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14th June 2015

One of the hardest working people I know helps me sort out the warehouse at the Good Life Letter, his name is Justin.

Given the fact he has to work with me you might also expect him to be stressed and anxious but most of the time he completes his task without a grumble, and often a cheery whistle as he goes about his work; printing the orders, packing up the goods and making sure you get your stuff within a day or two of ordering it.

It is his pride and passion that he can offer a premium service to my readers, and he really doesn’t like letting anyone down.

Which is why I had to phone him in advance of today's letter so that he has a chance to prepare himself.

You see a few months ago I told you about the fantastic health benefits from a daily supplement of coconut oil – and so many people were interested that we ran out of stock within a day of sending the letter out.

So, he has laid in a stock, and is waiting with trembling hands for the order printer to fire up – and I know you won’t disappoint him because I know that when you understand why I am so excited by this natural pure oil you too will be keen to put it to the test.

It has delivered some spectacular results for Good Life Letter readers already.

I have been amazed by the response we have had from people who have been using it – with lots of people saying that they had been searching for a convenient way to take coconut oil without having to buy huge tubs of it.

Coconut oil contains the perfect base of good fatty acids to promote a healthy heart and circulation.

For many users the evidence of these cardiovascular benefits was enough to convince them that here was a supplement truly worth investing in...

...then came the news that research published this month in the Journal of International Immunopharmacology showed that the unique polyphenols found in virgin coconut oil actually reduced the inflammation and tissue damage caused by arthritis in rats(1). This means that the reason why arthritis is so painful is being controlled – and that has to be a good thing...

...however the case for a daily dose of this highly nutritious fatty acid compound has just been made even stronger by new material which shows it reduces stress and directly protects brain cells(2).

The important part of all of the researcher’s findings was that the oil had to be pure and of a high grade in order to get the benefit – lower quality product just didn’t have enough of the active polyphenolic groups in it to make a difference.

If you want to discover the amazing benefits from daily supplementation of high quality virgin coconut oil – click here.

The Paltrow Experience

I avidly scan the media for good news about natural remedies, and even leaf through the magazines in the local hairdresser's whilst waiting on Lara or my darling daughter to reappear in a haze of hairspray.

On the front cover of one such (can’t remember which one but it had more advice about having an orgasm than I thought possible!) were the elfin features of Gwyneth Paltrow.

The American actress and once companion of the Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin, has always perked my interest for her talent and intellectual insight... or so I tell Lara.

So, I was intrigued to read that she is a massive convert to the benefits of coconut oil, but maybe not as I would have used it.

In her world this fantastic oil is best used to make your teeth sparkle by sloshing a mouthful backwards and forwards through your teeth for ten minutes every day – which sounds very unappealing to me.

Eating a Bounty bar and then a vigorous scrub with the preferred toothpaste is more my idea of coconut inspired teeth regimes!

So, leaving aside dear Gwyneth’s top health tip I would prefer to concentrate on the other proven benefits of coconut oil:

  • Enhanced cholesterol control
  • Reduced appetite leading to help in controlling weight
  • Reduction in inflammation helping relieve the symptoms of fibromyalgia, IBS and bladder infections
  • Managing the problems caused by candida infections
  • Reduction in the symptoms of skin infections, dermatitis and itching (pruritis)

It looks like we can now add an increased range of benefits for those suffering from arthritis and other joint conditions as well as those with anxiety and stress.

It would be great to think that a trip to the newsagents for a Bounty bar would do the trick, but it looks like the true healing power of virgin coconut oil can only be achieved by choosing the very best in pure supplements.

Find out more about pure virgin coconut oil capsules – get all the benefits without the taste of coconut – click here

There still remains one good and beneficial use for the aforementioned chocolate confectionary though... it’s Justin’s favourite and if he gets a flurry of orders tomorrow I can use one to calm him down whilst I give him a hand to pack the orders...

...and plead with the suppliers to let us have some more!

Yours, as always

(1) Vysakh, A., Ratheesh, M., Rajmohanan, T. P., Pramod, C., Premlal, S., & Sibi, P. I. (2014). Polyphenolics isolated from virgin coconut oil inhibits adjuvant induced arthritis in rats through antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action. J. of International immunopharmacology, 20(1), 124-130.

(2) Yeap, S. K., Beh, B. K., Ali, N. M., Yusof, H. M., Ho, W. Y., Koh, S. P., ... & Long, K. (2015). Antistress and antioxidant effects of virgin coconut oil in vivo. Experimental and therapeutic medicine, 9(1), 39-42.

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