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The Good Life Letter 
13th June 2010

  • Revealed! A drug-free solution to travel sickness,
    nausea, morning sickness AND reactions to
    prescribed drugs
  • Why the answer is in your EARS!
  • Claim your exclusive a £5 off this cutting-edge new
    travel sickness remedy - click here now:'m going to do something incredible today...

If you get travel sickness, or you have family members who
suffer from it, then today's letter will be a godsend.

Today I'd like to reveal an extraordinary drug-free solution to
the problem.

This system has been tested on the NHS with huge success. 
It not only helps with travel sickness, it works for any kind of
nausea, whether it's motion sickness.... pregnancy..... or a
reaction to prescribed drugs.....

Whatever the reason for your nausea, the principle is the
same. The answer is in your EARS.

Now, before you have horrible imaginings of gunk-filled
probes entering your lug-holes, don't panic. To remedy
sickness, all you have to do with your ears is listen.

This is something my wife says I'm rubbish at... (or that's
what I think she said, as I was trying to read the paper at the

The premise behind this natural breakthrough is painless
and simple...

Instant relief through headphones

Your ears, together with the brain and gut, are the three
primary organs involved in the process of emesis (the fancy
word for vomiting).

When you experience nausea, certain signals are being
transmitted to your brain. These 'emetic' signals tell your 
stomach to throw up.

Not nice.

However, researchers have discovered that certain
combinations of sounds, pulses and frequencies can
interrupt those 'emetic' signals.

This can dramatically reduce your sickness or even stop it all

This is basically what the 'nevasic audio programme' does.

To get the benefit of these special sounds and pulses, all
you have to do is listen to a special audio problem... either
on CD, though your mobile phone (if you have one of these
new-fangled iPhones), an iPod or MP3 player. This could
immediately relieve your symptoms - and not a drug or
chemical in sight.

If you go to their website, you'll see there's lots of information
on there. You can see the results of the NHS test, and some
technical stuff about frequencies with charts.

You can also claim an exclusive £5 discount if you click the
special Good Life Letter button when you order.

This is well worth a look:

Drug free sailing

If you've looked into travel sickness before, you may know
this product as something called 'TravelWell'.

The famous yachtswoman Dame Ellen MacArthur was a big
fan of this, as it offered drug free relief from the chundery
rigours of sailing the high seas.

The prototype of this system was invented in 1981 by an
Australian Historian. He suffered from terrible motion
sickness when he travelled by sea.

Which makes you wonder why he didn't fly instead, but hey
ho. He did everyone a service I suppose.

The products caught on quickly. It was endorsed by the
Australian Navy, crews on the Sydney-Hobart yacht races,
the Sea Scouts and operators of cruise ships.

Personally, I don't suffer from travel sickness. But I have
been on some pretty rough crossings at sea where I've been
on the verge of eruption... where it felt like a geyser
consisting of lunch and stomach lining was about to explode
from my head.

So if all these sailors swear by this audio technique, I
presume there's something in  it.

And if anything can beat morning sickness...

Also, if the Royal College of Midwives also endorse it as a
remedy for morning sickness, then I'm even more convinced.
I'll definitely be letting my wife test this. As I explained the
other week, she gets car sick on long journeys.

And, hey, if we ever happen to get pregnant again... this
after THREE kids we have already...

Well, if that happens, you can contact me at this address:

Ray Collins
One-man yacht 
Heading to South Pole

I'll be listening to Nevasic and smiling beatifically...

So why the name change?

The great thing about Nevasic is that this system has now
been shown to work for all kinds of nausea, not just motion
sickness. It's also moved on in terms of technology. You can
now use this audio programme on all types of sound system.

Download it for your iPod, iPhone or MP3 player, or buy the
CD, it's up to you.

Click here to find out more - and don't forget to claim your
exclusive Good Life Letter discount when you order:




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