Reprogramme your memory, your intelligence and your body weight


The Good Life Letter
11th July 2010

  • Everything from your eating habits and
    social skills through to your memory,
    intelligence and even health are controlled
    and programmed by ideas in your
    subconscious mind
  • It is almost impossible to change these things
    through your conscious mind. But there are
    some very powerful methods for
    reprogramming your subconscious
  • Develop the skills, the body and personality
    traits you want using the three exciting
    methods below

Right now, the mind that you are aware of looking around the
room and reading this email is the part of your mind known as
the conscious mind. It is with this mind that you think rationally
about the things you will do today and that creates the feelings
you're immediately aware of.

Beneath that, however, is another layer of your mind that you
are not really aware of - except perhaps as a kind of sensation, a
hint of meaning, or as the mind responsible for your dreams.
Yet, although you are not aware of this subconscious mind
directly in as much as you do not know or understand its
contents, it constantly forms the background programming for
everything you say, do or think.

You may have no idea what destructive
subconscious thoughts may be holding back your

The image you have of yourself, your ability to meet new
friends, your relationship with food... all of these things are
strongly influenced by ideas and beliefs held in the subconscious
mind. Sure, you can go a long way in changing your habits
using your conscious mind. Many, however, believe that the best
way to directly control your feelings, thoughts and habits is by
directly accessing the subconscious. It is for this reason, for
example, that psychoanalysts - who aim to treat patients using
the subconscious mind - employ methods such as dream

The three methods we're going to look at today all
employ subliminal messages that are sent DIRECTLY to the
subconscious mind, bypassing the more critical conscious mind.
The subconscious then follows these commands to produce
powerful and exciting change - enabling you to change pretty
much any personality trait, habit or skill you have.

These methods, in fact, can be used for dozens and dozens of
kinds of changes including stopping smoking, stopping over-
worrying, improving your memory, losing weight, gaining more
brain power and focus, kicking destructive habits and harmful
thinking and gaining confidence, happiness and a more positive

I am particularly excited about the third method that can silently
reprogramme you while you're working on your computer!

Method No.1 Reprogramme your mind while you

It will probably not come as a great surprise to you that the last
thought on your conscious mind before you go to sleep goes into
your subconscious mind and works there all night. What may be
a revelation to you, however, is how successfully you can
control and take advantage of this process.

Next time you prepare to go to bed, think of a positive thought
or message that you'd like to implant into your subconscious
mind. This might be something like 'Tomorrow I'm going to
wake up feeling really happy and positive', 'I am a good person',
'I'm going to get on top of my pain', or 'Things are going to start
looking up'. Anything you want, as long as it's positive.

Then, for the next three nights, try and make this thought the last
one you have when you go to sleep. This might involve
repeating it over and over - but keep with it. And don't forget to
do it for at least THREE nights.

If you find that this first try does have a positive effect, you
could then go on to try it for other positive messages.

Method No.2  The power of suggestion

By repeating the same messages over and over again, we can
often get them to enter our subconscious mind and stay there.
One particularly simple yet powerful way of getting repeated
messages to sink is by using what is known as 'affirmations'.

As in the first exercise above, you need to think of a positive
message and repeat it over and over again to yourself until you
actually start believing it. Write it on a piece of paper. Keep it in
your pocket. Say it over and over again when you wake up in
the morning, when you're sitting on the bus or walking down the

Method No.3  Subliminal messages that flash up on
your computer screen

This last method is one where all the work is already done for
you and is already used by more than a million people
worldwide to change their habits and the way they perform. You
simply download it into your computer and it sets up
subliminal messages.

Whether you want to lose weight, improve your memory and
brain power or banish negative thought patterns, you can either
use the software to create your own programme of messages or
simply use one of the 22 programmes.

Programmes include those that target your ability to focus your
intelligence, prepare for exam success, lose weight, increase
your self esteem, improve your memory, release the past, attract
a soul mate, attract wealth, get rid of depression or speak well in

Many people also use the Subliminal Power Program to
let go of limiting beliefs, destructive habits and harmful
thoughts - without going through years of psychotherapy, You
can find out all about this software at this link - including
how you can download it immediately with a reassuring 28 day
Money Back Guarantee. I have used this company to by similar
products before myself and they have always offered a good

According to the website, you'll always remember the day you
installed Subliminal Power as the day your life started to change

Let me know how you get on with it!




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