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Sunday 14 Oct 2012

The other day someone asked me if I enjoy 'surfing' the web.

Well, I use the Internet almost every day... but is 'surfing' the right word?

Surfing is a term that means skimming the surface of something. It's a word for young people with no health worries. People who just want to go faster, look better on
the outside.

They use Facebook and Myspace to keep in touch with each other (don't worry if you haven't got a clue what these things are, they're mainly populated by pop stars,  media types and the under 30s!)

'How r u?' they ask each other.

'Gr8 thanx' they reply.

And then they swap short films of men's trousers falling down or monkeys dancing to ABBA.

This is fine. It's what surfing's about, I suppose.

But I think of myself less as a surfer and more as a scuba diver, searching amongst the reeds, probing deeper for pearls of information that you or I find useful.

Useful because it's health giving, vitality boosting, life extending, mood lifting stuff....

And not a lipsynching monkey in sight!

One of the amazing things about digging around in research, natural remedy resources and medical sites is the frequency that old remedies appear.

It is so common that products come to light that would have had the old woman of the village branded as a witch if she was seen using them.

Now though you will find doctors, scientists and learned folk extolling the virtues of all sorts of natural products.

One book I particularly enjoyed reading recently was written by a retired GP who actually prescribed herbal medicine.

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The Ancient Remedies

Back in the mists of time our ancestors would have tried all the things they found around them to help deal with health complaints.

Just imagine how the first person felt after suffering from a blinding headache then relieving it by chewing on a piece of willow tree bark.

They wouldn’t have realised it, but that was what we now call aspirin.

How about the worried children who saw their mother begin to suffer chest pains and have trouble breathing, suddenly revive after drinking an infusion of Foxglove flowers and leaves?

Of course, we know that this was the source of one of the earliest heart drugs, digoxin/digitalis, but to them it was a miracle of Mother Nature.

The list of such natural herbal medications is endless and worthy of many months of research, however it seems that the good doctor has done all of that for us.

In the book he talks convincingly about how to help with a whole range of problems such as eczema, coughs, colds, diabetes and high blood pressure.

In fact there are over 500 medical conditions covered in total.

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I was also interested to see that he offers a 90 day money back offer as well, although I have to say that my copy has found a permanent home in my library.

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