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Sunday 17th June 2011

It seems that my dear wife has been taking more than an active interest in my letters than I thought.

Normally her interest is merely in making sure that I haven't let slip any of her personal secrets, or embarrassed her by talking about her friends.

This time though it would appear that I went too far in exposing my slipshod ways.

Umbrage was taken at my description of the well worn nature of my summer wardrobe; reference to loud shirts and tramp reject sandals was a step too far.

The next thing I know, the door to my study was thrust open and various shopping bags of new clothes were hurled inside, followed by a terse demand that I try on some new outfits.

I'm not a brave man in such situations dear reader, so despite my reservations I proceeded to give her an impromptu fashion parade...doing my level best to pour scorn on each of the scratchy new offerings.

Deep in the bottom of one of the bags was a pair of new khaki shorts, which I agreed to wear as a compromise with my beloved.

If I wore them (I reasoned) I might be able to save some of my favourite shirts.

I looked at the label, 38" waist - perfect. Or so I thought.

It might be a problem with metric to imperial conversion, or a mislabelling error at the factory that made them, but I found myself somewhat pinched by these shorts.

Now I have been a 38" waist for the last 10 years. A size which marks the extent of my middle age spread from my 26" snake hipped twenties.

To be confronted with a challenge to such an established norm was a bit of a shocker. I put the negotiations about clothes to one side as I wrestled a tailor's tape measure around my waist...39" at least!

Action was needed, and FAST!

The secret about dieting

There are about a hundred million diets out there in cyberspace, or so it seems.

There are also a similar number of forums dedicated to rubbishing each and every once of them. Apparently:

  • The protein & fat based Atkins diet gives you bad breath, makes your sweat smell and risks long term kidney damage.
  • The cabbage soup diet has hidden risks to the gallbladder, is severely deficient in major nutrients and makes your house smell.
  • Following the South Beach diet risks heart problems due to the inclusion of foods high in trans fats, and an imbalance in nutrients. Plus its founder, Dr Agatston has been accused of using statins to help lower his cholesterol levels whilst on the diet...and you all know what I think about them.

Now, I'm not saying that all of these diets are bad, or indeed that the criticisms are unfounded, however, there is always a distressing thought in my mind that so many diets seem to promise a fast way to lose weight BUT only if you change the way you think about food entirely.

And that makes me uncomfortable, because I do truly believe that we should keep a balanced and varied diet - eating those things which are in season and in their prime.

I am, though, prepared to make some changes to the way I eat and what I eat in order to return to my preferred fighting weight. And I know I need a little extra help.

So, I turned to an old favourite of mine - the natural weight loss  Lemon Juice diet

Let me tell you how I get to lose a few pounds, plus get extra health benefits as well.

Amazing natural weight loss with the almighty lemon

Right from the start I am not going to claim that lemon juice capsules are the panacea to weight loss, mostly because there is no such thing, and you're not stupid.

None of you think that taking a capsule just before you bury yourself in a mound of chips is going to help you lose weight, of that I'm certain.

What I do know is that these capsules have been shown to turbo-charge your fat burning process and that will make a HUGE difference to you.

Did you know that the commonest reason diets fail is because the digestive system isn't working as well as it could to deal with fats; something dieting can actually make worse.

Attempting to combat this was the original premise which Theresa Cheung used when formulating the original Lemon Juice Diet in 2007.

Since this concept was first launched several further studies have identified how the lemon juice works in conjunction with the liver to improve the way our enzymes work, making them more effective at breaking down fats.

Put simply [lemon juice] helps fix oxygen and calcium in the liver which has been shown to increase the rate at which fat is utilised as a source of energy. This will mean you will begin to burn stored fat at a faster rate.

So, here's my plan to get MY perfect figure back. Firstly I will cut down on the portion size for every meal (easily done if you use a smaller plate) and use my magic [lemon juice capsules] to fire up the fat furnace.

By doing this I will become a fat burning power house...and those holiday shorts will become the saviour of my Hawaiian shirt collection, at least for another year.

Unless Lara has already read this, in which case I'll be the one looking like the Marks & Spencer catalogue man on the beach.

Don't let the same happen to you; get your liver kick started NOW.

Yours, as always





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