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Sunday 16 February, 2014 

Roman scholars amongst you will know that the Ides of each month of the Roman calendar correspond to the fifteenth of the month.

Or yesterday to be exact as far as February goes.

But why the portent of doom?

Well we may all be aware that the soothsayers warned Julius Caesar of his impending doom on the 15th March 44BC, but surely this warning comes a month early?

Not so, you see this time of year is a major tipping point in our lives, let me explain why.

Last week Lara and I sat musing over our summer hols, it seemed appropriate that we should be considering warm days lazing by a pool as the vast majority of the Atlantic Ocean via the Bristol Channel was pounding against the front of our house.

We were peering at various websites that wanted us to forgo most of our family income just to get a cramped seat on a plane between Bristol and Faro in Portugal – and my mood wasn’t up to much at this point.

It was then that Brutus’ dagger appeared between my shoulder blades...

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Harsh facts in mid February

Lara turned away from the computer and looked me up and down and said “Of course, we might have to pay an extra supplement for a wider seat.”

There was a clang as my jaw hit the table, and a tear slid slowly down my cheek...

...a grievous insult lay at my feet, a direct and painful truth had been opened up – in short the elephant in the room

“Well you could have broken that little gem a little more kindly,” I finally roused myself to say. “I have been trying to lose a bit of weight since Christmas you know.”

But the evidence was before me, around me and definitely behind me – my efforts had failed to yield the body of Adonis that
I had envisaged as I took a vow of Kit Kat avoidance back in January.

In short, I should not be allowed to appear in shorts in the summer in my current state – and the whole family knew it.

So did I though.

In my defence the weather had been atrocious so the massive daily rambles I had planned with my faithful canine companion had become rapid charges up and down the road in between force ten gales.

The life of grilled vegetables, parsimonious soups and power rich fruit smoothies gave way to warming stews, buttery mashed potatoes and suet puddings.

All that I had dreamed of achieving was floundering on the rocks of hope.

I raised myself to full height, sucked in my expanding girth and glared into the eyes of my catcalling family – I’ll show them!

But how do you make a difference when there are so many things out there to tempt a man with a weak will, a powder puff constitution and a newsagent that purposely places the Kit Kats right next to the paper stack AND the till just to double the temptation?

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The secret to boosting your body’s natural fat burning furnace

Of course, some people find it harder to lose weight than others due to metabolism, and due to mistaking bad foods for good,
or just by succumbing to the odd treat...which then becomes another and another etc.

The body basically takes all of the available nutrients and either burns them up to provide energy or stores them for a later date.

If you are relatively active and have a binge one Sunday, then eat moderately for the rest of the week, chances are you will have used up the extra calories you consumed by the time Sunday comes round again.

The problem comes when you treat yourself to a Sunday lunch blowout, then a nice bit of cheese and biscuits for supper, a Monday morning fry up to start the week, a cream cake with morning coffee and then fish and chips for tea...

That’s just two days out of the seven and already your body is packing those extra calories away around your bottom, thighs and belly!

And you’ll never shift them without a painful few months on the treadmill.

So, my plan from here on in is to eat more of the good stuff, get back out on the windswept hillsides and boost my metabolism by utilising something I’ve often talked of before.

The power of the lemon.

The science behind it all has started to become apparent through research; it seems each lemon is packed with really GOOD things for your digestion and general health – and the quantities available exceed virtually every other fruit or green vegetable.

Just think about that for a minute... when we have all been advised to get more greenery in our diet they should have been telling us to get a lot more yellow!

Basically, a lemon is packed full of Vitamin C – in fact, it is the most potent of all fruits.

This means they are a great way to ward off colds, but more importantly at the moment they have also been shown, in a survey by Arizona State University, to improve digestive efficiency and improve weight loss as a result.

The survey showed that where high levels of vitamin C were present in blood plasma then waist sizes were smaller, because body fat is more easily liberated when the vitamin is present – hence lemon juice earning the moniker of being a ‘Fat Buster’.

The second bit of magic in this fruit is actually in the zest, or the skin. It is called pectin and is a fairly complex protein, however, in the gut it turns into a gel which slows down the rate at which food passes along and keeps us feeling fuller, plus it slows down the rate of sugar uptake.

The result of this is that we eat less, and are able to get more nutritional benefit from the food we eat.

Lastly, there is the real benefit of lemons, but it is also the cause of its health downfall for many people. Not that there is anything dangerous within it you understand, just the fact that lots of people just don’t like lemons.

The reason is huge amounts of citric acid, which is responsible for the sharp/sour taste of the fruit, and this can often put folk off.

With the highest concentration of all fruits (about 7-8% of each lemon is citric acid) lemons are a fantastic source of this vital compound.

It works to improve your health through a complex interaction with other acids and enzymes to ensure healthy and problem-free digestion by stimulating stomach juices.

So, it isn’t some strange kind of witchcraft that makes lemons so effective at helping you lose weight, the fact they improve your metabolism, slow the uptake of sugars and reduce your appetite makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

As I said though, the sharp taste is often the most common reason given for not wanting to try the benefits of lemons.

Now though there is no excuse...

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Yours, as always

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