Oh dear! This wasn’t the response I expected

The Good Life Letter 

12th November 2017

Oh I did it!

Last Sunday I mentioned the ‘C’ word and that caused me so much grief.

Many Good Life Letter readers wrote in to tell me that I had gone too early and regaled me with tales about the shops in their area who had been selling festive goods for over two weeks already.

But this was nothing compared to the effect I had at home.

As if by magic, lists of desired presents appeared on my desk, further lists of names and addresses lay by boxes of cards and days were crossed out in my diary with the words ‘shopping with Lara’ written in thick felt pen.

I’m doomed!

Mentioning the fact that the festive season isn’t so far away now might bring the ‘Humbug’ moments out in many of us, but sometimes sheer logistics take precedent.

But when you are involved in a newsletter like this I have to bear in mind the time it takes to get anything that I mention packed and posted in order to get to you before the big day.

This also includes the possibility that our limited stock runs out and we need to reorder and that adds to the lead time in getting your order to you.

In some cases though I know that many of you buy products from the shop to give as a thoughtful present to your loved ones, and that means I also have to factor in the need for you to get it posted on as well.

So you see, far from being a little premature I was in fact being rather considerate to you, my dear reader!

On that note how about starting to think what you can get for your most cherished friends and relations this year?

I’m sure that I’m not alone in this annual search for the perfect pressie.

I am a little more cultured than just grabbing the Argos/M&S/Debenhams catalogue though, it is always my ambition to look for a present which shows care and thought... and represents good value for money. (Not necessarily in that order you understand!)

For the kids, Lara and I look to get a range of things that covers the stuff on their lists to Santa, some new clothes and the chance to offer them a little spiritual enrichment in the form of a good book.

For each other, we have begun to focus more and more on comforting clothes, soothing balms and favourite alcoholic beverages. Oh, for those heady days of youth when it was all exotic underwear, racy novels and alluring perfumes!

I suppose that’s what comes with a level of maturity, and an appreciation of life shaped in the round... or in my case the limitations of a life being round shaped!

But to give a gift that shows real thought and understanding is not easy and with so many shops all offering the same stuff, finding something thoughtful and unique can be a challenge.

If you want something really special – I might just have the answer

Three of the best... well I would say that!

Over the last few years I have variously enjoyed and endured putting some of my discoveries into print.

Now my first three books are available at spectacular discount as a box set, and this could be the answer to many of your prayers.

The first of my books was The Lemon Book, which opened the doors to just how powerful the humble lemon can be around the house and for your health.

One reviewer on Amazon wrote:

“I was bought this as a gift, sat down to read and couldn't stop - it was humorous and informative. Bought it for a friend and sent it to Australia where they have lots of lemons growing in gardens... Now my friend wants to know where she can get hold of the book for all her friends...”

Next along was The Honey, Garlic & Ginger Miracle which contains 129 easy ways to lose weight, beat disease and feel ten years younger.

It describes how these three powerful natural foodstuffs have been used for centuries as potent remedies for a whole host of health challenges, especially the old problem of managing weight.

Lastly, the tome that nearly cost me both my sanity and marriage as I immersed myself in the task of writing it over the Christmas holidays a few years ago – The Spice Healer.

This book takes an in depth look at just how amazing the health benefits are from the ingredients you would find in any well stocked larder. Cumin, Turmeric and Nutmeg have powers way beyond the comforting warmth of a Friday night Bhuna.

From my research I discovered how 73 tasty ingredients could help fight heart disease, high cholesterol,
insomnia, asthma, menopause symptoms, depression, headaches, swine flu, liver disease and even erectile dysfunction.

Now is your chance to give someone the power of Ray cubed!

The perfect gift... show someone you care

Putting all three together in a stylish box set provides you with the opportunity to treat yourself or give a pleasing and useful present to those you cherish.

I am proud to say that I think this will be a gift which keeps on giving – and would find favour in any room in the house whether the kitchen, study or bedroom.

Today’s letter has been an unashamed plug for my own books and I hope you can forgive me for blowing my own trumpet on this occasion – if I don’t do it no-one else will!

Many of us tend to leave our seasonal planning until the last minute, something that I am guilty of too; this is a chance to get ahead of the game and purchase something that will be really useful and hopefully enjoyable.

The Good Life Letter Box Set – it is not just for Christmas!

Yours, as always


P.S. Two of my latest books concerning how to use food to gain spectacular health benefits are now available together as the Natural Food Wisdom set which has much to merit it as a perfect gift.



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