Protect you skin naturally this summer 

Sunday 11 May, 2014 

A rare sight graced the land over the Bank Holiday weekend – bare flesh.

You see we were subject to a meteorological phenomenon called the sun, which coincided with folk having a few days off...

...You must have seen it up and down the land at some point; the strange yellow orb in the sky has returned.
And from what I hear there’ll be plenty more of it to come.

Late last night I heard our local weatherman explain that a wave of high pressure is headed our way this summer.

That's a heat wave to the likes of you and me.

Okay, maybe it's only ME that needs things explaining in more simple terms.

But basically, the omens say we're in for a pretty scorching summer.

Now, knowing our luck in Britain, this will actually translate to three midweek days of sunshine, interrupted by showers. And perhaps sleet. And a plague of locusts.

But for those three days, everyone will be out and about and enjoying the weather.

I've already dusted down a few combinations of shirts and shorts that will induce waves of nausea wherever I go, and can already feel my wallet bracing itself for an onslaught from Lara... one that revolves around 'I have nothing to wear when it's this hot'.

Of course I'll point at about a hundred summer things she has overflowing from her wardrobe, but she'll just look at me as though I was an MP filling out an expenses form.

'Ray, those dresses are three years old,' she'll say, with a mixture of exasperation and homicidal tendencies.

Anyhow, the hot weather's approaching and it's something we should all enjoy when it gets here.

But our skin needs looking after in the heady days of summer – so seek help here

Don’t be scared off by silly warnings

I can’t predict the weather but I am pretty certain that there is one circumstance I can confidently say will happen.

Around twelve hours after we get the first sunny day this summer, a raft of news articles will be produced saying that we Brits aren’t using enough sunblock and we all face the risk of being fried alive... or storing up cancer risks for later life.

It happens every year. And it always drives me wild when it does because there is no need.

Why are we more at risk in this day and age than we ever were?

I fully understand that leaving your skin exposed to sunlight for hours and hours without
protection could lead to an increased risk of cancer.

But surely this isn't a new problem? I mean I don't remember kids at my school being slathered in white cream before playtime, or my Nan wandering onto the beach in a specialised foil suit.

So why do we hear so much about it now?

The answer has to be the amount of money being made by those selling the expensive skin preparations, and getting the celebrity and sports folk to endorse them.

I love the sun and relish the chance to spend a half hour outside with my shirt off – but I know when to retreat to the shade.

Similarly, as more of my hair doesn’t leave the pillow in the morning, I know that a fine Panama sun hat is an essential bit of sunny day kit.

What I don’t need is a layer of greasy, smelly goo all over me.

If I’m going to be out in the sun for longer than my requisite thirty minutes I use one of the aforementioned sartorial shirts...

...and a little of my special suncream.

Last year I told you about this fine product that is just about free from any inorganic compounds and definitely free of damaging parabens and other petrochemical derivatives.

The scary story about suncreams isn’t that we don’t wear them enough... it's that the ones we usually wear are doing more harm than good.

Let me explain how.

Parabens and other hidden nasties that could be destroying your skin
Here are two startling statistics for you:

1) Studies have shown that 1 in 4 people suffer skin allergies due to sensitivity;

2) The cosmetics industry gets away with adding at least 100,000 tonnes of man-made chemicals to products that are then labelled as ‘organic’ or ‘natural’.

Has no-one thought to put these two bits of information together?

It’s not just sun products that you need to be careful of though, a trawl through the local pharmacy and ‘health’ aisle at the supermarket makes for grim discoveries.

Deodorants contain heavy metals, aluminium and a whole range of potentially damaging chemicals that have been linked to increased risk of breast cancer, shampoos which contain damaging phthalates which can accumulate in the body causing hormonal imbalance, and even baby products which contain derivatives of antifreeze!

Now all of these are legal and used in small quantities, but all the same – why do we allow them into our homes, let alone put them on our skin?

Find safe, natural alternatives for keeping your skin healthy

Far from being a cause for concern we should all take delight in a few good days.

Get the barbeques out and grill some chicken, pull a few head of lettuce from the greenhouse and sprinkle over with chopped mint, sage and chives – and wash it down with a glass of something enlivening.

Sunshine is a GOOD thing. It lifts our spirits and gives us a vital dose of vitamin D, which protects us against heart disease, bone disease and, ironically, cancer.

So don't lock yourself away during the summer months fearing the reaper.

If you want to keep your skin in tip-top health safely this summer have a look at our shop for the best in top to toe skin care products.

Yours, as always

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