4 Natural ways to beat aches and pains

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11th April  2010

  • 4 natural ways to beat aches and pains

  • Get these in your diet for a great all-round health boost

Yesterday I took five steps, and practically
GUARANTEED I'd enjoy better health this summer...

Because armed with hoe and fork, I flung the kitchen door
open, walked five steps out into the garden, and got stuck
into the weeding.

Actually I would have been better off with a flame thrower
to tackle the undergrowth I found.

I don't know what it is with our garden... we've had the
coldest winter in two decades yet it still manages to look
like a rainforest if you turn your back on it for two long.

Anyway, after a few hours wrestling with Jurassic-style
weeds, I managed to clear a space big enough to grow my
own medicine.

And I'm going to be planting some today.

I've opted for turnips, carrots and beetroots to start with,
and I have to say I'm excited at the prospect of nurturing
my crop and watching it grow.

Lara suggested I could change into a pair of my loudest
summer shirts and shorts combos, stand in the garden, and
act as a scarecrow.

A slightly overweight scarecrow.

But then my eldest piped up and said it wouldn't work if
the birds wore sunglasses.

Oh yes - gardening is a great way of bringing the family

It's also a great way of getting some exercise without going
to an expensive gym. I certainly feel the effects today -
though I reckon I overdid it a little.

Luckily, there are some excellent natural remedies that can
help sort you out immediately...

4 natural ways to beat aches and pains

- St. John's Wort - this is something you can try
  BEFORE you start gardening, or before you start
  anything that's going to wear you out. Apply 20-25
  drops of St. John's Wort tincture to your muscles and
  lower back, and let the lotion penetrate the skin and
  latch onto the nerve endings. This will tackle your
  aches and pains as they crop up.

  As with any essential oil or herbal extract, check it out
  with your doctor before you try it!

- Garden sage - this has been used by Romans,
  Persians, Chinese and Native Red Indian civilisations
  for centuries. That's like the four judges on Strictly
  Come Dancing all giving 10 out of 10 scores! (Er...
  well that's what Lara says. I don't watch it really...
  errr... let's move on).

  The antispasmodic oils found in sage ease cramping in
  muscles and relieve pain effectively. But as with most
  things in nature, you need to take care with sage. If you
  take large quantities of it over long periods of time, it's
  toxic. So again - make sure you get professional advice
  before you try this.

- Arnica... this is a powerful weapon in homeopathic
  practice when it comes to treating muscular pains,
  soreness and over-exercise. I read somewhere that's
  it's even great for sorting out stiffness if you've slept
  on an uncomfortable bed!

  There are many forms of arnica treatment, the best of
  which seems to be a diluted form of homeopathic
  mixture - but at the risk of sounding like a broken
  record, or worse a broken Phil Collins record, seek
  professional advice before trying this.

- Beat aches by lazing around... in a healthy herbal

  Start running a bath.

  Put one pint of boiling water into a pan, and add the
  peel of one orange, a cinnamon stick, one inch of fresh
  ginger sliced up, five cloves and - most importantly - a
  whole lemon sliced up, peel and all.

  Bring the mix back to the boil, cover and simmer for
  twenty minutes, then strain off the liquid and add it to
  your bath.

  Get in, lie back, and forget that your family has just
  called you a tubby, badly dressed scarecrow.

And here's something else that I definitely plan to keep in
the garden...

Get these in your diet for a great all-round health boost

As you probably know by now, I think the health-boosting
properties of the humble lemon are amongst the most
powerful you can find.

I start each and every day with a mug of hot water mixed
with fresh lemon juice, I include it in tons of recipes - it's
even a vital ingredient in one of today's remedies later on
in this letter.

Honestly, lemon can help you in so many different ways...

It can help lower your blood pressure, ease inflammation,
beat colds, boost your immune system, stifle nausea...

As an all-round tonic it's indispensable, so much so that I
think every household should have a lemon ready to use.

Well, not just one actually, but a constant supply of them.

And now, I've found a way for you to enjoy the freshest,
healthiest organic lemons whenever you want.

You won't have to go to the store for these lemons, you
won't have to pay for them one by one, and you'll never
run out of them!

Some of you may know what I'm talking about (it isn't that
hard to guess!). But they're not quite ready to ship yet - so
I'm going to hold off giving you first dibs on them for now.

But be sure to watch out for a special 'lemon' issue of the
Good Life Letter very, very soon. And get ready to get




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