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Sunday 15th June 2014 

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Hands up all those who have aches and pains...that is assuming the aches and pains allow you to raise your arms!

We all suffer from time to time, but pain is a many headed beastie...
...Do a full day's digging or weeding in the garden and your muscles will reward you with varying degrees of spasms, cramps and murderous aches...

...Catch an arthritic knee in the wrong way and the electric shock that pings through your leg will make your eyes water...

...Wake after sleeping in an odd position and endure two days of twisted and solid neck with the added joy of paralysis of the shoulder and arm muscles.

The list of how our body tells us that something is wrong is a lengthy one – and as we age it is not uncommon to be ticking these experiences off as the years pass.

In amongst a grumbling band of cronies the other day the conversation soon turned to the pain of aging, and how we never thought it would come to this...

Dealing with pain is something we should all know more about

Each of us had our own pet remedies for dealing with personal agonies and as you would expect I was in the forefront of this one, rattling of a series of proven and much loved ways to diminish the aching in my knees and neck.

But as is always the case no-one knows it all, and a fellow sufferer started to extol the virtues of something called Pulsed Electromagnetic Energy Therapy (PEME)...

...let me tell you what I discovered.

PEME Therapy; the new old way to ease pain

Being a devotee of Star Trek (the one with Jim, Spock & Scotty rather than the new fangled version) I was all ears (another Spock reference!) for an electromagnetic doodah!

For years I have been searching for that magic tricoder machine that Bones McCoy had which he was able to pass over a crew member in distress and get an accurate diagnosis, then use another widdly-wee device to cure them (widdly-wee because that’s the noise it made!).

So, as Brian held forth about his magic pain wand I had a mental image of a slim, futuristic piece of technology that would slip easily into my utility belt and be on hand for any emergency – and interestingly that’s exactly what he showed us.

There in his hand was something that really did look like a prop from a sci-fi film. I couldn’t believe that such an elegant and sleek product could be any good for my knee pain...

...but a quick review of the science proved me wrong.

In one study from 1994(1) the research team found that a series of double blind placebo randomised controlled trials proved that pulsed electromagnetic therapy really did improve the symptoms of knee osteoarthritis and even helped sufferers of whiplash injuries. In a study carried out a few months ago(2) another group of researchers conclusively proved that this form of therapy produced improved results over conventional therapy and also led to a change in hormone and neurotransmitter function.

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I found this fascinating as it meant that far from just blocking pain signals, the action of the pulsed electromagnetic energy actually changed the way the cells around the affected area worked, and there was also evidence that it encouraged improved function in the immune system.

The final thing which I discovered was that this wasn’t something as futuristic as I had believed.

In fact the technology and therapeutic approach has been around for over thirty years, it’s just that this latest device takes all that experience and know-how and brings it bang up to date – with improvements in form as well as function.

So, the only question in my mind was why this approach is better than an anti-inflammatory pill, a TENS machine or a visit to the physiotherapist.

The answer lies in the fact that we all respond differently to pain and that most of the other options work by blocking the pain pathways – basically overloading the nervous system at the point of the pain which causes it to temporarily shut down.

Of course this means none of the comparative approaches actually help the tissues heal, they just dampen down the body's response to the damage – and that’s the key difference.

By stimulating the activities of the systems which fight infection, help repair damaged cells and strengthen bone and ligaments, the PEME approach really boosts the forces of good over evil – just like the crew of the Enterprise then!

Even the taxman wants to help

I’m not often minded to cheer for the good folk at HMRC but just occasionally they do come up trumps.
This PEME is classified as a medical device, which means anyone who needs it to help reduce the pain of a chronic condition can get it VAT free – saving 20% on the purchase price.

The process for doing this is really easy too, you don’t need a doctor's note, a prescription or even a detailed description of your condition. There is just a really simple declaration to complete and sign which says you are purchasing it for medical reasons...

...and away you go!

Click here to discover more about VAT free purchases and the benefits of PainSolv®

Yours, as always


(1) Trock, D. H., Bollet, A. J., & Markoll, R., (1994). The effect of pulsed electromagnetic fields in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee and cervical spine. Report of randomized, double blind, placebo controlled trials. J Rheumatol, 21(10), 1903-11.

(2) Gajjar, B. A., Sheth, M. S., Sharma, S. S., & Vyas, N. J. (2014). Effect of pulsed electromagnetic energy therapy on pain and function in subjects with knee osteoarthritis. International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health, 3(6).







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