David Attenborough would definitely approve

The Good Life Letter 

11th March 2018

The Blue Planet programme made by David Attenborough has become a major player in the move to clean up our environment.

Images of dying fish, pontoons of rubbish and shoreline debris which were solely due to humans dumping rubbish in the sea were enough to make everyone who watched it question their part in this destruction.

It certainly made me reconsider what impact I was having.

The Good Life Letter is having a full business audit to see what plastic we can dispense with which will include our packaging, our products and even the use of plastic cups for water in the office.

This is going to be thorough!

There are changes that we can all make that are simple to do, really effective in protecting the environment and will also save you a ton of cash.

That sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

However, this is something that I know to be a fact as when I first heard the story I didn’t believe it either but for over a year now I have been putting it to the test in the most vigorous way possible – and now I have no doubts.

You see one thing that struck me was how many chemicals we were putting into the environment from everyday activities.

The one which particularly made me think was the daily laundry where gallons of water laden with detergents, fabric softeners and fragrances were being flushed into the drains, into the rivers and out to sea every time we set the washing machine going.

Now the Collins family are not contributing to this daily pollution because we do things very differently.

But we are still very clean in our habits and maintain a fragrant odour too. Find out what we have changed here

How magnesium washes your clothes the healthy way

I’ve been writing to you a lot recently about the need to top up your body’s magnesium, particularly if you want better sleep, as well as treating issues like nausea, exhaustion, insomnia, restless legs, cramps, acid indigestion, cramps, low mood, dizziness, poor memory and anxiety.

Well, here’s yet another way that we can use this amazing mineral to improve our health, but also a great deal more.

What might come as a surprise to many of us is that you can actually use magnesium for washing your clothes in a healthy, eco-friendly way.

A new innovation from Japan called ‘Terra Wash’ is a magnesium-rich laundry system that could save you a ton of money on washing detergents, softeners and other products…. while reducing your exposure to the harmful effects of constantly using chemicals on your clothes…

All with the added bonus of helping protect the planet.

The Terra Wash pad is filled with highly purified magnesium. In contact with water it generates bubbles of hydrogen and forms ionized alkaline water with increased pH levels. These makes it easier for water to remove dirt from fabrics, as well as mould, bacteria and odour.

You simply place the pad in the machine with your dirty clothes. No need for any liquids, powders, or crazy power balls….

After you’ve finished the wash you don’t throw away the pad, you dry it with the rest of the washing and then you can use it again – and again – and again. In fact, you get 365 washes from one pad.

Now I realise that a lot of people will be sceptical that something new can truly replace the washing products that we’ve used for decades.

But there’s lots of evidence to show you that Terra Wash is better at washing your clothes – click here.

Major benefits for you and the planet

By making the switch to this entirely natural yet incredibly effective washing regime you will be getting a series of important benefits:

  • A completely natural laundry product

  • A clean, fuss free solution to wash day challenges

  • A product you can use 365 times a year

  • A laundry product that is safe for allergies, eczema and skin rashes

  • A technology which has wowed Japan, America and Australia...and is now in the UK

  • A considerable saving over the course of the year as you never have to buy detergent, softener or fragrance ever again

One of those benefits concerns avoiding allergies and skin irritation.

This is a more common problem than many people realise and could justify making the switch to Terra Wash on its own.

You see an effective detergent works by stripping oils from clothing and it will do exactly the same to your skin – depleting the protective and hydrating compounds from everywhere the cloth touches.

Eczema and dermal inflammation are on the increase and require sufferers to apply emollients and creams to the skin to try to prevent cracking, rashes and even bleeding.

Rather than making the link to harsh environmental chemicals, the medical profession seems to consider the issue to be one of changes in innate immunity in children or the fact that they spend too much time indoors rather than out rolling around in the dirt.

In most cases though a simple change away from commercial detergents would solve the problem for good.
Interestingly it is not just children who are affected as many of us as we age see the effects of our skin thinning and this makes us more vulnerable to irritation.

So my message to you today is a simple one.

Do your bit for the environment.

But you can also do yourself a whole lot of good as well by making a change to one daily activity.

Harness the power of magnesium for your wash day – you know it makes sense!

Yours, as always




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