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Sunday 10 November 2013 


I was explaining to one of my dad’s friends the other day that my dream at this time of year is for a windy night with a frost.
More specifically a wind from anywhere other than the East and a frosty night.

You see when this happens all the leaves fall off of my trees but get blown down the road and I don’t have the problem of picking them up.
The old gent tutted and said “that’s what’s wrong with you young ‘uns, you don’t give a fig for anyone else. What about the poor souls who end up with your leaves in their gardens, they have to pick them up instead.”

I was marvelling that he considered me still a ‘young ‘un’ at the grand age of nearly fifty, with a receding hairline and expanding waistline, but began to feel somewhat chastised!

And he continued; “in addition that combination is just about my worst nightmare as it plays havoc with my arthritis and my asthma and that can lay me low for weeks.”

I must admit I hadn’t thought about such travails but it made absolute sense, and I began to think about how these two major health concerns were always worse when the weather turned colder, windier and wetter.

Just like we are enduring now then, read on for a remarkable natural remedy for both conditions.

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The Green Lipped Mussel magic remedy

Way back in the 70s (when I was happy to pick my own leaves up AND I had plenty of hair), research scientists noticed something very strange about the Maoris living in the coastal areas of New Zealand...

It seems that not one of them suffered from arthritis or joint pain of any kind.

Further studies showed that it was ONLY the Maoris who lived on the coast who showed this remarkable resistance to arthritis. Maoris who lived inland had the same percentage of arthritis as most of the Western world.

But the coastal Maoris were different.

And after years of studying the soil, the sea, the eating habits, the drinking habits and the culture of these coastal dwellers, the researchers finally cracked it...

Their diet was rich in green lipped mussels, and it was the oil from these mussels that was protecting them from inflammation and joint paint.

The oil in question was omega-3 fatty acid and more intensive studies began to identify how important it was to increase the levels of this compound in our diets for general health.

Then another amazing discovery was made.

A key factor in inflammation was discovered called the lipoxygenase pathway... which sounds a bit technical I know, but essentially it is the way inflammation (which is a normal part of the healing process following tissue damage) becomes more aggressive and begins to cause a problem in itself.

It was them realised that the reason omega-3 worked so effectively was that it directly inhibited this process and therefore any rich source was a perfectly natural anti-inflammatory.

Here’s the secret of an Antipodean natural anti-inflammatory supplementation

The tale of an Australian revolution

Australia has one of the highest rates of asthma in the world. One in ten suffers from it, and it accounts for a massive increase in steroid preparations being prescribed.

The problem with this approach though is that long-term steroid use has several unwanted side effects such as thinning and weakening of the skin, ligament damage and an increased risk of developing musculo-skeletal problems to name a few.

So, the enlightened doctors in the asthma research teams started to look to natural anti-inflammatory products, and they saw what was happening over the straits in New Zealand.

There several trials had shown positive results for asthma sufferers by using Green Lipped Mussel extract, just like it had for arthritis sufferers.

Aussie study leader and GP Dr Jim Lello wanted to make sure a seafood pill could help asthmatic children without causing allergic reactions.

“We were exploring whether we could reduce the dose moderately of their inhaled corticosteroids,” Dr Lello said.

The trial involved 70 children half of whom were given Lyprinol and the other half a placebo - two pills twice a day. Breath and lung capacity were recorded to gauge the success.

The results were remarkable and showed how this purified Green Lipped Mussel extract helped the children reduce their dependence on inhaled steroids, plus allowed them to live much more active lives.
We’ve been much slower to catch on to the impressive benefits of this seafood extract despite some incredible research results, some of which have only just been published.

When a major trial team(1) conclude that Lyprinol ‘offers a potential alternative complementary therapy with no side effects for osteoarthritis patients’ you would think our doctors might sit up and take notice.

Of course statements from other published researchers finding that this extract ‘may have beneficial effects in HIB and asthma by serving as a pro-resolving agonist and/or inflammatory antagonist’ clearly warrant no further consideration do they!

These trials were conducted, published in respected peer reviewed journals and discussed as key papers at several major conferences, yet we haven’t heard anything of them at all.

So, just to make the case for this remarkable product let ME tell you the facts about Lyprinol, it is;

- 100 times more potent than EPA Max (fish oil)
- 125 times more potent than original freeze dried mussel powder
- 175 times more potent than evening primrose oil
- 175 times more potent than Salmon Oil
- 200 times more potent than Flax Oil

And because of the extraction process it can be eaten by anyone suffering from shellfish intolerance. There's no fishy smell or aftertaste. And you only have to take 1-2 capsules
a day.

So, in mitigation for my earlier infraction with my dad’s mate I have sent him three months supply of Lyprinol in the hope that I restore his faith in a younger generation...I can’ t believe I just wrote that!

Restore your natural balance and reduce the effects of asthma and arthritis with Lyprinol

Yours, as always



(1) Zawadzki, M., Janosch, C., & Szechinski, J. (2013). Perna canaliculus Lipid Complex PCSO-524™ Demonstrated Pain Relief for Osteoarthritis Patients Benchmarked against Fish Oil, a Randomized Trial, without Placebo Control. Marine drugs, 11(6), 1920-1935.
(2) Mickleborough, T. D., Vaughn, C. L., Shei, R. J., Davis, E. M., & Wilhite, D. P. (2013). Marine lipid fraction PCSO-524™(lyprinol< sup>®/omega XL< sup>®) of the New Zealand green lipped mussel attenuates hyperpnea-induced bronchoconstriction in asthma. Respiratory medicine.




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