnetite clusters near the brain's all important, magnetically sensitive pineal gland, which secretes hormones that affect your whole body.

Not only are we affected by magnetic fields but we also generate them, thanks to the chemistry of our cells and nervous systems. For example, scientists can measure the brain and heart's magnetic fields.

Think of your body as being built out of individual 'electrical' cells. Each cell has a positive charge at its nucleus and a negative charge on its outer membrane.

Plus, we are composed largely of water; a molecule that has a negatively charged oxygen end and positively charged hydrogen end and this fluid washes around every cell.

When tissues become disrupted by damage the delicate electrical balance is disturbed and cells begin to bind together rather than slide over each other – thus we need to apply something which will restore the normal order of things.

So by using magnetic energy it may be possible to help the body regain the energy it needs to repair itself and re-orientate the positive and negative charges.

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Where is my evidence?

My dear readers I can do no more than to share my own experiences of using one of these bracelets every day – and that is to say I do feel less pain and can certainly do more without wincing as my poor old knee lets me know it is there.

But perhaps more importantly I can share with you some of the feedback I have received from your fellow readers:

“I have worn a magnetic bracelet for 3 months and have been amazed at the difference it has made. I would certainly recommend anyone with arthritic pain to try magnets.” M

Another emailed me to say:

“THIS DOES WORK. I'm a great fan of magnets both for healing and also a sense of general well being. I've worn magnetic bracelets now for over 3 years and found wearing one to be very beneficial.” E.D.

These are just two of the many readers who've been in touch praising the power of magnets, but believe me there are many more.

There are still sceptics of course.

People who won't ever be convinced to give them a go. And that's fair enough.

For thousands of years metal and magnetic bracelets have helped those suffering with the pain of arthritis, gout and other joint and muscle conditions.

But you would be wise to be cautious as in the modern era there are those who want to make a fast buck and run.

That is not what I am offering you here.

I have spent many years forging a relationship with a supplier of high quality, powerful magnetic bracelets that are probably the best in the market – and I want to back them with a full money-back guarantee.
That’s right, an open-ended offer for you to allay your suspicion and try one of the bracelets on offer without fear that you may lose out.

You choose between an 18 link for the slender wrist and 20 link for the larger, or a special pack of one of each and try this ancient and proven therapy for yourself.

You will be joining a growing band of believers in this approach to pain relief and with this fantastic money-back offer you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Yours, as always



(1) Harlow, T., Greaves, C., White, A., Brown, L., Hart, A., & Ernst, E. (2004). Randomised controlled trial of magnetic bracelets for relieving pain in osteoarthritis of the hip and knee. Bmj, 329(7480), 1450-1454.

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