How a mad idea is costing the country £40million a year

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13th April 2018

  • Why does science fact mean that everything else is pure fiction?
  • How our NHS is being conned out of huge amounts of money
  • A step in the right direction at last – prostate cancer research gets a boost
One of the things that often gets hurled back at me whenever I write about a natural remedy is – where is the proof?

Many of the sceptics demand that every statement that shows a benefit should have been rigorously proven by endless clinical research and double blinded randomised controlled trials like any pharmaceutical product undergoes.

Until there is a series of bodies of work which show that herb A can help reduce pain then it can’t be true and is just a con to make the gullible part with their money.

It doesn’t matter how many people insist they get benefit.

The fact that they may have been doing so for hundreds and occasionally thousands of years is also just hearsay.
Until many thousands of pounds has been spent to satisfy the pedantic members of web-based righteousness then they will continue to abuse anyone who dares to support a non-pharma option.

The problem is that many of those who promote natural remedies simply don’t have the backing to do this expensive research to the extent the naysayers require, or they are spread thinly without a central representation – such as the bee keepers who provide us with such healthy raw honey.

I do get frustrated with the constant insinuation that anything that a GP does, or a hospital consultant for that matter, must be the right and best thing to do, and anything that is supported by many satisfied users is plain placebo black magic.

Well, this week I had the chance to get my own back – and how!

£40 million a year wasted by the NHS

Every day hundreds of people wake with a bad back.

The Good Life Letter readers are well aware of this fact because judging by my mailbox and based upon my own experiences we are very well represented in this group.

Some of us deal with it by using a range of natural remedies, others through stoic ignorance and yet more who call in to see their doctors.

Of all these folk it seems those who trust the NHS are doing themselves no good at all, in fact they are costing the country millions of pounds a year to receive treatment that is either totally ineffective or in some cases is actually prolonging their pain for longer than it would take to resolve naturally.

Hard to believe isn’t it.

Those of us who harness natural remedies, carry on with our activities and stay away from the GP actually get better quicker.

A major study has now delivered the damning evidence that advice to take painkillers and rest is prolonging the agony and practices such as painkilling steroids which are injected into the spine just don’t work.

Injections into the spine – are you mad!

Apparently, this is a preferred treatment for spinal consultants in virtually every hospital in the country – and they get paid £540 a patient to do it.

But there has never been any evidence that supports this type of treatment being used for back pain that stands up to scrutiny.

In the 1980s when music went mad, fashion deserted common sense and pharmaceutical companies were dishing out financial incentives to doctors and researchers, there were a rash of papers supporting spinal injections.

From these, the practice passed into medical folklore and took on a status it didn’t deserve.

In July 2017 the national guidelines published by NICE (QS155) specifically stated “Spinal injections for treating low back pain without sciatica are not clinically or cost effective”, yet spinal injections were still carried out in huge numbers.

Bizarrely they still are – costing the NHS £40million a year, for something that all the data says does not work!

If all these right-thinking types who lambast natural remedies yet support this type of approach because it is being done by ‘real’ doctors were to stop and take a long hard look at themselves and the tissue of lies put about by the drug companies’ PR agencies they might be doing all of us a favour.

Leave our natural remedies alone.

Even the government can’t ignore the warnings

On another note, you may remember that a few weeks ago I wrote a piece detailing how prostate cancer was rapidly becoming more common and that it was set to overtake breast cancer as the major cause of malignancy in the UK. (The harsh facts that all men must face.)

Well this week it looks like those in power were listening after all as the Prime Minister announced a further £75million in research funding to help improve early detection rates.

This move comes after several leading prostate cancer charities identified the fact that late diagnosis of the neoplasm is the reason why treatment success rates are so poor in comparison with other cancers such as female breast cancer.

I hope that by bringing this topic into mainstream news and raising awareness, more men will begin to check themselves for the symptoms and seek help as soon as possible if there are any changes to how their bodies are working.

If your prostate is beginning to change there are a range of obvious symptoms which are basically to do with urination:

  • Making it difficult for you to start urinating and causing a weakened flow of urine, or cause 'stopping and starting'

  • Cause you to strain to pass urine and to make it feel like you haven’t fully emptied your bladder

  • Cause you to frequently need to urinate especially if you wake regularly in the night needing to go to the toilet

  • Cause a sudden urge to urinate, which can result in incontinence if you cannot find a toilet quickly enough

Well before any of these problems begin to show though there are ways that you can reduce your risk which I covered in the previous letter, but one of those ways is to begin to take a natural supplement which has been specifically formulated to protect the prostate.

It’s called Androlistica and I can’t quote extensive scientific trials data to prove it works, but I can tell you that it is fast becoming the most popular supplement being used by male readers of the Good Life Letter.

Yours, as always

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