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14th May 2017

There is a very sad bit of commercial truth that we get to see at this time of year.

Just as the sun breaks out and everyone starts to think about summer holidays, the price of flights, hotels and even sun cream starts to go up.

As demand rises so does the price, until we get to the very last few rays of sunshine for the year and suddenly all the sales offers start again, just as you are searching for a new pair of wellies and a good thick winter coat...

...which are now double the price they were in the summer months!

Oh the joy of supply and demand, as the economists must be saying to their students and political disciples.

Well today I want to tell you about something a bit special that I have to offer you.

Itís all about getting in before the big boys spot you and getting a decent stock of the good stuff at the right price Ė and for that Iím talking sun cream and after sun lotion.

Now before you say anything about me doing a U turn to rival our dear Prime Ministerís over a snap election, I need to explain why I want to offer you a chance to get your summer stocks sorted now.

More importantly I want to explain why I think some sun creams are good and others nasty.

Over the last few years I have been talking about the beneficial effects of a bit of sun for the body, but we all know that too much is a bad thing.

We arenít the idiots our politicians would have us believe after all.

The joy of summer sun cannot be overstated, our bodies always seem to come alive with a touch of warmth and skin thrives with a touch of colour.

Modern advice though would have us walking around looking like Elizabeth I Ė slathered thick with white make-up.

In the case of the Virgin Queen she used mercury powders which eventually poisoned her skin and killed her Ė guess what? Your commercial sunblock might be just as bad for you!

Discover a natural way to protect your family and their delicate skin

The hidden danger in sun products

Often the cheap and cheerful lotions are identified as ineffective at best but significantly lots of them are seen as dangerous.

This is true of even some of the biggest brands; last year The American Environmental Working Group (EWG) conducted an analysis of 500 of the leading sunscreen products available and it found that it could recommend ONLY 39 of them.

Find that last bit a little shocking?

Well so you should, but chances are that you have heard very little about it; for many years now there has been a vocal and growing lobby who are saying that far from protecting us, these chemicals are actually INCREASING our risk of skin cancer.

Despite a series of publicity seeking dermatologists saying that we should slap on the sunscreen as often as possible, the EWG scientists found evidence to the contrary.

It would seem that two chemical ingredients are to blame:

  • Vitamin A Derivatives: Bit of a tricky one to get the old head around, this one...we all tend to think of the benefits of Vitamin A when applied as a cream enriching and nourishing our skin, which indeed it does...but only in its NATURAL form.
The commonly used version in sunblock is a synthetic substitute called retinyl palmitate, which is described as a vitamin A derivative and is therefore assumed to have all the same properties, which in the main it does.
The BIG difference though is that natural vitamin A protects your skin in sunlight whereas retinyl palmitate has photocarcinogenic properties Ė meaning that when it is exposed to the sun it can speed up cancer formation.
  • Free Radicals: The darling of the TV cosmetic advert, free radicals are these mysterious things that prevent ageing and stop us looking like bloodhounds as we get older! However, the truth is slightly more disturbing. It now appears that many heavily-used chemical sunscreens may actually increase cancers by virtue of their free radical generating properties.
The chemicals added to sunscreens to block the UVA and UVB light that damages our skin are usually from a group known as Benzophenones.
A sunblock common additive is from this group, oxybenzone, which has been shown to cross from the skin into the blood where it acts to disrupt enzyme production and damage cells increasing the risk of cancers.
So as you can see, we may not be getting quite what we bargained for, to say the least.

This summer go natural, safe and sensitive... you deserve it

Make a natural choice and save your skin

My kids may not always be the apple of my eye, in fact at times our house can resemble a pitched battle, but I am not in the habit of putting them at risk, anymore than I am a fan of putting my own health on the line, other than the odd glass of wine or two!

So, I looked for the perfect, safe and natural way to protect the family skin and found it in these products from Green People.

When I started to read that they donít contain any of the nasties named above I knew that it would become the sun product of choice at Chez Collins this year.

The fact that they are virtually 100% of natural origin just completes the story for me.

I use these types of products sparingly but there is a time and a place for doing so religiously, and in my case it will be July and Portugal.

When Iím there my family will be exposed to much more powerful sunlight than ever falls on Bristol and we need something to help take the edge off the day and cool our skins in the evening.

This week has been Sun Awareness week and the British Association of Dermatologists wanted to highlight the failure of so many people to protect themselves, maybe you are part of the one in three people who have been sunburnt in the last year?

If we prevent a little sunshine falling on us we really donít do ourselves any favours, but you also have to make sure that you keep your skin protected. Do it NATURALLY!

What more could you want? Get your stock in for summer NOW whilst our limited stock lasts. Click here to find out more.

Yours, as always


P.S. This product range is so gentle that it can be used by those with the most sensitive of skin such as eczema sufferers and even those who have recently had chemotherapy and radiotherapy where even the slightest amount of alcohol on the skin causes severe burns.

Believe me this really is the best Ė get some now whilst you can


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