The shocking truth about a growing drug craze led by doctors

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15th May 2016

We are close to being the most drug dependent country in the world.

You might tut at this statement and begin to mumble about the youth of today and a lack of respect for their bodies etc etc...

...however, chances are it is you that is leading the charge, not some teenage ne’er do well.

In 2014 the Health Survey for England reported that nearly half of all UK adults were taking at least one prescription drug, a statistic which has only got worse since.

The supply of prescription only medications has continued to rise in both the number of people taking them and the cost to the NHS of them doing so.

Writing in The Times last month Dr Mark Porter said that too many patients are taking too many pills; however, rather than seeing it as a decline in society he was concerned that this cost the NHS too much.

My argument is that the over reliance on the powerfully formulated modern pharmacology is both unnecessary and potentially lethal to the patient and anyone else who happens upon them.

If you think that this is a topic that is unlikely to affect you, please consider part two of my story from Friday... may shock yourself about what you discover.

How you can avoid starting on a drug treadmill to treat these common problems

The story of a suburban medicine chest

(The swirling mists of time clear and our heroes are found in the garden... read on)

So, having consumed of the barbequed vegetarian fare last weekend, Mike and I sat back to enjoy a chilled glass of sparkling tincture and the shade of our old cherry tree which was in full blossom.

“Mr Collins, I and my health-challenged heart salute you,” he said. “Now that I have joined the ranks of the medicated old folk, that’s the food I can really enjoy without any guilt.”

I must admit I was a little flummoxed to begin with, then it dawned on me that he was actually saying he was now taking drugs for his heart.

“Are you ill?” I asked.

You see Mike is a specimen of health, he’s a builder with the physique of an athlete, and not a scrap of wasted flesh on him – far from the sort of fellow the media has us vilifying for their obesity.

“Not as such, but I had my ‘Well Man’ check the other day and apparently I am pre-diabetic and need to change my lifestyle,” he told me with an earnest look on his face.

Now, dear reader, for those of you who missed Friday's epic (shame on you) here is a man who lives life outdoors,
has been a vegetarian all his life, loves and still plays sport of all descriptions, drinks socially and in moderation, and has never smoked, used recreational drugs or bothered a sweet counter in all of his life.

Yet some well meaning GP somewhere in Liverpool has seen fit to condemn him to a barrage of pills because he happened to have slightly higher blood sugar levels than normal...

...not above the diabetes alert point, just a little high.

This situation led to a diagnosis of ‘pre-diabetes’ which I find to be both irrelevant, unscientific and laughably stupid – except it now meant that this chap was pumping his body with two different types of blood sugar controls and a statin for good measure.

In short he had been conned by a medically trained doctor into taking something that was not justified, yet could cause him harm.

In this one action the GP had placed Mike on the slippery slope to a prescription list as long as his arm, for drugs that he didn’t really need, would never be reviewed and had the potential to lead to lasting damage to his health.

Good work Doc!

Discover how you can avoid being classed as pre-diabetic with a natural and popular supplement

Why the world has to wake up

I can fully understand why the medical community would want to act to prevent health issues rather than try to heal those who become sick and at risk.

That much is common sense – my issue is the way they choose to do it.

Given the variety of safe and proven options open to them why do they persist with a range of drugs like statins that are known to cause health issues? The potential side effects being muscle pain, liver damage, kidney failure and death...

...and that information comes from a study published in 2015 and covered in Saga Magazine, the British Medical Journal and even the NHS website – not exactly hidden was it.

How about some insight into why blood sugar can be temporarily raised by inflammation (remember Mike is a builder and is permanently being knocked and injured), stress (he has a lot of work and money tied up in a project at the moment) and even by skipping meals (the busy man syndrome).

All of these are medically valid yet his GP took one look at one set of fasting blood measures and immediately prescribed drugs which he really doesn’t need – I’m no doctor but even I can see that.

If our doctors are neutered by legislation, health & safety and pharmaceutical company mis-directions (OK lies if you must!) and just dole out the pills for any ill, is it any wonder that all of the nations' medicine chests are stuffed to bursting?

I’m not condemning those who seek out better health and you might be surprised that I don’t even criticise doctors – after all they are doing what they are told is the best thing.

My ire is with those who should know better (politicians), those who do know better (scientists) and those who could tell the truth more often... Big Pharma I am aiming squarely at you.

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Yours, as always


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