The power of sleeping with a piece of magnetic copper

Sunday 14th April 2013 

Have you ever met someone who you thought of as a genius?

You know the type, mad hair like the professor out of Back to the Future, an infectious enthusiasm and a bag load of charisma.

The sort of person who seems to inhabit that bit of the world that lies between sanity and insanity.

Don’t worry I’m not about to make a personal play for votes for this years Nobel prize – I want to tell you about a remarkable man that I met several months ago, someone who deserves a prize of recognition.

Strangely though, the man I want to tell you about would rather that no-one made a fuss at all!

Here is a man who I think has developed something so extraordinary that it deserves to be shouted about, but is so intrinsically devoted to his science that he feels embarrassed to tell anyone about it.

Would you like to discover how his amazing invention could help you? – click here for more information

This is a bit like the Wright brothers, with the first airplane, deciding to concentrate on making a sponge cake rather than allowing everyone to benefit from their invention.

Or Mr Benz rolling his first ever motor car back into the garage and saying “I don’t want to make a fuss let’s just give the horse a bit more hay.”

It sometimes amazes me that people can do things purely because they believe in them, and then having made a fantastic discovery pull the wraps back over it and hide away.

Out of deference to his desire for a low-key presence I’m only going to tell you that he is an eminent osteopath, lecturer and clinic tutor by way of setting out his credentials.

Whilst this massively underplays his true capability and worth it is as much as he wants promoted at this stage – rather than me trying to create some sort of enigmatic guru he would prefer to be thought of as just an energised therapist.

So, if I can’t tell you much about him I can introduce you to what he has discovered and the way it may help you...

Discover the power of sleeping with a copper!

I must make it clear at this point that I’m not referring to a member of Her Majesty’s Constabulary!

If there are a few of you who like the idea of snuggling down with one of the country’s finest I feel you may be better served by other ‘special interest’ websites!

I’m talking about the metallic copper – and not just a little bit of it.

You may well have seen a few offers for foot cradles with copper dots in them recently, identifying the benefit they may have for sufferers of arthritis, those with poor circulation and even fight off diseases.

These claim to use copper as an effective focus for the body’s natural magnetic field to work through which helps restore function – and they are not wrong.

The problem is that they aren’t using enough copper or in the right way.

This important metal affects the body in so many ways, and has been widely used since the time of the ancient Greeks to help the body function properly.

Using such techniques encourages the body to earth – to discharge the energy which builds up during our daily activity.

This phenomenon was the subject of a seminal paper written by Dr Oschman in 2008 entitled Charge Transfer in the Living Matrix(1) where he concludes that earthing the body helps prevent collateral damage to tissues near to the site of injury.

We all know someone who wears a copper magnetic bracelet for joint pain – and how well they work, and this paper explains why.

The benefits come from the fact that the body develops magnetic and electrical energy as part of its normal function – and the copper helps this dissipate to prevent build up and disruption to damaged tissues.

But did you know that by using a block of copper inside a specially designed adjustable sock at night you could be making even more gains in your health – especially as we age.

Let me tell you about the amazing SleepSoc...


A revolution in healing whilst you sleep

By using the SleepSoc at night you provide a way for the body to discharge the electrical and magnetic energy that has built up during the day.

This can benefit;

- Those with chronic muscle and joint pain such as sufferers of arthritis

- Those with poor circulation or conditions which compromise the cardiovascular system like diabetes

- Anyone who suffers from excessive sweating, especially associated with the menopause

- Men who regularly have to get out of bed to urinate during the night

- Those who suffer from poor quality sleep, or who find it hard to relax

- Anxiety sufferers or those in need of developing a better mood, with lowered volatility of temper and enhanced concentration

- Some epileptics where fewer seizures, attenuation or stopping of seizure cycle has been recorded.

Now if you had invented something that could do all of this and more wouldn’t you want to let everyone in on the secret?

Well, when I met him and discovered that he was keeping this hidden I was desperate to offer the opportunity to all of the Good Life Letter readers to get in on the act.

But, he is a cautious man.

As a result he is only making 50 pairs of his revolutionary product available to us – and they will have to be on a first come first served basis.

So, if this excites you as much as it did me you should not delay...

... click here to get your hands on the perfect way to treat your body through your feet


Yours, as always

(1) Oschman, James L. "Charge transfer in the living matrix." Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies 13.3 (2009): 215-228.





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