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The Good Life Letter 
13th August 2010

  • Why shopping is so bad for you
  • Not just GOOD nutrition, this is ESSENTIAL!
  • Act now for healthy bones

Essential Food

I get so depressed when I go food shopping.

Especially if I am forced into a supermarket. It has
nothing to do with the crowds, other people's poorly
behaved children or their complete inability to steer a

It's because I despair at what people put in their trolleys,
and obviously then intend to eat.

I'm convinced that 40% of it is packaging....... and that
might just be the most nutritious part of it.

Processed pap, convenience gloop and pre-prepared junk
- all hype marketed, all ringing the tills for the high street

My poor old head reels with the thought that many of
these folk do not connect anything in their basket with
what is outside the door. Meat just arrives plastic
wrapped, it has nothing to do with a contented lamb
playing in a field, or a rooting pig in the sty.

The loaves of bread no doubt arrive by magic, sealed in
their pretend wax paper packs and full of enough
preservatives so that they last a fortnight. They have
nothing to do with the fields of golden wheat, waving in
the breeze.

And even the bargain booze buyers fail to realise that they
hold in their hands the product of fine barley and aromatic
hops, rather than a 5% proof alcoholic binge.

There is a huge, and worrying disconnect between what
people consume and where it comes from.

I suppose Lara and I are lucky, we happen to live close to
some fantastic local food shops. Most of our shopping is
done within 2 miles of home, and much of what we buy
was reared or grown within 20 miles.

For us it's the ideal....... and I know how different other
peoples experiences are.

However, you don't have to travel far from even the most
inner of cities to see food in action.

Right now, the combine harvesters are hard at it. The
sons of the soil are bringing in this years harvest of
wheat, oats and barley. This is food production in action,
take the time to stop and watch the harvest roll in.

These staples of our diet go on to be our breads, our
breakfast cereals and our beer. I think it's fair to say that
they are the cornerstone of our diet. But we seem to have
lost something.

In with all the processing and repackaging that goes on
there is something missing.

It's like this.

An essential contribution to a healthy diet

Back in the days of the Roman Empire, barley was a much
prized foodstuff. Under their direction larger scale
production of the crop was developed to ensure that the
estates and villas were well supplied with this important

In fact it was prized so highly that it was even used as a
form of currency.

One of the things they discovered was the benefits of
sprouting the barley seed in huge sheds, then drying them
in the sun. This process released a staggering amount of
nutrients from the grain - much more than if it had been
eaten whole.

And of particular interest to me is the fact that this was
the embryonic stages of using malted barley for
brewing...... hurrah!

Pre sprouted barley actually provides...... wait for the

- 18 vitamins & minerals

- 2 essential fatty acids, plus 6 others

- 18 amino acids

- A huge amount of energy

Essential Food

The problem is how to pre-sprout your barley.

I had thought about the bath and airing cupboard
combination, but........ Lara didn't seem keen on that one.
I won't tell you what she actually said!

Fortunately, I have found a supplier who has made the
process of getting the benefits from this amazing foodstuff
very easy. Packaged in handy monthly supplies it really is
the answer.

Essential Food

They call it Essential Food, and it does exactly what it says
on the tin. It is ESSENTIAL food.

The amino acids and fatty acids found in this product can't
be put together by the body itself - they have to be part
of the diet, that's what makes them essential.

In particular three of the amino acids present in this
product - Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine; make up one
third of skeletal muscle. Without these in your diet you
would not survive.

That's what I call essential, in fact more like critical.

It's easy to find a range of food supplements and vitamins
on the internet and in your High Street, however,
sometimes it takes a little bit of detective work, and
knowledge to find the best.

So have a look at Essential Food, and I think you'll be
very surprised about what it contains - you may never
need to take another supplement again!

Although, having said that............

Act now for healthy bones

The letter I sent out a few weeks ago about the
importance of taking calcium and magnesium together as
a supplement generated a great deal of interest, judging
by the e-mails I received. (see here if you missed it):

There was much more interest in this product than there
was for the football world cup after England's early exit
(yes I did get a few e-mails about that as well!).

If you want to try it out make sure to get an order in
quickly as I would hate to disappoint you.


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