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Friday 12th August  2011

  • Have you got a six-pack or a full barrel of beer?
  • Summer body secrets that REALLY work
  • Here's the answer to getting your summer body in shape

Is there such a thing as a perfect summer body for a forty-six-year-old man?

I made the mistake of looking through some of the men's 'health' magazines while waiting for Lara at the dentist the other day, and began to feel a little self-conscious.

The articles were all about a beach look with a full six-pack body.

When the kids wind me up about the slightly portly nature of my abdomen, I have become used to telling them I didn't need a six-pack as I had the whole barrel!

But looking at these magazines devoted to developing a belly to crack walnuts with, I began to wonder if I wasn't taking myself seriously enough.

Lara tells me that she likes a slightly 'cuddly' man, someone who she can snuggle up to - and for that I am grateful.

And to be honest I am not one to overly worry about my physique - it is the product of a life lived well.

But now casting a critical eye in the mirror I can see that I might benefit from a slightly trimmer look.

So, I reached for Ray's little helper.

The secret way to a flatter stomach

The sexes differ in the way that adipose (or fat) is laid down in the body.

For the ladies it arrives unbidden at the hips and thighs exaggerating the classic English pear shape; for us chaps it's all about the belly.

One of my favourite T-shirts says 'Beer builds better bodies' and shows a rotund chap pushing his own beer belly on a wheelbarrow in front of him. I know it's infantile but it makes me smile!

So, it stands to reason that one of the key things to do when trying to drop a few inches of flab is to cut down on the foods that we know affect us; beer, chips and sweets are big no-nos; that much is obvious - but actually cutting back on portion size also makes a big difference.

All of this virtuous behaviour does make a huge impact on the waist, hips and thighs, but I often need a bit of help as well.

And that's where I reach for the magic of my HGV (that's my Honey, Garlic & Vinegar capsules)

It might seem like some kind of nutritional alchemy, but these three miracles of natural health combine to give your dieting a huge boost.

  • Honey is packed with amino acids and essential minerals that help kick-start your body's metabolism.  Honey also boosts your digestive system, helps reduce inflammation, and provides powerful antioxidants that can help prevent disease.
  • Garlic helps your body break down fat-soluble molecules. A report in The Lancet suggested that you can even neutralise the effects of high-fat foods by adding garlic to your diet. Garlic can also boost your energy and libido, fight infection and control blood pressure.
  • Vinegar can put an end to hunger pangs. Studies have shown that vinegar reduces the blood sugar 'spikes' you get after eating. This means you don't experience the blood sugar 'crash' which makes you so hungry. So with vinegar you can stave off those food cravings for longer. Vinegar is also good for joint-pain relief, stomach upsets and general wellbeing. 

On their own, these three ingredients are effective natural remedies for a whole host of common problems but in an exact formula there are even more powerful results to be had, because this precise mixture of honey, garlic and vinegar can ...

... double your weight loss

In one Russian study, slimmers who took a specified amount of honey, garlic and vinegar (HGV) daily lost an average of 40 pounds. Those who didn't lost only 22 pounds. That's almost double the weight loss. Similar results were noticed in four other studies in China, England, France, and South Africa.

This formulation of HGV also contains a special brown algae seaweed extract that helps metabolise unwanted fat... PLUS a unique blend of herbs to boost digestion, flush away toxins, and reduce inflammation in your kidney, stomach and bladder.

These capsules are NOT magic diet pills; they will only help you trim down as long as you follow a good diet, and are prepared to make a few sacrifices.

What they will do is help you achieve the look you want; in my case they might stop the kids from recoiling in horror when I put my shorts on!

I don't think there is a perfect body for anyone, let alone a forty-six-year-old man, but there is the right sort of body for you - the one that you are happiest in.

Get a little extra help now by using the benefits of the Honey, Garlic & Vinegar Capsules.

Yours, as always


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