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15th April 2011

I knew they were coming... it happens around this time every year.

Lara's aging Uncle and Aunt drop by to see us.

Now I don't want to appear ungrateful - indeed you know me as the very soul of hospitality - but, she always bring a selection of her baking with her. Last years scones are still an attractive feature in the rockery around the pond.

I think they are the reason that all the blackbirds around here have got curved beaks, the poor little swines, smashing their heads onto the cakes in an attempt to dislodge a crumb.

This year we had lemon curd tarts. How do you make pastry so rock hard?

I sit there smiling unconvincingly, trying to allow the mouthful of rock to soften in the tea which I slugged straight after. I would have more luck with acid.

Being a brave man I always offer - "Lovely Mary, one of your better batches this year", watching the dog sneak out of the room so he doesn't get caught by the leftovers. He's no fool.

Actually, the visit is usually the worst day in my poor dog's year. On top of molar breaking pastries he has to contend with the TV being turned up to maximum volume, which means we often find him cowering by the back door for a chance to escape.

You see Great Uncle Sid is more than a little deaf. The problem is that he hasn't realised it.

In his world someone keeps sneaking in and turning the radio or TV down so that he can no longer hear it, or that all the actors are whispering on purpose to keep the plot a secret from him.

The fact that most of the putty has been shaken out of his window frames, and that he is listed as one of the prime targets for the Noise Abatement Society seems to have passed him by.

The Weakest Link delivered with the volume of an airliner taking off is no fun - the wicked winking witch screaming like Lemmy from Motorhead does nothing to endear her to me. I especially dislike her since her derogatory comments about the Welsh... I rarely bear a grudge but for her I'll gladly make an exception.

As you can imagine I was a little gloomy as we awaited their arrival. Maybe the traffic will stop them I thought. Perhaps they have forgotten all about us this year. There may be a possibility that Great Aunt Mary has lost her recipe for motorway concrete and found one for pastry instead.

But no, I'm not that lucky.

The Land Rover crunched to a halt outside the house, and they were gently lowered to the ground. A farmer neighbour had kindly offered them a lift in his truck rather than risk the drive.

How fortunate!

The cake tin thudded onto the kitchen table, and I trembled.

"Sid wants to hear the last bit of the phone-in we were listening to in the car if that's alright", says Aunt Mary,"It was all about the Spitfires that he watched as a boy".

I led him into my study, and tuned the radio in for him.

"Are you going deaf Ray, my boy", said Sid," turn it down a bit, you'll have the neighbours banging the wall!"

My gast was totally flabbered. Great Uncle Sid, the man who FELT sound rather than heard it had asked me to turn down the radio.

I staggered back to Lara and began to say that the man in my room was an imposter; that aliens had abducted the real Uncle and given us a badly made substitute.

But it wasn't the case, as I was about to find out.

Discover the power of a Silver Surfer

Great Aunt Mary had got so fed up with the noise from the TV that she had purchased a tiny hearing device for Sid. Something so small I hadn't seen it in his ear when he came in.

This little hearing aid had revolutionised her life. Sid was able to hear the TV at normal volumes, and more importantly could hear her when she wanted a cup of tea!

I was very impressed as it seems Mary was a Silver Surfer on the quiet and had researched the hearing aid on the internet, and found one from America which had wowed the market.

Find out about Ampli-Ear right now:

With over 750,000 units sold, and it being ranked as 100 points out of 100 by the American Research Institute I could not fault her wisdom; the fact that it cost less than £18 was just the icing on the cake.

I had a real good look at the unit once Sid had finished and they looked very neat, and were difficult to spot when he had them in. Plus they obviously worked so well for him that he had no reason not to wear them.

He really laughed as he told me about playing a joke on his old drinking buddies in the local pub, telling them that he was 'bionic' and could now hear a sparrow cough a mile away!

They only understood how good his hearing was when the pub filled and he was able to continue a conversation without endless repetition. A joy for all.

Why don't you have a look and see if they will help you improve your hearing... with a 30 day money back guarantee you don't have much to lose.

I still haven't told you the best bit though.

When the dreaded cake tin was opened all it contained was a beautiful rich fruit cake, that had been gently 'fed' with rum and brandy over the last 2 months.

Not a rock hard scone in sight.

As I said my two favourite visitors every year!

Yours, as always



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