The 7 Secrets of a Happier Mind

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16th July 2010

  • The 7 Secrets of a Happier Mind
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Given the beauty of the world we live in and the level of comfort
we now enjoy in the West, I could never understand why so many
people were so miserable.

I'd really had my eyes opened during my years spent in rural
China.  They had so little compared to us, yet seemed so much
more content.  Why was that?  I knew it would take a lot to change
the habits of us stress-ridden Westerners, but I also knew there had
to be a way.   About 10 years ago I set myself on a mission.

 I studied every source I could get my hands on - from religion and
philosophy... through self-help and personal development... through
to counseling and psychotherapy... with the aim of working out the
way to happiness, contentment and more peaceful mind.

For two years I read books old and new in the British Library in
London. I studied meditation, massage and other alternative
therapies. I took courses in counseling and read extensively about
the theories of the human mind.   And what a fascinating thing that

Left to its own devices, the human mind is an unruly thing that can
lead us into constant anxiety, a tendency to concentrate on the
negative and a life-diminishing fragility of the ego, or the self.

By unlocking its secrets and learning to take control over it (instead
of letting it take control over you), I was amazed to discover that
we can free ourselves from so much pain and live freer, happier

I wanted other people to share the amazing lessons of
life and liberation I discovered 

It was the amazing effect that these secrets of happiness had on my
own life that made me want to share them with others.

What I ended up creating was a programme of self-discovery and
learning that would reveal in 7 lessons not only the 7 secrets of
happiness, that kept coming up time and time again in my research,
but also dozens of techniques for finding happiness and peace,
confidence and emotional strength.

The Super-Fit Mind Programme is a seven-lesson programme that
will take you through dozens of interactive exercises and lessons
based on the Four Principles of Healing, Change, Positive
Happiness and Higher Mental Functioning

You can find out more about the programme and how you can
claim a risk-free set at this website:

Today I want to share an introduction to those 7 secrets of a happier
mind. From the Greek philosophers through to the modern day
psychologists, these are the key factors that the greatest thinkers
across the centuries keep on coming back to...

Here's a small introduction to the Seven Secrets of

1. Awareness. 'Awareness' is actually a secret that comes in
two different parts - both of which can have a huge
transforming impact on your life.

The first is a state of mind or mode of living that is like switching
from a black and white TV to a colour.   It's about really living
your life in the present moment, getting the most out of this day
now - instead of waiting for happiness to come or being stuck
inside your thoughts, your situation or your moods.

The other side of awareness is a process whereby you become more
aware of your own thought processes and how they affect your life.
Your mood, your chances of success and contentment, everything
that will happen to you today is influenced by your personality
traits and your past.

If we don't understand ourselves and if we don't try to set aside our
fantasies in order to see life as it is, we cannot help but suffer."   
 Dorothy Rowe

2. Fighting the Negative Impulse. This is about
recognizing the human habit of focusing on and holding
onto the negative - and taking steps every day to free
yourself from its effects.

While our lives may be full of many positives, successes and many
sources of pleasure, why is it that we so often find whole days or
even weeks ruined by one small negative event, worry or thought?
Why can even a throwaway comment from a colleague or stranger
cast a shadow over an otherwise good day?

Catching your mind at its Negative Impulse habits is half the battle.
Learning to find ways to counteract its effects is an ongoing
process with enormous rewards of greater happiness and freedom
from the tyranny.

3. Increasing Positive Effect. While secret 2 is about
decreasing the negative, secret 3 is all about increasing the
positive in our minds and lives.

There are so many ways in which we can increase our daily
pleasure and joy yet it is amazing how little effort we dedicate to
this pursuit or how little thought we give it.

Even little things can have a big effect such as spending two
minutes a day listing and thinking about all the positive things in
your life. Another thing you could try right now is to plan three or
four small treats of pleasure for yourself during the rest of the day.
Turn around in your seat and think of 5 things that would increase
your dose of pleasure for the day.

4. Your Goals, Desires, Needs and Expectations.
This is a slightly more complicated one that requires a bit of
self exploration and discovery.

The basic idea is that the amount of contentment, happiness and
success we experience in our lives is directly connected to the
goals, desires and expectations we have of it. People who believe
that life should always be easy, for example, will have trouble
dealing with life's difficulties and achieving success through
personal endeavour. Those who believe that they won't be happy
until x, y or z happens will perhaps never get what they're after.

Goals or expectations that are too high or rigid can lead to lack of
satisfaction. Lack of goals or expectations of yourself, on the other
hand, can lead to a poor self image and a less satisfactory life.

5. Self Confidence and Change. When we allow
ourselves to believe in ourselves we can achieve great
things and free ourselves from self doubt and a lot of
depression and negativity. Believing in ourselves, however,
can often feel like going out on the high wire.

Self confidence is partly about accepting ourselves as we are - with
all our good points and foibles - and realising that nobody is
perfect. Change is about letting go and finding the freedom to live
your life to the full and be the best you can be (before it's too

6. Solve Your Problems and Change Your Life
Forever. It is another trait of human nature that we are not
very good at finding solutions to our own problems or
difficult situations. While we often think that we are trying
to solve problems, a lot of the time what we're really doing
is worrying in circles in our heads, looking for a solution,
but not really taking action or taking steps that will lead to

This part of the programme takes you through a proven course of
action for solving problems and bringing about change. The key I
can tell you now, however, is generally less dwelling and more

7. The 'Self' and Meaning. While the other 6 secrets are
about paying attention to yourself, your thoughts and your
emotions, the final secret is actually more about escaping
from the tyranny of our fragile 'ego'.

Rather than constantly trying to defend ourselves, prove ourselves
or worry about what others are thinking of us, we can step up
instead and embrace life with less fear. We all want to die knowing
that there has been meaning to our life - and that life has meaning.
Finding that often means stepping outside of ourselves.

So there you have it!

You can read more about the programme and order a risk-free copy
at the website below.  What's more as my Thank you for letting me
take centre stage at the Good Life Letter these last few weeks, I'd
like to offer you 40% off the editor's price (she's on holiday, too!)

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