Why you should avoid a low fat diet and find out why fat is good for you

Friday  14th  June 2013 

  • Discover why fat is good for you

  • Why healthier eating should not include anything labelled as ‘Low Fat’

  • Here’s why the French are the slimmest nation in Europe

Weight is one of the things most of us have issues with.

I guess we all say that we could do with losing a few pounds and tightening the muscles around our middles a little.

Of course, as we age our bodies do tend to turn against us, from about the age of 30 our physiological performance begins to decline.

This means that our muscles are less effective, our digestion slows and our metabolic rate changes which leads to a decrease in physical ability.

Catching sight of myself as I exited a swimming pool the other day I began to consider that my body may well be going through some sort of rebellion.

I long ago gave up the Speedo style swimming attire, choosing a more modest pair of shorts for my weekly exercise, but even these couldn’t contain my expanding waistline.

On the journey home I began to ponder the need to drop a bit of excess before my annual journey out to sunnier climes – and like most folk I was looking for an easy way out.

I don’t have the expectation of being some sun bronzed Adonis (like I was in my youth... sort of!) or a muscle bound hulk, but I would definitely not like to be used as a form of portable shade by the kids.

So, I began to plan a short-term programme to shed the pounds.

First off I grabbed myself a pack of Lemon Juice Diet Capsules which I know will reinvigorate my metabolism and force my body to burn more fat in order to generate the energy I would need for the next stage of my campaign.

This stage involved bumping up my exercise levels, so my weekly swim would become a daily ritual, as would an expanded walk with the dog – this would ensure that the demand for fuel in my muscles increases and makes the body use up all of the liberated fat.

The final part of my plan to a healthier and decidedly thinner me was to change my eating pattern.

Why healthier eating should not include anything labelled as ‘Low Fat’

For anyone looking to control their weight there is a simple bit of mathematics to do.

If the number of calories consumed is greater than those burnt due to activity and exercise then the body will store the excess as fat in the body.

So, if you want to drop a few inches around the middle it makes sense that as well as increasing the amount of exercise you should also decrease the calories you eat.

In my case I know that I would never allow some of the highly processed, sugar enriched and fat laden ready meals to pass my lips, nor yet would I seek out a take-away burger...

...but I do love a curry or a freshly cooked crispy battered fish and chip supper and then there is the failing of a pint of Welsh finest.

And they would have to stop for a few weeks if I was going to succeed.

Of course when folk around me start to realise I’m on a health kick then the advice begins to flow...

“...you should only be drinking water as it has no calories and allows the body to flush itself of toxins.”

“...cut out all potatoes, bread and rice because they contain too many calories and your body can’t handle them in one go.”

“...go through your fridge and make sure you only buy the low fat versions of your favourite yoghurts, spreads and cheese.”

Whilst most of the advice you get given at such times has merit, even if you rather they kept it to themselves, it was the last one which raised my hackles.

In the latest edition of the ‘What Doctors Don’t Tell You’ magazine there was a really good article which completely debunked the concept of low fat helping control weight, in fact they quoted research which showed it actually made you fatter!

The theory about reducing fat intake to lose weight became popular in the late 1970’s on the grounds that fat contained a high level of calories, but the report challenged this concept.

Dr John Mansfield, in his article, says that;

“I have maintained for over 20 years that the cholesterol theory has been the main cause of the American and British obesity epidemics by restricting fat whilst encouraging carbohydrate consumption”

A view which flies in the face of most modern dietary advice, government thinking and food manufacturers marketing materials; mind you they all have much to learn about truly healthy eating.

Is the perfect diet rich in cheese, cream and eggs?

The thing that really brought home the importance of balance in diet when trying to lose weight was a couple of interesting facts about national diet.

In America they consume the lowest amount of fat per person in the world yet they are the most obese nation on the planet.

By contrast the French eat the most fat of any nation yet French women are the slimmest of all, and even the men are ranked the third slimmest – remember this is a national diet which is soaked in cheese, butter cream and rich patés.

So, I won’t be dropping down to low fat butter, or avoiding the delight of a soft boiled egg – but I might choose not to have too much bread or pasta in my meals.

Be prepared for a leaner me rather than a fat free fridge!

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