Enjoy the benefits of Coconut Oil without the taste

Sunday 13 July, 2014 


…Is one of the words I hear from my kids a LOT.

No, it’s nothing to do with them catching me wearing only a towel on the way out of the bathroom.

They say it about foods they hate. For one, it’s mushrooms. For another, it’s anything with coriander in it.

For another, it’s any fruit in the world except bananas.

Unsurprisingly, my fatherly lectures about nutrition are given short thrift… (thank goodness YOU listen to me!)

If I was a more sensitive cook, I’d be offended. But I’ve been around the block enough to know that most people have at least one ingredient that revolts them.

For instant, “DISGUSTING”is something I hear from grown-up readers when I mention the word “coconut”… especially the oil.

As you’ll know from my previous letters, coconut oil contains a type of fat that is, basically, a natural ‘wonder drug’ that helps…

  • Burn fat, lower cholesterol and reduce your appetite
  • Relieve fibromyalgia, IBS, bladder, stomach and skin infections
  • Fight infections, rashes, itches, dermatitis and Candida

But so many people simply can’t stand the taste, smell or even the IDEA of it.

The emails I get are along the lines of, “Coconut oil sounds great – cheers for the info Ray, but I’m not going near the stuff.”

This is why I’d like to recommend something that solves all these problems: a tiny capsule that you can gulp down with water… and you won’t taste a thing. Neither will you need to go to all the trouble of buying pyramids of coconuts and extracting the oil yourself. This is as easy as it gets!

If you want the benefits of coconut oil without the taste CLICK HERE

But there’s another compelling health reason to try coconut oil capsules, which is really making the scientific fraternity sit up and take notice….

How to switch your brain back on

One of the most interesting stories I’ve read about coconut oil regards its importance for brain function.

Professor Kieran Clarke is professor of physiological biochemistry at Oxford University. He knows a thing or two about how the body uses energy. And it’s his firm belief that coconut oil helps to boostyour brain’s energy supply.

Most of the time your brains is gets its energy from the glucoseyou get eating carbohydrates like potatoes and grains. When you’re hungry, dieting, or ill, your brain makes a switch… and starts to feed on things called ‘ketones’, which are stored in your fat reserves.

Professor Clarke says, ‘Coconut oil contains a lot of a particular sort of fat that our bodies can use to make more of the ketone “brain food”… It’s known as MCT (medium chain triglycerides) and it’s not found in the fats most of us eat.’

This is why coconut oil is so important…

Its fatty acids reach the parts of your body that other fatty acids simply don’t reach!

This is particularly true of Alzheimer’s sufferers, whose brains struggle to use that glucose energy. Many like Professor Clarke believe they could find some hope in coconut oil as a provider of an alternative energy source.

There are many anecdotal stories about people giving coconut oil to people with Alzheimer’s with encouraging events. And while I won’t pretend that these are scientifically verified, it’s true to say that the establishment is finally taking notice of coconut oil as a tonic for the human brain.

And no wonder…

A natural answer to an expensive health problem

The total cost of dementia to the NHS, social services and carers is about £23 billion a year.

….That is a hefty sum of money. And the problem is only going to get worse as we live ever longer…

So if there’s hope in a natural wonder drug like coconut oil, proven to increase the energy supply to your brain,then it’s got to be worth pursuing.

To be honest, all of us could do with a brain-boost, no matter what our current state of health is. Which is why coconut oil is such a worthy natural medicine – especially when it comes in a handy capsule, so you can take it like a regular drug but without the nasty side-effects!

And it’s more than just a source of brain food…

Coconut oil is also a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory which helps fight colitis, stomach ulcers, and renal infections. It improves the health of your thyroid - the gland that controls yourmetabolism.

Soreally, it’s an all-round big hitter! An essential natural medicine for your home.

But please beware… not all coconut oils are the same. If you’re considering this remedy, please consult this website first. It explains everything you need to know!

Click here to find the best source of coconut oil

Yours, as ever,




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