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Sunday  11th December 2011

Today's letter is one of mixed blessings.

I have great news to give you, but feel I may end up disappointing some of you as well.

So, first the good news... my new season cookbook which teaches you how to eat the seasons has been delivered from the printers and I am really proud of how it looks and reads.

This particular book is so different from any other I have written because it's a really impressive full-colour glossy job - classy you might say!

I have majored on two basic themes which are very close to my heart.

Firstly, the need to rediscover how tasty and pleasurable it is to eat with the seasons. I am so frustrated with the way our supermarket-dominated food system continually lets us down, and I am desperate to get everyone back in touch with the pure ecstasy of simple wholesome grub.

Secondly, I want to highlight just how powerful some of the ingredients in food can be in ensuring we stay healthy, even if we have been diagnosed with a particular problem already.

For instance, did you know that a simple, cheap green vegetable is capable of improving the health of your digestive system, helps maintain healthy bones and helps to prevent flu?

This [240 page, full colour book] will give you the opportunity to discover such gems and also show you how to make a beautiful tasty meal in minutes.

Earlier on I mentioned how I might disappoint a few of you this Christmas. Well, let me explain...

Due to a huge demand, my first batch of books is sold already.

I do have some spare copies though and they will be here for you on a first come, first served basis.

Time is a big challenge and I don't want to disappoint any of you. Not getting a copy of my new cookbook is surely tantamount to receiving a big old lump of coal!

On the one hand I am delighted that the first print run has been so popular, and have already organised for more to be made but it is touch and go whether they will be here in time to get sent out to arrive before Santa does.

[If you really want to give my ultimate gift of health this year please get an order in right now] Ray's elves are under pressure

Here at the Good Life Letter we like to pride ourselves on the best customer service, which means we never like to let anyone down.

The team that help me out are quite simply the best at what they do; I receive so many e-mails praising them for helping out when they are needed most.

I know that they will be as downhearted as me to think we might spoil your festive period, so they are literally down on the starting blocks right now waiting for the order printers to begin the clatter.

What was a large pile of boxes only a few days ago is now a much smaller collection and they are praying that we get another delivery in time to keep our readers happy.

We only put the cookbook link on the shop a week ago as part of our [Christmas Grotto collection] but it seems like we have some sharp- eyed readers out there who found it and the orders started to flow. It would seem so many of us want to eat with the seasons!

By the time I realised just how many orders there were I was under pressure to get more copies printed.

I am pulling all the strings I can and I know the good people I chose to get my books printed are working around the clock for me, I can ask no more.

[So, please get your order in now] - and help us make sure you get your books before Christmas Day.

Of course if you do want more than one copy then please order as many as you need and we will do our utmost to get them to you, but please bear with us as we try to eke out our supply.

I do seem to make things difficult for myself!

Make this Christmas a Good Life one

As well as the cookbook I have pulled together some great ideas for health gifts to give this year, and they are all available for delivery in time for Christmas.

Make sure you take the opportunity to have a look at the [Grotto] to inspire you for the perfect present without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Right then it's back to the warehouse - the most use I can be now is to make the tea, butter the toast and pray for the sight of a delivery lorry!

Yours, as always






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