Announcing an amazing new breakthrough for this eye problem

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14th March 2010

  • If you hate going to the dentist, READ THIS!
  • Announcing a natural breakthrough for this common eye disease
  • Banish stress with a kiwi! 

It's Mother's Day...

And as usual I left it 'til the last minute...

It was a last minute rush for me to buy a box of
chocolates and post them off to my mother... who
seems to live on the things these days.

I then had to construct a truly terrible card for Lara
with the kids. We used paper, glue and bits of pasta.

This amazing piece of contemporary art will be
presented to my wife today. I'm sure she will feign
surprise, having seen the mess we all left in the

And so another Mother's Day has arrived.

If you're a mother who's been deluged with
chocolates, then I wouldn't feel too guilty about it. I'd
eat them indulgently and feel happy you haven't
received a Ray Collins Pasta Card.

Of course, it's natural to worry about your sugar
intake. These sorts of events are treats, and
shouldn't be the norm.

Especially if, like me, you can't bear going to the

Which brings me to my first item...

If you hate going to the dentist, READ THIS!

You know by now how much I love honey...
especially the really powerful stuff we're lucky
enough to get our hands on...

But that's not to say I'm blind to the downside of
natural sugars. After all, we all know that too much
sugar promotes tooth decay. So a simple step is to
stop eating sweet things in the evening after you've
cleaned your teeth (you'd be surprised how many
people will sneak a little treat in just before bed!).

But did you know there are certain foods that can
protect your teeth and help you avoid decay...?

* First off, eat carrots. The hard chomping you
  do when you eat a carrot makes your mouth
  produce saliva, which neutralises a bacteria
  called Streptococcus mutans. This is the
  bacteria that causes cavities.

* Eat kiwis. They contain more vitamin C than
  any other fruit. And without enough vitamin C,
  the collagen network in your gums breaks
  down. This makes them more  susceptible to
  disease. (There's more good news about
  kiwis at the  end of this letter.)

* Add sesame seeds to your food. These
  seeds are high in calcium. This helps
  preserve the bone around your teeth and
  gums. Simply add the seeds to your salads
  and other dishes to help your teeth while you

* Finally, not many people know this but green
  tea extract fights many of the bacteria that
  cause plaque build up.

There. Four simple foods that help keep your mouth
healthy. And who knows...? They might help you
avoid the dentist forever!

Oh, and while I'm talking about green tea...

Announcing a new breakthrough for this
common eye disease

A brand new study has just been published in the
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. It
reports that green tea is really, really good for your
eyes. It could be the latest breakthrough in the
prevention of glaucoma as well as myriad other eye

This is the first ever report of its kind.

Okay, yes, for a while scientists have known that
antioxidants in green tea are capable of protecting
the eye...

But until now, nobody knew if these antioxidants -
called catechins - actually passed from the stomach
into the tissues of the eye.

Now a team of researchers in China have shown
that these chemicals in green tea penetrate the
tissues of the eye- including your lens and retina.

To explain...

In green tea there are antioxidant chemicals known
as gallocatechin and epigallocatechin. As you'll
know, antioxidants are very good for us. They
protect the body from something called oxidative
stress. In the human eye, this oxidative stress has
been linked to glaucoma, amongst other things.

In this breakthrough experiment, significant amounts
of these chemicals were shown to be absorbed into
the retina and the aqueous humor of the eye.

The report says: "Our results indicate that green tea
consumption could benefit the eye against oxidative

Fantastic news. And it's such a delicious, refreshing
drink, too.
Talking of stress... here's something you should try if
you're feeling pressured and anxious at the moment...

Banish stress with a kiwi!

A number of nutrients can help combat the harmful
effects of stress:

* Vitamin C found in fresh fruits - especially
  kiwis, gooseberries and citrus fruit, fresh
  vegetables, especially cauliflower, brussel
  sprouts, broccoli, green peppers, potato and

* Vitamin B1 - main sources include wheat
  germ, whole grains and brewers yeast. (Note:
  processed grains that have their husks
  removed are stripped of Vitamin B1 content).
  Vitamin B1 is destroyed by coffee, alcohol
  and contraceptive pills - so if you're suffering
  from stress, cut these out!

* Add strawberries to your diet to pump out
  more dopamine, which controls how well you
  deal with stress.

* Calcium, contained in dairy products: milk,
  yoghurt, cheese (especially hard white
  cheese like cheddar or gruyere); almonds,
  hazelnuts, dried fruit, beans and mineral

Okay, that's it from me for today. I'm off to buy a
cushion for my friend Kev to rest his foot on, before I
accidentally drop an anvil on it in a hilarious manner.

(If you don't know what I'm going on about, you must
have missed Friday's letter - so have a look through
your inbox and have a read, because it contains
some important advice for a surprising number of us
- take a look at this:)



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