Here’s why the next minute is so important

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12th April 2015

Sunshine and warmth.

How lovely the last week has been that we have all had the chance to enjoy a day or so of such delightful weather.

And it really makes a difference.

Not only does it allow us to get the jobs done in the garden which have been haunting us since we last put the lawnmower away, but just to be able to sit and feel the heat of the sun on our skins seems to be a truly uplifting experience.

The effects of a few hours spent in the caress of the golden globe changes our mood and our biochemistry which can have a major impact on our health and well being.

It’s both amazing and comforting to know that doing something so simple really can facilitate significant changes to our lives.
But, did you get the chance to do it?

Did you allow yourself just 20-30 minutes sitting quietly in the sun doing nothing more than enjoying the sensation of a beautiful spring day?

It seemed that many thousands of people will have missed out on such simple pleasures as they sat in traffic tailbacks or wrestled their way through shopping centres instead.

Every single one of them probably would have preferred a chance to savour peace and solitude but would have told us (if we had the chance to ask) that they were too busy to waste time doing nothing.

We are all guilty of saying such things, and each of us can understand why life with a family and the daily stresses of modern living make such statements a common occurrence.

But maybe it’s time to take a break.

Perhaps you could invest a fraction of your busy day to making some major changes

Simple solutions work

I like to think of myself as a generally happy and contented man. There are, of course, little niggles and grumbles now and again – the God given right for a man of a certain age!

Getting grumpy about the doors being left open, the kettle always being empty and never having enough socks is a rite of passage!

My dear wife always tells me to keep things in perspective, and focus on the important stuff – but dammit socks are important.

Much as I hate to admit it though, she is right..... at least about perspective.

There is a need to concentrate on what you can change, and what is important.

Having concerns about health, finance or your relationship with others does need your input. Doing something about them usually means changing your approach.

Committing to making such a change often seems like a lot of hard work, but it needn’t be. In fact, it requires just ONE minute.

And if you follow it through it could make a HUGE difference to your life. Really.

A good friend and author, Wendy Churchill, wrote all about how we can and should invest time in rethinking our lives and the challenges it poses.

In her book she says:

Being able to put everything into context really enables you to concentrate on being able to change the things you can change, and not troubling yourself with those things that are beyond your control.

It is also about celebrating the good things that happen.

Rather than being hassled and worried about what you aren’t doing, or how badly you are coping with those around you and the list of jobs you have to do – take a short moment to place life into perspective.

Whatever you face right now the way you act and react will determine so much, and not just for you but for those you share life with too.

Moments and minutes are a sound investment

There are those who maintain that I get grumpier as I get older.
Such people are entitled to their opinion, wrong as it may be, and whilst I may resent their criticism I have to accept that they are merely commenting on how my attitudes and mannerisms affect them.

The usual response to knowing that others have a dim view of you is to say ‘well that’s up to them’ but in reality taking time to think about how you could make a subtle change might be a better option.

For lots of us though, this isn’t an easy route to take as it seems like we are giving in.

By changing what we do, or how we do it can feel like compromise or even surrender – but it needn’t be that way.

Acting positively can be an incredibly rewarding approach to conflict and strife.

So, you will see that often the really simple solutions can make a huge difference to your life, well being and peace of mind.

Just consider how easy it might be to deal with some of life’s other little problems in the same simple way; using Wendy’s proven methods can lead to some pretty amazing life changing results.

Packed into this book are 47 eureka solutions for life’s issues.
Some of the topics include:

  • Financial security, job satisfaction and goal setting.
  • Health and longevity, for instance defining 24 ‘super foods’ to add to your diet.
  • Life and relationships, friendships and families.
  • Stress, happiness and problem solving.

You may think that these are not issues that you face, but are you being TOTALLY honest with yourself?

I know from the mail that I receive that the Good Lifers are a generally positive lot - but we all need help with managing difficult situations; this is the book to have to hand when such challenges arise.

Click to discover more about yourself and how to help those around you

Let’s hope for even more of that beautiful sunshine so that we all get a chance to invest a few minutes in ourselves.

Yours, as always




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