How to heal yourself with Sugar


The Good Life Letter 
11th June 2010

  • Could 'saccharides' ease the pain of chemotherapy?
  • Revealed! The revolutionary science of glyconutrition
  •  Where to find healing sugars


I'm always grateful to receive emails from Good Life readers.

But sometimes they make me sad, happy AND angry, all at the
same time.

....Sad because so many people have to cope with ailments that
make a sciatic nerve problem seem like a stubbed toe...
sometimes with little or no help and comfort from mainstream
health practitioners.

....Happy because there are so many good news stories of
readers who have found ways to help themselves in their fight
against pain and disease...

....And angry because the establishment still won't register many
of the powerful alternative remedies you have the RIGHT to try.

For example, I here's an email from Good Lifer who wrote:

"I have a cousin-in-law in New Zealand, aged 61, who has
leukaemia and also cancer of the lymph glands.

'Needless to say, he is under the doctors and has been having

'But the interesting thing is that he has chosen to take large doses
each day of glyconutrition, which consists of the 8 essential
saccharides essential to our well being, only 2 of which we now
obtain as a general rule..."

(Saccharides are natural sugars and he is quite right about them.
But I'll explain more in a moment.)

He continues:

"He has amazed the doctors by how 'well' he is continuing to be,
despite all their dire predictions about the ill effects the
chemotherapy was going to have on him.

He is also eating a lot of broccoli seed sprouts and taking a lot of
home juiced vegetables and fruit each day.  It will be interesting to
see how, hopefully, he gets on."

I think this is something that will offer many people comfort and
inspiration. But it also introduces an interesting topic...

The revolutionary science of glyconutrition

Glyconutrition is a revolutionary medical science that studies the
healing power of sugar.

Some scientists believe it can reduce allergies... ease the
symptoms of arthritis and diabetes... and improve the effectiveness
of medicines in the fight against HIV and cancer.

But we're not talking about healing the sick with a bag of Tate &

There are actually over 200 sugar compounds (saccharides) that
occur naturally in plants. Eight of them are essential to optimal
human health.

Two of them you know already...

Galactose is a milk sugar, while Glucose is the stuff you find in
fruits and grains. Both fuel your body and brain.

And what of the other six?

Well, we simply don't consume these sugars at sufficient levels
any more.

If you go back a few thousand years, 90% of our diet was made up
of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and legumes (peas, beans, etc).
These foods were packed with the 6 other essential sugar

But today we barely eat enough of them. Instead we eat refined
sugars in the form of processed foods. We stir it into coffee... mix it
with bread... and create wondrous 'fruit' juices from it.

This is disastrous, because we desperately need those six missing
sugars to fight modern diseases.

Fight disease with the missing sugars

Glyconutrition is now considered to be a major breakthrough in
understanding the immune system... and many other processes,

According to, Emil Mondoa, M.D, these sugars, or glyconutrients,
'are like a Swiss army knife which the body can use for different

Once taken into the body, the glyconutrients combine with proteins
and fats to create special compounds (glycoproteins).

Glycoproteins are like symbols with which cells can communicate
with each other. When the body doesn't have enough of these, it
can't communicate well with the immune system.

Not only that, but the pathogens (the evil villains that cause
cancer) can't flag up their identity to your immune system... and so
hit harder.

But when glyconutrients flow into your body, your nerve sensors
and receptors working together to combat disease.

For example, they could help you fight depression, which some
believe is caused when the body is unable to manage its stress.

Without glyconutrients, the stress builds up unchallenged.

But when glyconutrients are present, these sugars get your body
communicating. Now, your brain will alert your body to the stress
(a bit like someone shouting 'It's behind you!' during pantomimes.)

Bigger than penicillin!

Scientists also believe that glyconutrients aid in the development
of babies during pregnancy.

The sugars help the body know when to stop making one type of
tissue, like liver, and begin making bone or kidney.

So could this be the answer to preventing many birth defects?

For cancer patients, glycoproteins can also lessen the toxic effects
of radiation and chemotherapy, while boosting the body's cancer-
killing abilities.

Where to find healing sugars

As I've said, modern humans don't eat enough of the 8 essential
sugars that allowed us to evolve so successfully.

Which is a shame, since these essential Glyconutrients are readily
available in most fruits, seeds and vegetables. So to give yourself
a natural boost, try eating fresh fruit and raw as possible.

Like my reader's cousin, you should try getting hold of a juicer.
This way you can get lots of intense, concentrated shots of fresh
nutrients, straight from the source.

Here are a few of those 'shy' sugars that you should try and take:

* Mannose is one of the eight essential sugars, reportedly
good for your nerve cells. You can find it in cabbage,
aubergine, broccoli, and seeds.

* Fucose, another glyconutrient, is active at the junctions
between your nerve cell and can found in mushrooms and
in seeds.

* You can find another one, Xylose, in fruits, yeast, rye and

Processed white sugar is very bad for you, and this reputation has
blinded many people to the important of natural sugars in
protecting us from disease.

Maybe it's time someone wrote The Sugar Diet! What a title for a




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