The ‘new’ fruit you should buy to protect you from the big C

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15th January  2010

  • Revealed: the latest must-have 'superfood'

  • My fruit is better than your fruit

There's something that's beginning to get my goat...
Well, that is if I had a goat.  Maybe I SHOULD keep one,
just to help me express my irritation at the health
industry a bit more.

I could watch from my window as marketing men,
health officials and mainstream 'experts' snuck into my
garden under the cover of darkness to try and steal the
poor thing.

Anyway, this time the thing that's irritated me is
actually GOOD news.

But it's the way it's reported that I find misleading...

Revealed: the latest 'superfood'

A new study has shown that mangoes contain a high
level polyphenol, a chemical which has long been
associated with good health and wellbeing.

Polyphenols have a unique molecular structure that
combine to attack oxidative stress - a situation that
occurs when the effects of oxygen in the bloodstream
are not properly balanced by enzymes that carry out
essential repairs to the damage done by the presence of

When this imbalance happens, peroxides and free
radicals are created which attack our cells.
So it's pretty important for us to get polyphenols
released into our system.

And mangoes are one food that's packed with the stuff.

But this new study also shows that polyphenols could
protect us from colon cancer and breast cancer in a big

In fact, the leader of this study - Dr Susanne Talcott
from Texas AgriLife Research - thinks that mangoes
have long been underrated as a powerful food.

"For cells that may be on the verge of mutating or being
damaged, mango polyphenolics prevent this kind of
damage. It would be good to include mangoes as part of
the regular diet."

So the next time you're at your grocers make sure you
pick up a couple.

"So Ray, what could possibly have got you moaning
about this story?"

Well, maybe my bed is the equivalent of a double-
headed coin. Maybe it's got two wrong sides, so that I
always get out of the wrong side of bed in the morning.

But there are a couple of things here that bother me
about this...

First off, it seems ludicrous that fruit - ANY type of fruit
- can only get the thumbs up after scientists have
dissected it and studied it in a lab.

Surely ALL fruit (and all vegetables come to that matter)
are good for you. And we should get as many into our
diets as possible.

Now, I understand that scientists need to know how
things work. And that the resulting studies will help
target cause, effect and (hopefully) treatment of certain

But to WAIT until a study confirms this or that and then
act on it seems ludicrous. I'm no doctor and I've been
eating mangoes for years.  Does that make me some
sort of 'ahead-of-my-time' genius?

Of course not.

It's just common sense to have as wide and varied a diet
of fresh, natural produce as possible.

So for me, the news 'get some mango into your diet' is
no news at all.

In fact, here's my very own health tip.

The next time you're at the supermarket, stand in front
of the fruit and veg section.

See at those different types of fruit and veg there?

Well try and include all of them in your diet at some

Ta-daaaaaaa! A major health 'breakthrough' for 2010.

And here's the other thing that well and truly had my
goat bundled on the back of a van and taken far, far

My fruit is better than your fruit

The mainstream press can't just tell you the facts and
let you make your own decisions.

They always have to try and spin things. And if it's not
them, it's the food industry. And if it's not the food
industry, it's the drug corporations.

You see, this new research has led to a promotion for
the mango.

It's now being hailed (yes, hailed) as a new 'superfruit'.

I expect the mango was sitting in a waiting room with
three or four other fruit hopefuls, all dressed in their
best suits, all hoping to get the 'super'status.

But once the news came in that the mango had got the
job, I bet his agent was straight on the phone
negotiating books deals and TV appearances.

Because that's all the term 'superfruit' or 'superfood'
is... a marketing term. Made up by the food and
publishing industries to sell product.

Hell, even I've fallen for it from time to time - calling
this or that a 'superfood' as if it was soooooo much
better than other foods.

But when it comes to fruit and vegetables, they're ALL

I mean, I haven't seen a book called 'Crap Fruits... 1001
fruits you must avoid like the plague'. Because every
fruit and every vegetable is good for you.

Some may have more Vitamin C in than others, some
may be a better source of magnesium than others... so I
think it's good to know what contains what. But the
bottom line is a variety of fruit and vegetables is the
best stance to take.

If you just go for the superfoods, I'm sure you'll be
enjoying a whole lot of nutrients and minerals that are
essential for good health.

But you could be missing out on stronger source of
health-giving foods if you ignore the fruits and
vegetables that haven't yet been branded 'super'.

Okay. That's it. Rant over.

Breathe Ray, breeeeeeathe.




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