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12th June 2016

Last Monday morning I was up and out at a very early hour.

Normally I like to snooze until around seven, get up and make the tea, pursue my ablutions and be at my desk by around half past eight having enjoyed a good breakfast.

But I felt drawn outdoors early on the day in question.

Accompanied by my faithful companion I set out over the fields and it was a true delight.

I know we have enjoyed a few nice days of late, and even the Bank Holiday weekend was kind to most of us, but Monday was a beaut!

The quality of the light was like looking through golden gauze, the air smelt fresh and clean and nature was in full cry all around me.

Even at an early hour the sun had warmth in it and I delighted in the feel of it on my skin, knowing that in small doses it is doing me lots of good.

The problem is that you can never just have benefits in life can you?

A glass of red wine a night is good for us but we know that prolonged consumption will rot our livers, damage our eyes and see us to an early grave.

That nice bar of chocolate we crave every now and again boosts our immune systems and improves our hearts, but if we succumb to the temptation of a Kit Kat a day we will be the size of a barrage balloon by Christmas, and our hearts will give up the ghost.

Such are the harsh facts we have to deal with, the yin and yang of food choices.

So what’s the problem with the nice hot days then I hear you cry? Well, it’s all about what we can do to help our bodies protect and repair themselves, and it seems that one natural supplement might hold the key.

Let me tell you all about it.

The sun may have had his hat on, but he wasn’t always making your skin smile

Our skin is much more than just a covering over the body; it’s actually the largest organ that we have.

We know that it functions to protect the body from physical, chemical and radiation damage, but it is also a site of production of vitamin D, helps regulate temperature and is an important organ of excretion.

You can no doubt see how each of these becomes more important in hot weather – in fact, it is fair to say that our skin must be glad of the chance for a rest when the cooler weather is here.

But, our skins are not resting at all, each and every cell is working overtime to repair itself, or accept its fate and enter a process of death so that it can be replaced.

Throughout the entire body including the skin surface a massive building project is underway, with scaffolding being erected, new building blocks laid down and a tough looking security force patrolling the area.

The scaffolding is made of a protein product called collagen, the building blocks are based around another protein called keratin and the security force is none other than our immune system kicking into gear.

So, what can we do to help this process work at its best to ensure our body’s are back to full working order?

The answer can be found right here

The power of collagen

Essentially there are three types of collagen found within body tissues, and for ease of classification they are numbered 1,2 and 3 or more accurately I, II & III.

Type I Collagen is the most abundant form of collagen in the human body and is found in all of the major tissues, such as skin, tendons, bone and the organs.

It is present in scar tissue and is absolutely essential for any healing process that is taking place within the body, whether it’s an injury, or just the normal ongoing repair processes that the body carries out every day of your life to ensure that you stay in good condition.

Type II Collagen is the key ingredient of cartilage, which is absolutely essential in maintaining joint mobility around the body.

Any serious lack of Type II Collagen will immediately begin to cause pain in the joints and difficulty in moving easily; it is this type which we lose as a result of arthritic changes to our joints.

Type III Collagen is the second most abundant collagen in human tissues and occurs particularly in tissues exhibiting elastic properties, such as skin, blood vessels and various internal organs.

So as you see, making the best of an aging body requires us to have availability of all three of these types of collagen, and in this way it can directly help in dealing with:

  • Controlling the painful symptoms associated with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid variants including ankylosing spondylitis and psoriatic arthritis.
  • Repairing and regenerating cartilage in joints and organs following surgery.
  • Improving skin flexibility – reducing wrinkles and improving tone.
  • Reducing stretch marks and cellulite.
  • Improving circulation and reducing blood pressure.
  • Improving eyesight, even reducing bloodshot or yellowing eyes.
  • Losing weight, and preventing it coming back again.
  • Reducing cholesterol levels, without resorting to statins.
  • Regaining sexual energy and libido, which may not be your prime concern but it is a fact of life that all our systems slow as we age.
There are many collagen supplements in the market, and I’ve had a good look at most of them and began to realise that they often use very cheap sources of active ingredient, like chicken carcasses etc, and rarely include additional and necessary compounds to optimise the way the body takes up the collagen and uses it – such as:

  • Co-enzyme Q10 which provides an immediate energy boost to help the body build new tissues and also acts to prevent atherosclerosis – the furring up of our blood vessels with cholesterol plaques.
  • Opextan is a very powerful, newly discovered, antioxidant, which is extracted from the Mediterranean olive tree. In a number of Clinical Trials it has shown to be very powerful in reducing inflammation and sensitivity to many substances that can cause the body to be stressed; aiding the joints and mobility, as well as the skin and hair; stopping free radical damage.
  • Hyaluronic acid is very important in ensuring that the joints are lubricated and can move easily against each other without damage taking place. It is also an important component of healthy cartilage, where it forms a coat around each cell helping the cartilage to resist stress and compression.
  • Vitamin C, Green Tea, White Tea & Grape Seed Extracts further promote general health and build up the protective anti-oxidant levels in the body.
Fortunately only the best is good enough for us at The Good Life Letter – and that is why I stock – Collagen Ultra.
If you want to give your body the boost it deserves this summer – click here for a great deal on Collagen Ultra that will last you until the sun goes away again.
Yours, as always

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