Find out how the Lemon Juice Diet and help you become a fat burning furnace

Sunday 17th February 2013 

  • Have you spent the last six weeks cooped up at home?
  • Make the most of the potent natural power of vitamin C
  • Here’s the secret to becoming a fat burning furnace


Hands up all who enjoyed a couple of pancakes this week.

If, like me, you added a drizzle of honey and a good squeeze of lemon juice with a dusting of zest you might just have started a weight loss programme to be proud of.

Strange to think that a dessert cooked in butter containing eggs might be the answer to your prayers – let me tell you why.

How can you encourage your body to burn more fuel?

The current weather is hardly conducive to a good walk but I have been trying – even though all I get for my troubles is a wet dog caked in dirt and an even filthier look from Lara when we return home!

But you see I have a ‘burning ambition’ to shed a few pounds.

When I say I had a ‘burning’ ambition I really mean it – in my case I want to burn a bit of fat.

Looking in the mirror I realised that I hadn’t yet achieved the body of the Adonis that I know lurks beneath the spare tyres.

Now, I have been a good boy as far as eating goes, only taking extras of fruit and vegetables at meal times.

I’ve even taken to a two plus two plan for my drinking.

Basically I allow myself two alcoholic drinks of an evening and then nothing for the following two days.

But I know I also need to get out and about to burn off the excess energy that is stored as fat.

To help me try to maximise the effects of the exercise I have been able to take, I need a little help.

I need the power of a lemon – and that’s where the pancake link comes in, by smothering my little treat in zesty citrus juice I have boosted my ability to mobilise my midriff.

Lemon juice turns you into a fat burning furnace

Several years ago there was a fad diet called the Lemon Juice Diet where you were encouraged to have the juice with every meal.

Of course this was just another over hyped attempt to get the gullible to try to lose weight without actually working at it.

However, there is real scientific proof that lemon juice does help the body mobilise and use fat better – making it burn fat at a faster rate than it would otherwise.

The reason is that it is absolutely packed with vitamin C – and that is the key.

In 2005 a team at Arizona State University found;

“Individuals with adequate vitamin C status oxidize 30% more fat during a moderate exercise bout than individuals with low vitamin C status; thus, vitamin C depleted individuals may be more resistant to fat mass loss.”

Basically, a lemon is packed full of vitamin C – in fact, it is the most potent of all fruits.

This means they are a great way to ward off colds, but more importantly this research team showed they are a great way to improve digestive efficiency and improve weight loss as a result.

The Arizona study showed that where high levels of vitamin C were present in blood plasma then waist sizes were smaller, because body fat is more easily liberated when the vitamin is present – hence lemon juice earning the moniker of being a ‘Fat Buster’.

The second bit of magic in this fruit is actually in the zest, or the skin. It is called pectin and is a fairly complex protein, however, in the gut it turns into a gel which slows down the rate at which food passes along and keeps us feeling fuller, plus it slows down the rate of sugar uptake.

The result of this is that we eat less, and are able to get more nutritional benefit from the food we eat.

When you couple these effects with a little brisk exercise you can imagine that the results are optimised.

Please don’t think that this is all about some magic in a pot – you still have to do your bit and drag the dog out into the rain sodden landscape!

Not everyone likes a lemon though...

The sharp taste is often the most common reason given for not wanting to try the benefits of lemons.

Now though there is no excuse... a kid I was always a fan of acid drops and sour fruit gums, plus I would never eat chips without lashings of vinegar – mind you, with a diet like that it probably explains the state of me now!

I love the kick I get from eating pickled lemons in a Moroccan tagine, or the buzz of fresh lemon juice squeezed over fresh grilled fish, however, I know that I’m in a minority. Not an unfamiliar position for me I have to say.

If you are one of those who are desperate to benefit from lemons, but can’t face the fizz then I think you’ll [find the answer right here.

The reason lemons taste bitter is due to the huge amounts of citric acid they contain - with the highest concentration of all fruits (about 7-8% of each lemon is citric acid) lemons are a fantastic source of this vital compound.

It works to improve your health through a complex interaction with other acids and enzymes to ensure healthy and problem-free digestion by stimulating stomach juices.

So, it isn’t some strange kind of witchcraft that makes lemons so effective at helping you lose weight, it is the fact that they improve your metabolism, slow the uptake of sugars and reduce your appetite - makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Proven technology is at hand

It is such a simple solution that I can’t believe no-one thought of it sooner... put the juice in an easy to take capsule.

We have been doing just that for years with smelly stuff like garlic and fish oils, so why not lemons?

It is not just a case of putting a drop of lemon juice into a capsule though, as this would not contain enough of the ‘good stuff’ to benefit you. No, the clever bit is the fact that they have extracted the pectin, citric acid and vitamin C and concentrated it down.

The fat burning power of lemons is now available in an easy to take capsule.

So if you did have a pancake and felt guilty about it, but did the lemon thing may your conscience be eased.

If you didn’t do the lemon juice burst don’t worry, it’s the perfect excuse to get the pan out and try it again!


Yours, as always








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