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12th October 2018

My 17-year old daughter is fairly typical…

She’s late for everything, her bedroom looks like a burglar has ransacked the place, and she’s always in the right (apparently).

I’m not sure how she manages to make such a mess when she spends 90% of her time staring at her mobile, her iPad, or Netflix. Mostly, we only hear from her via text messages asking for lifts, or money, or both.

She’s more of a social media contact than a flesh-and-blood being these days.

But anyway…

While I’m sounding like a classic GRUMPY DAD here I’m pretty sure she’s going to be sensible and finish her A-Levels. She’s got herself a part-time job to save up for Uni and eventually wants to become a teacher.

So imagine how weird it would be if I suddenly panicked about her having a BABY…

…enough to actually go out and buy a load of prams, pushchairs and baby-car seats.

Ludicrous, right?

I mean, yes, she’s female and old enough to have a baby. Plenty of women as young as 17 or 18 have babies, and it’s highly likely she could have a baby in the next 10-15 years.

But if I explained, “Actually, it’s because she’s pre-pregnant,” you’d thing I was mad.

It seems weird even writing it, to be honest, but hear me out as I am trying to make a point.

This crazy situation is what’s happening in the UK.

More and more these days we’re seeing a move towards diagnosing and treating conditions that people haven’t even yet got.

It might even sound sensible… but it’s not, as I’ll explain.

For example, GPs currently prescribe statins to anyone with a 20% risk or more of developing heart disease.
Statins reduce the amount of cholesterol your liver produces, cutting ‘bad cholesterol’ from your bloodstream, lowering your chances of heart disease.

However, many top heart experts like Dr Malcolm Kendrick deem them to be unsafe.

Side effects include muscle pain, liver damage and increased blood sugar.

So it seem excessive to dish out these potentially problematic pills to people with just 20% risk. Not unless someone wanted to make drug companies more money, of course.

And it hasn’t stopped there…

A few years ago, the health watchdog NICE suggested that people with just a 10% chance of developing heart disease in the next ten years should take statins… and some have suggested that EVERYONE should take them, just to be on the safe side.

Imagine… the entire UK population on heart disease drugs.

Does that seem reasonable to you?

Well now the same thing is happening with diabetes.

The problem with ‘pre-diabetes’

People are now being diagnosed as ‘pre-diabetic’ which means their blood glucose level is higher than normal but not high enough to be considered actual diabetes.

Yet they’re being advised to take measures now, almost as if they already have diabetes.

And now they’re saying there’s even a PRE-pre-diabetes…

A new Japanese study reported in the BBC only this week has revealed how “elevated fasting blood sugar levels and insulin resistance were seen in people years before they developed pre-diabetes, often a pre-cursor to type-2.”

The authors of the report, echoed by the media, urged for earlier treatments.

But remember, these are people who might have a higher chance of ‘possibly’ developing diabetes – so is it necessary to press panic buttons and roll out treatments?

Do we need to suddenly turn huge swathes of the population into ‘ill’ people that need medical intervention?

It’s like me refusing to view my daughter as a normal 17-year old and instead seeing her as ‘pre-pregnant’, buying up baby gear in case it all kicks off.

You could think of it this way…

ALL of us are pre-cancer. There are 100,000+ genetic events happening in our bodies every day which could lead to a cancer cell being formed. Sorry, but that’s how it is. Should we start taking the drugs now?

Or in fact, we’re ALL pre-death, come to think of it.

To me it’s all a bit of a nonsense.

All the emphasis is being placed on medicines when the issue with diabetes is really about our 'modern diet', which is rich in hidden sugars that damage our pancreatic response. It means that the insulin we do produce has a limited effect.

But the way to tackle this isn't to medicate people just in case they get diabetes… it is to educate them to eat better.

Legislating against high sugar foods at an industry level (not taxing consumers) would be a better measure although this would hit the government coffers and several MPs who are on the 'sugar-daddy payroll'.

This is why we had the watering down of the soft drinks legislation last year as the lobbyists from the big food companies got their way.

Finding and using simple and natural ways to curb blood sugar should be the real priority for everyone (not just ‘pre-diabetics’).

There should also be more information about natural supplements such as this one…

The fruit that helps control blood sugar

Bergamot is a citrus fruit from the hills of Southern Italy. It grows in a unique soil and climate that produces a high concentration of polyphenols and flavonoids, plus special compounds that block one of the key enzymes in the production of cholesterol.

It also increases the uptake of glucose by your cells, removing it from the blood where it causes the symptoms associated with diabetes.

To get anything like a long-term health benefit you’d need to import and eat a ridiculous volume of fruit, which is why I’d recommend BergaMet. This is a natural remedy derived from the bergamot fruit. It includes all its essential polyphenols, flavonoids, and cholesterol-blocking enzymes.

In Australia, cardiologist Dr Ross Walker has tested BergaMet on 600 patients with these results:

  • An average 30% reduction in total cholesterol

  • Between 20-30% reduction in blood glucose levels

  • Improved blood pressure control

  • Reductions in abdominal obesity

  • Increased weight loss

To try it yourself, there’s a supplement that extracts the essential compounds from bergamot. Click here for more information

As for pre-diabetes, I don’t think people should be panicked, just pointed in the direction of healthy balanced eating, as well as supplements that can help prevent the problem – but without the nasty side-effects.

Which is what I shall continue to do for you over the coming months.

Yours, as always




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