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14th September 2018

  • More on this ludicrous ‘coconut oil is poison’ story
  • Is economic protectionism to blame?
  • Revealed: corruption and bias in food science

I have some wonderful readers…

Really ‘on the ball’ – and I mean that too!

For instance, last week I wrote about coconut oil and how it has been described as “poison” by Karin Michels, an epidemiologist at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health.

Her lecture at the University of Freiburg went viral and articles reporting her talk as ‘news’ spread across mainstream media.

But I wasn’t having any of it.

The fats in coconut oil are a great source of energy, feed your brain, help you burn fat, lose weight and lower cholesterol.

If you missed it and want to know more, then read this page ‘WRONGLY ACCUSED of being unhealthy! The "Wonder-Drug" hidden inside saturated fat’ here.

Anyway, I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t buying this latest attack on healthy coconut oil.

Is economic protectionism to blame?

One of my readers pointed out an article by Dr Mercola, who wondered how an obscure lecture in German could go so viral and get covered so widely by the media.

He says, “This makes me wonder whether the vegetable oil industry had a hand in promoting it and turning it into ‘big news’. The AHA (American Heart Association), with its strong ties to the processed food industry, would also have a keen interest in promoting the circulation of this information.”

And he’s quite right.

About a year ago, this satirical video came out on YouTube. Entitled ‘Coconut Oil Kills’, it uses VERY heavy sarcasm to mock the AHA for their warnings about coconut oil.

While it’s supposed to be funny, the video makes a strong point about bias in the advice.

You see, the American Heart Association told Americans to use vegetable oil instead.

Why would they do that?

As the video says, the USA is not known for its tropical climates and coconut growing industry. Coconut oil is not hugely profitable for the American food industry.

But vegetable growing… well there’s plenty of that in the USA… and a huge industry with a lot of money at stake in its success.

And that could be the reason for this so-called ‘health advice’.

It gets worse though…

The ‘vegetable oils’ in the USA are actually made from corn, soy and canola… in other words, grains not vegetables, which doesn’t make them sound quite so healthy.

What’s more, the US soybean board and US canola association are in the American Heart Association’s ‘nutritional advisory’ board.


So the advice of the vegetable oil companies is to eat more vegetable oil and avoid coconut oil at all costs.
Conflict of interests?


It just goes to show the scale of corruption, bias, lies and misinformation in the global food industry.

And it’s been happening for a long time.

Bias is rife in science when money is involved…

Corruption and bias in food science

For instance, a few years ago it was revealed that in the ‘60s, the sugar industry paid researchers at Harvard University to minimise the link between sugar and heart disease.

As a result, scientists shifted the blame onto fat, resulting in decades of the wrong advice… people avoiding milk, meat and cheese and eating tonnes of refined carbs packaged as diet food or ‘healthy options’.

The impact was devastating. And the few nutritionists who challenged the advice were accused of being irresponsible quacks.

But they were right.

In 2016 a review of artificial-sweetener studies showed that 42% of the study authors had conflicts of interest that weren’t revealed in their articles.

And back in 2007, another research paper showed that studies funded by big pharma companies were half as likely to report the negative effects of drugs used to treat allergies and asthma than studies NOT funded by pharmaceutical companies.

These are just a few examples – and ones we know about!

It’s no wonder people find it so hard to get balanced, honest advice.

And this is precisely why the papers are so full of conflicting and DELIBERATELY confusing articles.

They don’t want you to get healthy…

They don’t want you to make informed choices…

They just want you to keep buying the stuff they want to sell.

What’s terrible is the way that a lot of this misinformation travels globally, way beyond the USA, then finds its way into schools, government advice, GP surgeries, respectable publications…

It becomes normalised by repetition from people we trust until we all assume it to be fact.

“Fat makes you fat” we all thought.

“Salt is bad.”

“Sugar free is always healthier.”

“Coconut oil is bad for you.”

Then it becomes the most dangerous info of all because people don’t even think to challenge or doubt it.

This is why we need to beware of tainted information. The advice we get from seemingly benevolent institutions with fancy-sounding acronyms is not always in our best interests.

Anyway, rant over!

If you want a chuckle and discover some startling insights into a corrupt food industry, check out the video Coconut Oil Kills

And if you want to then choose to take this LETHAL POISON to improve your vitality, heart health and weight control, here’s our advised source: Coconut Oil Supplement.

I’ll finish today by saying “thanks” to my reader for sending in her observations – as always, please do write to me if you come across any useful information you think others will benefit from.

I can’t answer every email individually and cannot give one-to-one medical advice, however I can use your comments to help my research and put my findings in these letters.

Have a great weekend.

Yours, as always


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