What never to do if you feel under the weather


The Good Life Letter
16th May 2010

  •  How the weather is ruining May!
  •  What to take when you feel under the weather
  •  And what NEVER to take...

This is what I love about Britain...

A blast of hot summer weather in April lulls us into a false
sense of security...

Everyone's sitting in the garden in their shorts, getting their
shot of vitamin D from the sun, eating barbequed food, looking
beautiful and healthy...

The suddenly WHAM, the garden gate slams open and Mr
Winter waltzes in, casual as you please.

"Oh, I'm sorry," sniffs Winter, red-faced with the cold, "Was
everyone having FUN? I do apologise."

Winter sits down at a picnic table and blows the entire
barbeque over with a blast of icy breath.

Everyone scatters indoors to switch on the heating again, get
the cardigans out, and sit in front of the telly.

Yes, I love British weather. And now I'm seeing people
walking about with the sniffles, moaning about getting a cold.
Including my own kids.

So while I thought I might have to write about allergies, skin
cancer and other seasonal topics this weekend.... I think it's
timelier to recommend a home medicine to you,

If you haven't got a copy of my book about the greatest
kitchen medicine EVER, then grab one here:


What you'll discover...

The book shows you how to avoid colds, treat sore throats
and sniffles, plus...

* How drinking this special lemon mixture 'through
your nose' can beat asthma!

* Could a lemon cake mix keep you younger

* Why on earth would you microwave a towel with
lemons wrapped in it?

* Get rid of cellulite for good... just do this every day
with a lemon

* The sneaky lemon juice trick that boosts your baby's
immune system

* Got an interview or important meeting...? Then you
MUST do this with a lemon the night before (it involves
fire, so be careful!)

* Get rid of dandruff by using lemon juice and
shampoo STRICTLY in this order

* Constipation? Do this half an hour before you have

* Over 60? The surprising reason why you should rub
lemon juice on the back of your hands

* Blitz those spots with lemon juice and these two
extra ingredients

* Got sunburn? This lemon solution will soothe the
pain, but you MUST mix the ingredients in these

* Revealed at last! Cleopatra's anti-wrinkle remedy

* The amazing breakthrough of the 'drunken' anti-
wrinkle skin pack! Just mix lemon juice with this
common tipple, and dab on your face. You won't
believe the results

* The best end-of-day soak you'll ever try! Just mix 2
tbsp of lemon juice with these three household ingredients
and feel every ache and pain simply drift away

You can order my book for a 30 day home trial, give it a read,
and if you don't want to hang onto the book for dear life, then
you can always send it back for a refund.

Whether you get my book or not, here's a tip for you...

What never to do if you feel under the weather

In this chilly little return to colder, darker weather, our
immunity guard can be caught sleeping on the job.

That's when common colds, bronchitis, gastroenteritis,
sinusitis and a host of other -itises all kick up their heels and

What's important is that you don't immediately go to your
doctor and demand antibiotics.

First, they don't always work - as you may have already
discovered.  That's because these bacteria keep mutating and
developing antibiotic resistance.

At the moment, we're fighting new, more powerful germs with
the same antibiotics we've been using for decades. It's like
trying to fight machine guns with bayonets - a total lost cause.

Secondly, antibiotics are indiscriminate killers. So as well as
wiping out infectious bacteria, they'll exterminate your friendly
bacteria as well. And this could be a bigger problem than
anyone previously imagined...

More and more research is revealing just how important your
gut bacteria really are. It's not just that it helps extract nutrients
from your food.  Scientists have discovered that your gut flora
is your first line of defence against nasty bacteria. That's right -
it actually boosts your immune system and helps prevent

Suddenly, using antibiotics seems like a crazy idea - imagine
killing your own armies along with those of your enemy. Once
your gut flora has been killed off - and it can take up to 6
months to recover - your body is more vulnerable to infection
than ever.

This might explain why people can often be more prone to
fungal infections when taking a course of antibiotics.

Obviously, talk to a medical expert if you're worried about an
illness and check there's no deep underlying problem. But
otherwise, the first stop you should make is at nature's own
medicine cabinet.

Steps to help your body fight infections

There are some simple, effective steps you can take to help
your body fight back:

* Feed your gut flora. Friendly bacteria are a healthy
bunch. They love fibre - so that means eating plenty of
fresh vegetables, fruit and wholegrains. Feed them
well and they'll flourish.

* Eat garlic. Garlic's active compound allicin has been
shown to kill off both stap and strep infections, and has
been used for centuries as an effective antibiotic,
antiviral, antiparasitic, and antifungal. Eat either one
clove of chopped raw garlic two to three times a day -
or take garlic capsules if you're worried about pongy

* Or find out about lemons and the many powerful
ways you can use them to treat all kinds of
ailments. To find out more, check this out:


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