The hidden threat that's right outside your house

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2nd October 2009

  • The hidden threat that's right outside your house...
  • The worst pick 'n' mix in the world
  • Need a little extra help...?

I bet you didn't know you were taking a gamble with your health every time you stepped out of your front door did you?

And I don't mean that an errant bus driver could mow you down as you put the milk bottles out (which isn't out of the question here in Bristol - our bus drivers are maniacs).

I mean just be stepping out and taking in a breath of air.

All right, I'm exaggerating a little... you're hardly going to keel over just by walking down the

But over the years, the quality of the air we breathe has seriously deteriorated.

Take this fact for example...

The hidden threat that's right outside your house...

It seems that the UK is top of the league table for asthma in 13-14 year olds.

And the figures are rising all the time.

If that wasn't bad enough, our children are also suffering from allergic rhinitis, eczema, food allergy, drug allergy and life-threatening anaphylaxis in far greater numbers with every passing year.


Anaphylaxis - which means the opposite of protection - is the term given to serious and extremely quick allergic reactions that can kill.

And hospital admission for anaphylaxis has increased sevenfold in the past decade.

Want more good news?

- Traffic pollution has been linked with a small but detectable reduction in lung growth in children.

- Bronchitis in children is on the up thanks to pollutants.

- Respiratory virus infection in asthmatic children has never been greater, thanks to our love of using the car to pop out to get a paper.

But that's not all that's attacking us...

Hormones used in the dairy industry, chemicals used in drugs, additives used in our drinking water, agents in our carpets, in paint, in our mattresses...

The world today produces more toxic substances than ever before.

And as a result, our immune systems are crumbling.

So what delightful ailments can you expect as a result?

The worst pick 'n' mix in the world

Different people react to environmental conditions in different ways.

As well as those already mentioned, symptoms can include exhaustion, muscles aches, heart irregularities, flu-like symptoms, ringing in the ears, burning in the eyes, mild or severe headaches, colon problems, sleep disorders, loss of balance, skin disorders, inability to concentrate, panic attacks...

... it really is a near-endless list.

Since there are so many possible symptoms, environmental illnesses can be difficult to diagnose. Routine blood tests frequently yield normal results and lead doctors to believe that no problem exists.

Hmmm... now THAT'S a problem!

While no conventional medical treatment exists for environmental illness, there are some things people can do to minimise or reverse the damage and better protect themselves from continued exposure:

  • The stress that's good for you

Heat Stress Detoxification involves wood saunas, hot sand packing, steam baths and sweat lodges... but rather than simply turn up at a sauna at sweat it out for fifteen minutes, you need the guidance of trained practitioners who understand toxins and their effects on the body.

  • Eat yourself clean

The foods we eat have a great impact on our system.

Many of the meat products in this country contain toxins, concentrated in the tissues since animal feed is often treated with chemicals.

Also, crops are treated with pesticides, which get into our system as soon as we eat them. That's why it's best to buy organic if at all possible. Forget the extra cost - you're not buying it for better taste, you're buying it for better health.

  • Keep eating the greens!
There's been a marked reduction in fruit/vegetable and intake, and that means the amount of natural anti-oxidants helping our bodies out has decreased. So build them up, and get eating!

Need a little extra help...?

There are many nutrients that can help reverse the effects of chemical exposure, including:

- L-glutamine is an amino acid that gets involved with tons of body functions. It is important in the regulation of acid-base balance, allowing the kidneys to lose excess acid and keep the body levels regulated.

- Carnitine is a protein that is essential to burn up fat. Red meats, particularly lamb and beef, have high levels of this protein. But as always - try and buy organic.

- Magnesium keeps your heart beat steady, promotes a healthy immune system, and keeps bones strong. Halibut, almonds, cashews and spinach are all excellent sources.

- Chelated manganese is an important activator for many enzyme systems, helping absorb and fatty acids in your system.

And most important of all...

Try to avoid toxins in the first place.

Avoiding foods microwaved in plastic wrap, buying unscented toiletries... even keeping your car windows open when you're on the road...

... every little step you take to avoid toxins will strengthen your immune system and make your body a less easy target for disease.

That's all for today.

Have a great weekend, and I'll be back again on Sunday with more tips and ideas to help keep your health in tip top shape..

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