Bloated and painful stomachs are not to be tolerated

Sunday 16 Nov, 2014 


The great thing about this summer has been the abundance of salad and fresh veg.

Allowing for the fact that I was in a perpetual battle with slugs the size of tanks for the right to eat my lettuce, we did really well with our harvest.

Fresh salad leaves with virtually every meal.

But as the weather turns cooler and the dark nights draw in I find a salad just doesnít satisfy the inner man.

Hearty stews, rich casseroles and slow roast joints are the order of the day now Ė served with fluffy and buttery mashed potatoes wherever possible.

I still get a good helping of steamed veg and the occasional stored apple for my health kick, but my default diet for the winter tends towards the bulkier fare.

The problem is twofold (and quite possibly threefold but Iíll come to that later!)

Firstly, all this stodge tends to accumulate around my midriff.

This is something Iíve noticed the older I get. When I was younger and in my prime I could sit to a bowl of lamb stew and dumplings and apple pie and custard for afters and I kept my washboard stomach...

...actually probably more twin tub than wash board but you know what I mean!

Discover how to keep the excess off of your tummy Ė the French secret to a flat belly

The second challenge is, if anything, a little more delicate.

Good hearty winter fare tends to bung me up and make me feel bloated. I can only imagine that this would be worse if I suffered from irritable bowel or other gut problems.

Itís a strange feeling but I imagine weíve all experienced it from time to time but it just feels like your guts have come to a complete halt.

In reality that is what is happening.

Changes in diet affect the pH levels in the stomach and digestive tract and this dramatically affects the way it functions, both in terms of muscle action and on the millions and billions of bacteria which live within it.

These little creatures are the secret to a healthy body as without them we would not get the goodness we need from our food, balance our vitamin levels of protect ourselves from disease.

Far from being parasites these creatures are fundamental to your life Ė and the least we can do is take the necessary steps to look after them.

The secret to good gut function is in the ground

That feeling of being well and truly stuffed Ė almost uncomfortable isnít it?

Well, there is a proven and safe remedy to help you out.

Something that every wild animal knows about, the medication they all seek whether its in the Amazon basin, the African rainforest or the wilds of a Scottish moor.

Far from being an exotic berry or rare tree root, it is nothing more than humble clay.

Discover what a daily dose of clay, pollen and propolis can do for you

Now I donít want you all leaping out into the garden and starting to chow down on the flower borders Ė there is a much better way to help utilise the healing benefits of medicinal clay.

Itís called Propargile... and itís made in France.

This combines some of the finest natural health products available to dramatically improve your inner workings.

- Propolis; This is Mother Nature's own disinfectant.  Produced by bees for disinfecting the hive before the queen lays her eggs, it produces an anaesthetic which is more powerful than cocaine (without the side effects).  This offers significant relief to heartburn and colitis sufferers.

- Pollen; Often derided because of the impact it has on hay fever sufferers, pollen actually has significant healthy properties: It is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and prebiotics providing intestinal well-being.  Tonic and stimulating, it also has a purifying effect and when taken orally like this it does not stimulate the immune response.

- Clay; Taken internally, clay acts as a powerful magnet for all waste product in the digestive system (the stomach, the colon and the liver) It contributes to what the French rather poetically call "excellent evacuation"!  By eliminating dead cells and activating the growth of new, healthy ones the gut is regulated and rejuvenated.

Propargile for health Ė and a flat tummy

By helping improve gut transit, and reduce bloating  Propargile  has been shown to help give you a flatter stomach. 

There have been trials which showed that 86% of people quickly recovered the feeling of a flatter stomach and 75% reported a significant reduction in intestinal discomfort as a result of taking it.

Taking refuge in big baggy sweaters might be one way to cope with a broadening waistline, but the problem with that is that summer will be around all too soon.

And then the challenge to lose the extra pounds is made a whole lot worse.

Which brings me to the potential third problem... earache!

I know you may not see the direct connection between my ears and my belly, but one gets a right solid bashing if the other begins to grow Ė I think you can work out which is which!

My darling wife has much to say about the state of my waistline and much of it at high volume, so I figure that anything I can do to prevent that particular issue has to be a good thing! 

Why a little assistance can ease the tension

In my last few letters I have ranted about how the media tend to over excite themselves about things which the body can cope with perfectly well by itself.

You may think that the passage of food through the digestive tract might well be one of these, and in some cases you are right.

The problem is we all suffer from the sins of our diet.

Every so often a Sunday lunch blow out leaves you feeling a little over full, maybe even with a touch of heartburn... might well be that last years figure hugging swim suit is revealing a little too much over hang at the waist...

...or, even that the lingering effects of one of the latest round of stomach bugs hasnít fully resolved itself.

Well, a course of Propargile should set things straight, and put everything back in order. 

Click here to discover the range of stomach problems this proven French remedy can help with

Yours, as always



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