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12th July 2015

Right now it is one of those beautiful soft summer mornings that makes being alive such a joy.

Breakfast of fresh fruits, homemade yoghurt and a drizzle of honey is next on my agenda once I persuade the computing system to send this letter out to you.

Then I’m looking forward to a walk with my faithful companion through the fields, followed by a stroll to the pub, polished off by one of Lara’s fine Sunday lunches with all the trimmings.

On the face of it that little lot makes me both a paragon of healthy virtues and a danger to myself.

With the fresh fruit, and the lightly steamed vegetables to accompany the slow roast local free-range chicken, I am ticking off my five-a-day list.

A turn around the landscape satisfies the daily exercise demand I’m told is necessary too.

However there will be those of you that scold me for my fondness for a pint or two of foaming ale and the glass of red wine I have with lunch – pointing out that the fruit and veg are being negated by an onslaught on my liver.

Well sausages to all that!

I have never advocated a life devoid of a few pleasures, even if they carry a government health warning. Just so long as they are a treat, not a staple.

That is what Sundays are for after all.

My problem is that other days in the week don’t always offer the chance to spend time preparing the kind of food we enjoy at the weekend.

Busy families are forced to grab quick sandwiches or a bowl of microwaved soup in between ferrying children around, working and the general stress of life.

Talking to friends of mine who are now retired it seems that even when children are grown up and the daily grind is left behind their days are still packed with chores and errands... often to help out others.

It is no wonder then that living the perfect life from a nutritional perspective isn’t easy to do.

Here’s how to rebalance your body with a total nutrition solution.

The lack of a proper lunchtime

When I was enslaved to the commercial might of British industry I was guilty of one of life’s most heinous crimes.

The lunchtime sandwich at the desk - often one bought from a local store wrapped in plastic, accompanied by a bag of crisps and a can of lemonade.

How I hang my head in shame now.

Over the years I consumed more reconstituted meat, high sugar dressings and pure lard than I care to think about, and I did it all at my desk with a computer on and no break from work.

I’m not alone in this.

A BBC survey found that one in five people never take a lunch break, and an amazing three out of five people eat their lunch at their work station – even in factories!

What I found really interesting though were the comments that these habits raised in the forum when the survey was published, here’s a sample:

“What whinging! When you're at the office, you're supposed to be working and giving your best for your employer, not "getting relaxed" and wasting time when you could be working. I don't take lunch and don't know any successful people who do unless it's with a client. Relaxation is for retirees.”

Here’s another ‘balanced’ view;

“What an astonishing amount of complaining. I work long hours and don't take a lunch break, and I get well compensated by my employers. If people don't want to do that, maybe they should work in a factory for the minimum wage and get the statutory amount of breaks during the day. This country doesn't owe people a living.”

Is it any surprise that with these type of people as colleagues that others feel pressurised into staying put at their desk, grabbing a quick vending machine sandwich and chocolate bar... and consuming about 1,200 more calories a day than they should in the process.

Then with the pressure to work later and later into the evening, they don’t even get time to prepare a proper meal after work.

Hence the rise in quick fix microwave ready meals, and the downward spiral they lead to.

Due to hectic lifestyles, it's difficult to consume every nutrient your body needs every day, but even the most health conscious person is set-up to fail because of factors beyond their control.

Discover how an ancient grain holds the key to total nutrition – it’s Essential!

A worrying modern trend

Modern production methods and processing technology are robbing even the most reliable of foods of their nutritional potential.

Soft fruits which are picked early to allow them to ripen in store are around 50% deficient in key vitamins; this phenomenon has recently been demonstrated in cherries, tomatoes and even blackberries.

A study of blackberries by Oregon State University researchers concluded when picked while green, the berries contained 74mg anthocyanins (important antioxidant flavonoids). In comparison, blackberries ripened on the vine contained 317mg.

Depletion in soil minerals as our foods are intensively farmed also means we get less than we bargained for.

In a report published in "The Journal of the American College of Nutrition", evidence shows reduced levels of six valuable nutrients examined in vegetables and fruits grown in mineral-deficient soils.

These include: vitamin C, potassium, iron, calcium, protein and magnesium – some of the most commonly lacking components of our diet, and those linked to various health problems such as susceptibility to colds and stomach bugs, poor sleeping, anaemia and low energy states, and hair loss.

For many years I have advocated using a nutritional whole food supplement called Essential Food, which is made from pre-sprouted barley.

Its formula is the first of its kind and contains only organic nutrients in naturally occurring formats. This, coupled with high bio-availability, makes for a food supplement that serves primarily as an energy booster and also a natural foundation for health.

Just recently the product has been further improved by the addition of B vitamin complexes and its efficacy and beneficial effects were recognised by several major health awards programmes.

Find out more and discover why every one of us can benefit from a perfect health tonic.

Without doubt a balanced nutritious weekly menu is what is best for all of us, but for all the reasons mentioned above there are times when a daily tonic makes perfect sense.

The fact that it wholesome, natural and based upon one of the most ancient of grains in its raw form just ticks a few more of the good health boxes we all need to keep in mind... it’s time to hit the send button and get on with a perfect Sunday!

I wish you all the same pleasant experience this week.

Yours, as always


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