A sugary remedy that needs to be talked about

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17th January 2016

The one thing I can count on from the Good Life Letter readers is that you don’t let me off lightly.

OK so I had a bit of a rant on Friday about the sugar horror being committed against us by an uncaring commercially driven world...

...and then Mrs S from Northamptonshire mailed to remind me that sweeping statements are never a good thing;

“Dear Mr Collins” she wrote, and right then I knew I was in trouble! “Might I remind you that not all sugar is bad sugar, indeed the complex form found in honey is the delight of my day.”

In this she is 100% correct, and I hung my head as I continued to read her words.

“But there is another sugary matter that you would do well to remember and to ensure that every one of your readers became aware of, especially those who suffer in silence.

“For many years my life was blighted by continual urinary tract and bladder infections, which were debilitating due to pain, restricting as I needed to know wherever I was going there was a loo I could use at a moments notice and severely embarrassing as I felt others must judge me as unclean.

“Then thanks to one of your newsletters I discovered a natural remedy that I take every day and I have not had a bout of cystitis or any other urinary tract infection since – and it is all thanks to taking sugar as a remedy.”

So in one e-mail I have been put right on the need to enjoy the right kind of sugars, but also to give due regard to those forms of sugar which are remedial in their action.

Being a man of honour (and fearing a second salvo from Mrs S!) I feel it is my duty to offer the story of this impressive natural remedy for a common and often embarrassing issue.

Discover how sugar is responsible for this unexpected benefit

Why bacteria need to know their place

For anyone who has suffered a bladder infection you will be no stranger to the pain, discomfort and fever that are associated with them.

It may surprise you to learn that 90% of all infections are caused by one type of bacteria which invades the urinary system and then proceed to party.

This bacterium known as Escherichia coli, or more commonly as E.coli, is a really important member of our gut flora, which helps protect against inflammatory conditions developing.

But that is only whilst it is in the gut; if they invade other systems, we have a problem as our erstwhile friend becomes an aggressive foe.
In the case of finding their way to the urinary tract they attach themselves to the walls of the tubing and bladder and quickly multiply in the warm, nutrient rich conditions.

Once established they quickly cause inflammation of the walls which allows the tissue to become further irritated by the toxins in the urine we are trying to excrete.

All very graphic I know, but I think you can see the reason why these types of conditions can very easily cause upset.

The real problem comes when you present at the GP for antibiotics to treat the infection, as this can lead to an even bigger problem, as this is fuelling the development of resistamt strains of the bacterium.

The effect of which seems like an awfully big health time bomb to be priming if there was an alternative.

Thankfully Mother Nature has a few tricks up her sleeve – and here is just one of the most effective ones.

Rather than aggressively scouring the bacteria out of the tissues like antibiotics do, why not tempt them out with the promise of richer pickings?

Think about the way the child catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang went about his business.

He would roll into a village, dress his trap up like a sweet shop and ply his victims with toffee apples, candy floss and multi coloured lollies until they were safely locked behind bars.

Let me introduce you to the equivalent of this character in a natural remedy known as D-mannose.(1)

This naturally occurring sugar is the equivalent of crack cocaine to the E.coli invaders - they simply cannot get enough of it.

Find out how to get your supply to combat recurring bladder infections here

The subtle art of cleaning out the bad guys

D-mannose is processed and eliminated by our bodies very quickly.
It travels through our digestive system and arrives into our bladder via the kidneys.

The E.coli previously attached to the bladder wall and multiplying in the bladder, interact with the D-mannose, forming an even better bond with it than they do with the bladder wall, and become mobile.

They can then simply be washed away during urination.

D-mannose is a pure and natural form of glucose, similar to a type already produced by our bodies, but which for many of us is not enough.

It is a simple sugar supplement which many people worldwide use everyday to help against these irritating and debilitating infections.

Perhaps the best news is that D-mannose has no known side effects or drug interactions and can be used by adults, children and even family pets as a food supplement.

Like most health conditions urinary tract infections have generated a host of hearsay stories, but these are the facts:

  • One in five women will suffer from a urinary tract infection (UTI) in their lifetime, but so will one in ten men over the age of fifty. It is wrong to think that only women get problems, men are at risk too.

  • Persistent UTI’s in women do not indicate something is seriously wrong, even though many people think this is the case. As a result many women live a life in fear, but thay have no need to. UTI incidence in women is much higher than men due to a shorter urethra (the tube from the bladder to the outside world) and as a result bacteria can get into the bladder much more easily. Having two or three infections in a year isn’t a worry at all.

  • Treaing UTI’s naturally with cranberry juice is a misleading myth. Whilst pure and natural cranberry juice is effective against the E.Coli bug, it is virtually impossible to get a pure juice, and most are watered down versions which are packed with additional sugar...and that will make the problem worse.

  • Conditions like diabetes can make UTI’s more likely, especially in men so if you are a sufferer make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after toileting to avoid carrying the bacteria on your hands.

  • I hope todays newsletter helps to ensure that I have balanced the argument for sugars...

...and that Mrs S won’t be quite so quick to remind me of my shortcomings...

...after all I have Lara on hand for that!

Yours, as always



(1) Porru, D., Parmigiani, A., Barletta, D., Choussos, D., Bassi, S., Miller, O., ... & Rovereto, B. (2013). 894 Recurrent urinary tract infections in adult women: A pilot study with oral d-mannose. European Urology Supplements, 1(12), e894-e895.

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