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15th November 2015

Modern medicine can do some pretty amazing things.

Take the case of the little girl who had been diagnosed with incurable and fatal leukaemia and yet a pioneering treatment that spliced DNA has given her back full health.

A few months back a Polish man had special nerve cells from his nose inserted into his spinal cord and now he can walk again.

Even cancer (the health problem that a decade ago was considered a death sentence) is being managed, controlled and even cured so that five year survival rates are at an all time high.

Like I say these are amazing and unprecedented cases where research medicine does nothing but good, however, not all things modern are to be trusted or lauded without challenge.

When I read that cholesterol lowering statin drugs are being linked with curing cancer I feel my blood begin to boil.

Recently the Daily Express ran an article saying that these hateful and unproven drugs have been shown to halve the risk of developing prostate cancer, which on the face of it might look like a major breakthrough; however, I see the hand of pharmaceutical PR spin – especially as this is a story that has been conclusively proven wrong.

Initially two studies from US researchers said they had shown lowered blood cholesterol levels significantly reduced the chances of getting prostate cancer, which may be true, but not when you look at how statins work.

More studies debunked the statin claim showing that taking statins (and another cholesterol lowering drug called ezetimibe) actually increased the risks of the condition developing.

Many scientists were quick to point out that the original trials were heavily funded by a manufacturer of statins and that correct trials protocol had been circumvented in order that the ‘right’ result came out.

The fact that the Daily Express could countenance running this story against that background shows how powerful the drugs companies have become – and why we need to think for ourselves.

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It’s the silly season again – beware!

Whilst I regularly see statin favourable articles in the Express I was shocked to see one in the Times at the end of October which was implicit in its message.

‘Doctors withhold statins that would save 2,600 lives’ thundered the front page headline – Lara saw it before I did and began to clear away the breakable and hide the dog in the pantry...

...she knew what my reaction would be.

A mouthful of toast and honey exploded across the room and my eyes bulged from their sockets, passing teenagers beat a hasty retreat and my hands shook with rage.

Seriously folks it has got to the point where even the sight of the word statin in the papers is likely to raise my blood pressure... which proves they don’t work!

Through tears of fury I read one of the most biased, inaccurate and poorly researched bits of journalism I have seen in many years.

The real story is that GPs have begun to realise that statins are causing as many problems as they claim to cure and despite financial and pseudo-scientific exhortations, have failed to increase the amount they are doling out.

Enter the Big Pharma PR machine, masquerading as journalists, who tried to make out that by neglecting to give patients these drugs there would be an extra 2,600 deaths, 28,000 heart attacks and 16,000 strokes this year...


Every single piece of research published in the last ten years (that wasn’t subject to distortion by hard cash from the drug industry) says that for every 100 low risk patients taking statins only a maximum of three heart attacks or strokes would be prevented.

You may want to know want a low risk patient is, and it’s not a difficult one to get our heads around. Basically it’s someone who has a slightly raised blood cholesterol level, you know the vast majority of people who are currently taking statins.

By a sleight of hand and dodgy marketing the drug companies have made our health industry believe that just that one test alone is enough to place thousands of patients lives at risk.

Please don’t think that I’m over reacting here, my view is supported by some of the best in the business.

Many eminent cardiologists have been saying that statins are only of benefit for anyone over the age of fifty who has already had a heart attack or stroke, and that more people are at risk of developing diabetes, liver disease and kidney damage as a result of taking them as will benefit.

Plus a major population study has shown that using statins adds just days to patients lives on average...up to a maximum of four for those who have a history of cardiovascular disease.

Am I over reacting? I really don’t think so.

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When journalists beggar belief

I had got myself into a filthy bate over the whole thing when Lara politely coughed and dropped a news clipping over my shoulder.

Once again my faith in common sense was immediately restored as I saw what she gave me, or at least my knowledge that newspaper writers don’t know what they are talking about was.

It was an article from the 27th September this year...

...from the very same paper that told me cancer can be cured by statins, that world peace will ensue from their use and that they will power a rocket to Mars too...

...the Daily Express.

But in this instance the article could not have been more damning of statin use.

‘Statins make regular users become older faster, leaving them open to long-term mental and physical decline, according to disturbing new research,’ began the article which explained how damage to the stem cells that allow the body to heal itself was just the latest discovered side effect.

The research from New Orleans published this year shows marked damage to delicate tissue like muscles, nerves and even the brain itself was not being repaired as it normally would in monitored populations who took statins.

This means their usage could contribute to the rise in dementia in addition to all of the other known damaging side effects.

Over the years I have been researching their use I have come to the firm conclusion that there would have to be a very good reason for me to take them before I would even entertain the idea.

I certainly wouldn’t be popping them as a preventative approach – I would have needed to have had a major coronary event first.

All newspaper articles tend to conclude that the jury is still out on whether we should be taking statins but it is clear that until we have the truth about what they do we will never be in a position to make a rational choice.

We know that the drugs companies will suppress, hide or even destroy trials data that doesn’t tell the story they want – and anyone who dares question them is belittled and threatened with big lawsuits.
Well bring it on chaps, I say the drugs don’t work and by trying to hide behind real medical miracles you are behaving more and more like crooks every day.

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Yours, as always


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